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  1. rafasounds

    A new Squier Classic Vibe 60s or a second hand MIM?

    Absolutely, considering the budget. If I had only 3000 reais to spend on a guitar, I would go the used CV route because it's the best bang for the buck (I have a Squier CV first generation and it's a stellar guitar). But it seems your budget is higher than that. There's plenty of good MIJ or CIJ...
  2. rafasounds

    A new Squier Classic Vibe 60s or a second hand MIM?

    Absolutely right sir. Import tax is 60% of the item's value upon arrival, plus shipping, plus insurance. All in US Dollars. For that kind of money, OP should be able to get a very nice used Strat here. I don't know how important it is for him to buy new, but.. I know what I would do.
  3. rafasounds

    Adapting to Jumbo Frets

    Yes, the lighter touch adjustment. I am still trying to adopt a lighter touch. I start with a light touch; 4 bars into the song I'm squeezing the life out of the neck. All things considered, 6105 is the ideal fret size to me.
  4. rafasounds

    Strat NUT Questions - 1st and 6th String Not Symmetrical

    It's probably on the slightly dangerous side, but I don't think it's too bad.
  5. rafasounds

    A new Squier Classic Vibe 60s or a second hand MIM?

    I would get the classic vibe. If buying used is not a problem, I would try to get one from 2008-2018. I see you are in Brazil too. If you would like some help with the specific guitars you're seeing, feel free to PM. Welcome to the forum!
  6. rafasounds

    Is Guitarmageddon Still Around?

    I think he's right in taking a break. He seemed a little stressed, and he took the forum very seriously. He's very dedicated to learning and I truly respect him for that. He has been helpful here for a long time. However he was showing signs of stress. Once I was just casually talking to him...
  7. rafasounds

    MIJ or USA - which one is it?

    Maybe this is the one that Ritchie Blackmore set on fire after finding out someone else had taken a dump in his dressing room toilet.
  8. rafasounds

    Pro Guitar must be beautiful to gain respect?

    That is a sober, sensible view. Well said.
  9. rafasounds

    strats with soft or mod V?

    Used Classic Series 50's Used Jimmy Vaughan Stratocaster (the older ones have more V)
  10. rafasounds

    What's the deal with treble bleed ciruits for vol. roll off?

    I had it in a Strat a long time ago. Didn't like it. I thought the sound became too tinny when I rolled the volume off. I like the treble loss when turning down the volume. It's supposed to be darker, milder, less noticeable, in my opinion. I tried the 50's wiring on my Tele and also disliked...
  11. rafasounds

    Apparently my set up skills are lacking.

    That’s nice. Maybe my LP Custom would benefit from the same thing.
  12. rafasounds

    Help me with Fret Size

    6105. Narrow and tall. To me they're the best compromise possible on Fender style guitars (Strats and Teles).
  13. rafasounds

    "THE" Strat sound versus "THE" Tele sound.

    That's a Fender Blues Deluxe in the first pic?
  14. rafasounds

    HSS vs SSS bridge sound

    A split coil won't sound like a single coil.
  15. rafasounds

    NGD - CS WW10 '61 Strat

    Wow, love that kind of blue. Wonderful. HNGD!
  16. rafasounds

    So when did the skunk come back?

    Check this out SpeedKing. Seems to be a 1969 hard tail with one piece maple neck:
  17. rafasounds

    So when did the skunk come back? In this thread from TDPRI some people are suggesting that the one piece maple neck came back in 69. So maybe the two versions (cap/one piece) coexisted for a while. We would need more evidence. Also found this thread from ST...
  18. rafasounds

    So when did the skunk come back?

    I always thought maple caps were kind of common from 68 until 70. Never seen a picture of a one piece maple neck from that period. I was surprised to find out a few months back that in 71 the one piece maple neck with skunk and walnut plug had a brief reappearance before the bullet/3-bolt. But...
  19. rafasounds

    Neck pocket?

    Looks high to me
  20. rafasounds


    Congrats Boss! I think you would be a pretty good mod. I vote for you.
  21. rafasounds

    MIJ O serial number Strat 93/94? Halp!

    Body is Alder or Ash (or Sen which was used in Japanese guitars at the time), but I think Alder. The knobs and pickup covers don't look original to me. Looks like someone attempted to sand the finish on the fretboard. Two frets are completely sanded. The wear pattern doesn't look natural to me...
  22. rafasounds

    I have to give a Strat back to its owner, now what?

    Buy used. Doesn't have to be US made. Plenty of great guitars outside of the USA, even Fender.
  23. rafasounds

    Too old for 10s, too young to die.

    At this point I'm used to 10s on Strats, Teles and LPs, but a couple of days ago I finished "restoring" an Ibanez shredder from my teens, and at that time I always used 9s on that particular guitar, so I put 9s again. This guitar seems to be designed for optimal performance with 9s, I can't...
  24. rafasounds

    Pro Guitar must be beautiful to gain respect?

    Not sure about a shiny or dinged up guitar, but.. some people will say that only those with a 10K+ guitar can be taken seriously.