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  1. Groovey

    Replacement tuning machines other than the fender brand?

    Love my Schallers and Sperzels.
  2. Groovey

    MJT/Musikraft partscaster

    I’m all about that neck!
  3. Groovey

    Knot on my watch!

  4. Groovey

    Had to get another one

  5. Groovey

    Ac15 green v blue

    Your not crazy. I’ve seen this talked about before. Nearly certain the speaker is the only difference.
  6. Groovey

    Graphtech Saddle Install

    That’s a cool look! I hadn’t considered white. I did something similar in black.
  7. Groovey

    New Pirate Partscaster

    That’s Hot!
  8. Groovey

    NGD - My First Strat!

  9. Groovey

    How often does your 'favourite song' change?

    I just keep adding to my favorites list.
  10. Groovey

    How often does your 'favourite song' change?

    That’s just original English for ya…. Color, colour.
  11. Groovey

    NPD Seymour Duncan STK-S4

    Oh heck ya!!
  12. Groovey

    Almost a "whoops"

    Strip it!
  13. Groovey

    Oh deer!

    I think they’re safer with you than anywhere else.
  14. Groovey

    NGD Straturday American Standard!

    Beautiful! Great Find!!
  15. Groovey

    NGD To my surprise, I really like it...sort of.

    Oh, hey! That’s pretty!!
  16. Groovey

    Another stray "Strat"

    Love a good rescue !
  17. Groovey

    Maddie gets a Degree…

    Nice job! Congratulations!! Great Pic
  18. Groovey


  19. Groovey

    5e3 Tweed Deluxe Owners

    Nice pair!!
  20. Groovey

    5e3 Tweed Deluxe Owners

  21. Groovey

    Where do you stick it????

  22. Groovey


    Congratulations! It’s liberating. There has to be a way to get the games…. With all the infomercials and ridiculous commercials, they need to pay us. I dumped cable 5 years ago and haven’t looked back.
  23. Groovey

    21 pages of Tribute is NOT enough.

    We’ll always have the “Cat Lovers…” thread. I feel like I see him every day.
  24. Groovey

    My cat said take me a selfie

  25. Groovey

    I have gotten used to low hanging...

    I tried. Could never make it comfortable, playable.