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  1. Namelyguitar

    Andy Timmons

    Yeah, Andy! When, I saw him by invitation back in 2010 in a crowd of about 40 people, I became a fan for life, it seems.
  2. Namelyguitar

    Replacement tuning machines other than the fender brand?

    Schaller lockers? Not that I'm aware of, although I recommend Schaller for most tuner do-overs. ST members talked me out of lockers, time and time again.
  3. Namelyguitar

    NGD - My First Strat!

    Congrats, enjoy!!!
  4. Namelyguitar

    Compression Headaches

    Those pedals are tools. It may be time to go shopping for more tools.
  5. Namelyguitar

    Have a passing interest in the Ultra model...what can you tell me? Good, bad, worth it?

    Is it worth it to you? "Ultra" implies great things. Hmm, maybe.
  6. Namelyguitar

    Tonebender style fuzz pedal?

    In the world of fuzz pedals, I'm curious about the Tonebender style!
  7. Namelyguitar

    What the heck does it mean

    I don't chase it, and when my hands on the strings of a solid body make bell-like sounds, Eww yeah!!!
  8. Namelyguitar

    Help me find a (semi?)-hollowbody

    Ibanez AM vs AS body style is like 339 vs. 335 size in that other brand. Comparison Review of AS93 and AM93. The slightly smaller AM works well for me!
  9. Namelyguitar

    What sounds better?

    It's usually about pearloid, and sometimes abalone.
  10. Namelyguitar

    Alla yous are invited

    Please, and thank you! Your invitation is much appreciated!!! 😁
  11. Namelyguitar

    Cool Goodwill find for $2.99

    CVN-65? That's the USS Enterprise!
  12. Namelyguitar

    NGD - Finally, I'm legit !

    Great, whoa now! If I may, allow me to go off on the obvious. The headstock is beautiful, and the grain pattern on the body's top is beyond amazing!!! Too good to be true, keep it!
  13. Namelyguitar

    A Stratocaster is better than a Les Paul because?

    Playing a MIA Stratocaster standing up, AND sitting down. The MIA Stratocaster is lighter weight on average. Lighter gauge strings work easily on Stratocasters. I own both and enjoy both!!!
  14. Namelyguitar

    Name on headstock does it matter

    It matters to some people, and could stem from brand preference and/or loyalty, or who cares to others. What gripes me is people arguing about this topic.
  15. Namelyguitar

    Not a fun post

    I'm sorry about your loss.
  16. Namelyguitar

    Good morning

    Welcome to ST.
  17. Namelyguitar

    My wife is going to kill me, but...

    That B-L-U-E, Congrats! :cool:
  18. Namelyguitar

    How many guitars do you have?

    3 Electric basses, 7 electric guitars, and one lonely, Yamaha acoustic guitar. On top of the pile so-to-speak, SBMM Stingray natural ash Ray 34, MIM Telecaster, and Ibanez AM-83 semi-hollow.
  19. Namelyguitar

    Since this is a bar and grill...

    I just ate, you can't trick me! It does look good in those photos!!!
  20. Namelyguitar

    Fender Serial Number Lookup Provides All Specs

    So, my #1 (2000) will not fly, really?
  21. Namelyguitar

    The cost of your DIY partscaster

    Close, but not quite $200. The Rio Grande Vintage Tallboy pickup set alone sells for over $300 after tax. It started as a '94 Peavey Predator- made in USA, and it's a keeper. I got a deal on the Schaller tuners and everything in it- that kept the cost down.
  22. Namelyguitar

    As Im Now a Citizen....

    Most of us will use the word, "Country." Western is a different, and more of a regional thing.
  23. Namelyguitar

    Changing pickups during solos

    Alex Hutchings quickly uses the side of his pinkie or pulls it by hooking with a diff. finger (obviously after much practice). This is demonstrated on Room 335, where he and Jess Lewis take turns on parts of the song. Dio mentioned 'flicking' in his post, and that's a good way to describe...