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  1. Hanson

    Werner Herzog reviews Trader Joe's

    Love Trader Joe’s! Remind me not to read any of his reviews.
  2. Hanson

    Alex Lifeson playing a hollow body Rickenbacker guitar

    No, sadly I sold it years ago, around my early 30’s.
  3. Hanson

    Compression Headaches

    I’ve got the full Wampler Ego and it’s an awesome compressor.
  4. Hanson

    Alex Lifeson playing a hollow body Rickenbacker guitar

    Looks like a Rick 360, similar to the 330 but with rounded edges.
  5. Hanson

    Marshall C5H

    I’ve been intrigued by the Class 5’s for quite a while. If a head pops up here I may pull that trigger.
  6. Hanson

    Music theory is kind of like cartography. We can only draw maps of places we've already seen.

    When I first started playing guitar back in the 60’s, there really was no sheet music that was correct in the way that the guitar in the songs was actually being played. I learned from listening, watching and learning to play by ear. As you got to know other guitarist, they would show you new...
  7. Hanson

    If you could pick between the American Original 60’s Strat or the Eric Johnson signature…which would you choose?

    My EJ has been the best Strat I have ever owned. The first time I played one I had no idea it was 12” radius.
  8. Hanson

    PSA announcement: peak vs pique

    I had to peek at this thread.
  9. Hanson

    Decibel meter for home use?

  10. Hanson

    Decibel meter for home use?

    I’ve got an app on my iPhone for measuring decibels. I measure the stage volume when necessary.
  11. Hanson

    Self inflicted beauty mark.

    Lightly relic’d.
  12. Hanson

    les Paul lovers club!!!!!

    Ice Tea - LP Traditional.
  13. Hanson

    Is your #1 Strat not a Fender?

    My only Strat is an EJ Thinline.
  14. Hanson

    How do y’all handle sheet music on stage?

    I use an iPad when playing Worship Band. Songs and Keys sung in change so much from week to week that it became a necessity.
  15. Hanson

    De-necking a Fender for air-travel?

    I used to do a trade show in Las Vegas every year where I had to spend 4 weeks there setting up and then taking down. After the 1st year and missing having a guitar for so long. I finally got the idea to buy an inexpensive Strat and pack it in one of our crates that goes to the show. I bought...
  16. Hanson

    What "Music Theory" REALLY Is... imho...

    I don’t really consider my comments as a conclusion. 🤣. I believe there are a high percentage of guitar players that are to lazy to learn any theory, though I don’t know how you avoid it if you play long enough. I was actually resisting the generalization that having a high understanding of...
  17. Hanson

    What "Music Theory" REALLY Is... imho...

    I don’t think it’s resistant to learning theory, I think it’s resistant to being told that you have to paint by the numbers and stay within the lines. True artists don’t create within rules. As I said, falling back on theory is sometimes necessary for me, when I get to far outside of the...
  18. Hanson

    What "Music Theory" REALLY Is... imho...

    As Theory attempts to explain why All You Need Is Love is brilliant. I seriously doubt that John and Paul theorized this into existence. Instead they followed their artistic creativeness to create one of the all time greats. Others later try to explain the brilliance. � "All...
  19. Hanson

    What "Music Theory" REALLY Is... imho...

    I personally know a couple of song writers that write all of their songs by just using theory to pick chord patterns and write lyrics to them. The best way I can describe the works is that the have no soul. They are extremely boring. There is much more to music than just music theory. I...
  20. Hanson

    What "Music Theory" REALLY Is... imho...

    I would say that the person tuning the guitar, who may or may not be able to play the guitar, knows the "rules" of how to tune a guitar in standard 6 string tuning. Same as Leo was not a player, but made some great guitars.
  21. Hanson

    What "Music Theory" REALLY Is... imho...

    Roger 66, excellent read and I am with you on much of this. Forgive me, but I isolated a few of your points so they are out of context. Theory is written to explain why music works. Theory changes, evolves, adds terminology to explain why something works, when breaks theory.....many times...
  22. Hanson

    What "Music Theory" REALLY Is... imho...

    Well that is my point, they studied music.
  23. Hanson

    Guitarists who play SGs...

    Greta Van Fleet
  24. Hanson

    What "Music Theory" REALLY Is... imho...

    The Beatles didn’t study Theory, they studied songs and noticed what chords worked well together. They sang Melodie’s that sounded good with the chords. The Beatles could not read music, but were the most successful songwriters in modern history. Many times, they actually did things that went...