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  1. knh555

    Push Pull Pots or Switches on your Stratocaster? What is your preference?

    I like this for what it intuitively does, but it depends why the control is there.
  2. knh555

    Is a vintage Hardtail a bad investment?

    This. Investment? Profit is determined when you buy, not when you sell. EDIT. Oops. Old thread.
  3. knh555

    What's the appeal of getting a new vintage style Strat with the truss rod in the most inconvenient place?

    I don’t find I need to adjust them all that often. It’s not a big deal. If I like the guitar, I acquire and play the guitar.
  4. knh555

    A thing I built

    That's why I prefer racing double-handed boats. Both members of the team have their heads in the race, at least among the best teams. Here I am crewing at the 2019 North American Champs. You see me removing the pole manually at the end of the first race at 4:32. I prefer the launcher.
  5. knh555

    A thing I built

    It's a gray area, but some class officers and well-established sailors I sail with are encouraging experimentation. I have a second version to test that shouldn't be so gray and does comply, but I want to get this working first.
  6. knh555

    A thing I built

    Not guitar related, but sailing… I race Stars (class of sailboat). When going downwind, we put out a whisker pole to hold the jib out opposite the mainsail. The pole is manually pulled out of the cockpit, hooked up to the jib, and placed on the front of the mast by the crew. Instead, I adapted...
  7. knh555

    Nitro vs Poly, Is It Relevant Any More?

    My 40 year-old urethane-finished guitars don't sink into the grain like my much newer lacquer-finished guitar. They don't check the same either. Neither is better than the other - there's a reason I have these guitars after all. They're just different, and I think you can tell just from the...
  8. knh555

    Music theory is kind of like cartography. We can only draw maps of places we've already seen.

    The moment you tune your guitar and use notes within the chromatic scale, you've already accepted some level of music theory. There's a balance between "rules" that guide us to something of aesthetic value and creativity. All of one without the other is unlikely to be something many people are...
  9. knh555

    Nitro vs Poly, Is It Relevant Any More?

    Given it some time and some use and a lot of people could tell I think. Not that I really care.
  10. knh555

    Nitro vs Poly, Is It Relevant Any More?

    My view is, for people who want to be particular about their finish, they should probably know what it actually is. I believe most people who use the term "poly" don't even know this difference exists. YMMV. I like the feel of a lacquer. That will not keep me from buying non-lacuqered guitars...
  11. knh555

    Nitro vs Poly, Is It Relevant Any More?

    Polyurethane is not the same as polyester. If you want more detail, find a chemist. :sneaky: Or read the internet. Or just keep saying poly.
  12. knh555

    Nitro vs Poly, Is It Relevant Any More?

    Isn’t it great how the internet allows us all to become uninformed experts?
  13. knh555

    Nitro vs Poly, Is It Relevant Any More?

    And people often say “poly” without understanding the difference.
  14. knh555

    Nitro vs Poly, Is It Relevant Any More?

    While that's true for many, some people just have a preference based on what the guitar feels like when they pick it up. They like what they like, kinda like color. It's not "only" relevant to those hopelessly lost... Not everyone with a preference deserves scorn for worshipping at the alter of...
  15. knh555

    Can you guess what it is yet?

    As a violist, does that make me a big violinist?
  16. knh555

    Priorities for finding the "perfect" neck shape/size?

    Once upon a time, I didn't know or think anything about neck size or profile. I just knew if I liked a guitar. Then the internet. And I had "opinions" based one what I read combined with somewhat limited experience. Then I bought a bunch of different guitars and decided an "imperfect" neck on...
  17. knh555

    "Tone is in the hands" - silliest buzzword of the decade?

    Not gonna read the entire thread. Wonder if this is just trolling, but I’ll bite… People's perception of "tone" is often driven by the player's unique articulation. Think Mark Knopfler as an obvious example. The famous impressionist Rich Little fooled people by copying the mannerisms, accents...
  18. knh555

    De-necking a Fender for air-travel?

    I’ve done it. Easiest way to bring a guitar IMHO.
  19. knh555

    Math question

    Eye, or rather ear, of the beholder. :whistling:
  20. knh555

    Math question

    This has become a pointless debate. Nothing I said indicates tribal music isn’t art bc they don’t acknowledge the circle of fifths. All I asserted was that art has rules. That doesn’t mean you can’t have art without it, but even those tribes aren’t doing so randomly. Some painters, on the other...
  21. knh555

    Strat Plus Owners?

    My 95 feels like a standard 9.5” radius fretboard.
  22. knh555

    Math question

    Sure. if by art you mean random. Generally speaking, art has aesthetic appeal to at least a group of people greater than one, though I suppose if you see art in random noise or color or shape, more power to you. Even Picasso had some structure and purpose in use of color. And yes, some people...
  23. knh555

    Math question

    I recall suffering math(s) without a number in sight.
  24. knh555

    Math question

    I disagree. Defining frequency intervals that sound pleasant is very much a “rule”. We constrain the frequencies we use in our art. These are based on “rules” combining physics with what people find pleasant. Random frequencies don’t make for very appealing art. IMHO.