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  1. Daveycoyote

    Can't decide what strat

    I recently sold an investment property and I'm itching to waste some money. I've looked at three strats within reasonable driving distance where I live in canada and many online.. First question.. has anyone had any issues importing pre cbs necks with brazilian rosewood? Second question..I only...
  2. Daveycoyote

    What is the importance of color to you?

    Define? If I lift the strat up and I think its to heavy
  3. Daveycoyote

    What is the importance of color to you?

    A strat that plays great, sounds great, and is not to heavy could have no paint for all I care
  4. Daveycoyote

    Gimme Your Top 5....

    Jagori tanna and Ian thornley are to unreal guitarists from Canada.. huge bands here and in the states near canada
  5. Daveycoyote

    Gimme Your Top 5....

    Instead of repeating the obvious I'll do top underrated Jagori tanna Ian thornley Joey santiago Gordie johnson Frank zappa
  6. Daveycoyote

    Re string vintage stratocaster I've been trying to figure out how rene is not using the hole on the tuner but instead tying around post without...
  7. Daveycoyote

    Opinions on 1960 Slab Board

    I own a 1960 strat and the neck is solid probably the best neck profile imo 59-60 But anyways I had a 65 mustang that had the issue your worried about...I had the best luthier in Canada fix it...he heated up the neck and bent it back while reseting the trust rod..I was worried but just another...
  8. Daveycoyote

    Replacement tuners

    These are the ones I'll get...hope they just pop in
  9. Daveycoyote

    Replacement tuners

    This is what I needed to hear
  10. Daveycoyote

    Replacement tuners

    Well I was thinking with the old style tuners the string can keep stretching because it's wrapped around post....with locking tuners there would be no wraps to stretch only the string its self could stretch...there as to be something to it if a floyd rose has everything locked obviously better...
  11. Daveycoyote

    Replacement tuners

    Hey guys just wanting some quick advice I'm looking for replacement locking tuners for my pre cbs strat..strat stays in tune quite well but want more stability...obviously I don't want to modify the guitar in anyway just a pop in locking tuner.. What have some of you used ?
  12. Daveycoyote

    YOU DECIDE my new Strat color!

    Fiesta red but with a green guard
  13. Daveycoyote

    Looking for uncles strat

    No it was original sunburst with gold hardware which is rare thats why I'm wondering if anyone has one like it
  14. Daveycoyote

    Looking for uncles strat

    Just wondering if anyone on here is the owner of a 1959 stratocaster sunburst with gold has a distinct knot on the body...if anyone thinks they do I have serial number....just curious where it ended up...
  15. Daveycoyote

    Fake $150k korina strat on reverb

    This just in...people selling fake strats on reverb
  16. Daveycoyote

    Let's play what it worth?

    $3000 is a little crazy If I had a white strat I'd throw an offer at it. But I've seen mint guards for almost same price..
  17. Daveycoyote

    Maple board option

    Im curious to know more about the custom order process during pre cbs era...I know you could pick a custom colour if willing to pay an extra fee...some necks were painted such as Josh klinghoffers from uncle has a 1959 sunburst with gold hardware which is pretty rare, and I know there...
  18. Daveycoyote

    Ever Seen a Pre-CBS Strat Refinished White - Including the Neck??

    Everyone thinks strat prices are crazy till they list their own on reverb ...
  19. Daveycoyote

    Pre-CBS Strat Zoom Meetup?

    I'd like a closer look af your 61 maybe hear it..I use zoom all the time
  20. Daveycoyote

    Pre-CBS body woods

    My 60 is red mahogany very light !
  21. Daveycoyote

    Any fans of Big Wreck?

    Check out ians chops at suhr factory concert " ghosts"
  22. Daveycoyote

    Another fake on reverb

    He has a fake les paul custom 1976 asking 5000
  23. Daveycoyote

    Another fake on reverb

    Yeah I reported
  24. Daveycoyote

    Another fake on reverb

    I offered him $8000 to see if he would just wanna move it my surprise he wouldn't budge lol
  25. Daveycoyote

    Another fake on reverb