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    Rosewood vs Maple

    I started playing in the late 50's, primarily Telecasters and Les Pauls. It was 1982 when I first picked up a Strat, a maple board Mary Kaye AVRI 57. All of my Strats after that were maple boards, untill 2014 when I first sat down with a rosewood board Standard. I did not really hear much of a...
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    50s/60s strats

    Since I started playing in late 1957 I've had the chance to play the earliest Strats (also Teles and Les Pauls) when they were still considered just "used" guitars. And with that experience I discovered both good and bad examples in all of the models. While I have several of the AVRI line, and...
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    Well I never said I could play!

    And anybody who says different is not being completely honest. I can play anything that I hear, but I'm hearing new stuff every day.
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    NGD AVRI '57

    The entire AVRI line were incredible instruments, in my opinion.
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    Stratocaster Models

    At any given time, numerous models are available. I find it easiest to just drop by the local Sam Ash or GC and sit down with as many as I can. It all boils down to your personal preferrence. Just don't let the country of origin limit your search. I just picked up a 2004 CIJ Aerodyne that might...
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    String Gauge & Tuning

    10's on my Gibson/Epiphones, 9.5's or 9's on my Fenders. All tune to pitch.
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    Is it worth to give 1000$+ for an Indonisian or MIM guitar ? Remember the past !!

    Personally, my only experience with Indonesian guitars is my Epi Sheaton (2017) and it is well worth the $900 I paid for it. I would have gone another hundred or two to get that quality.
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    Your thoughts on this 1976's black / maple neck strat please, thanks.

    Other than the big headstock, the pickguard, and the 3 bolt neck plate, it looks a lot like my EJ. Have fun with it.
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    What Strat Do You Prefer

    I recently aquired my 12th Strat. Which ever I pick up becomes my preferred one. For the ime being.
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    Last of the "Ventures"

    I just read that Don Wilson passed away yesterday. Right now I'm feeling a little lost.
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    I would lean toward the MIJ. The MIM is too early in the series. They are so much better now that you might not beleive they both came from the same factory
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    Is your strat the easiest guitar you own for barre chords ?

    Same for me. Except I find it easier to play certain suspeded chords on a 12 fingerboard.
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    89 question

    Four latch cases are my favorite. With the five latch cases I feel like I'm wasting a lot of time just getting those cases opened.
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    Best Strat You’ve Ever Played?

    I currently own a dozen of the best Strats that I've ever played. That's why they are staying with me.
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    Is this the right case for a 2018 AO ‘60s Strat?

    That is pretty much the same interior as the cae that came with my AVRI54. The exterion on mine is tweed.
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    Best Mexican strat?

    2017 Nashville Delux. This guitar has the first "noiseless" pickups that I've ever really appreciated. While the actually reduce noise, they maintain the Tele tone. I know that this isn't a Strat, but the pickup configuration and switching option are all there. It's definitely worth checking out.
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    Returning my AM pro ii for a custom shop 58 reissue , are they worlds apart?

    Among my Strat collection are several AVRI's, Standards, and two CS models. The differences in any of them are fewer than the similarities. Honestly, once I've had them for a while, I really coild not tell you if I could tell one from another, except for the 2014 AVRI 54, which is THE Strat to...
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    how long to wait before opening a new guitar delivered in very cold weather

    Personally, since I'm usually dealing with solid bodies, if the guitar came with a case, I take the case out of the box immediately and then wait untill the case has reached room temperature before I open it. I've never had a problem doing that.
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    Decisions Decisions.....

    If you are getting a guitar that you want, what else matters? I would note that in the event you decide to let it go, the re-sale value not going to be anything like an actual Fender might be.
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    Do you get bored of your new strat after 3 weeks ?

    No. I have recently added an Aerodyne to the family and I haven't gotten tired of any of them. Most of my Strats are either AVRI or Standards and they all keep me interested, just in slightly different ways.
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    Trying to Verify a '54 Strat Reissue

    If it's anywhere close to the 54 specs, I'm sure you will find a use for it. Have a ball !!!
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    Trying to Verify a '54 Strat Reissue

    Mine is 2016. And a as far as I know, gold hardware and transparent white finishes have always been the combination that defines the Mary Kay models. I also have the limited edition AVRI from 1086 with both features, but it was sold as a 57 variant.
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    Trying to Verify a '54 Strat Reissue

    My AVRI 56 is a Mary Kaye (translucent white with gold hardware) and they were all done with ash two piece bodies. That's about all i can add, other than that the seam on my 54 is definitely off center.
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    NGD American Vintage ‘54 strat (60th anniversary)

    Be careful with those "plastics". The knobs, pickup covers and switch tip are all bakelite and very fragile. And, almost impossible to replace.
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    The agony of buying a new guitar

    Exposing the case to room temperature will not hurt anything. It's the guitar itself that you need to be carefull with. Like someone said, when the case reaches a temperature close to the room temp, you should be good to go. My last delivery took about 3 hours to aclimate. That was a winter...