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  1. Bazz Jass

    Original Neck

    Fender made two types of rosewood fingerboard - slab from 59 to 62, then veneer.
  2. Bazz Jass

    Nut Repair

    I've always found this to be a permanent repair when I've done it. Good for the odd low slot, and can be done whenever needed. I tend to have some bone dust on hand anyway - easy enough to make with bone and a file. Always mask off all around the nut to avoid glue spills. I invested in a set...
  3. Bazz Jass

    1960 strat

    Not sure what this has to do with a. this really old thread? b. PreCBS strats? Is there some tie in? 🤔
  4. Bazz Jass

    My two Behringer pedals died

    All good. None taken. Should have clarified "disposable" where I really just meant not economical to repair. 😊 I miss the days when products were built to last and be repaired. My dad was a TV serviceman once upon a time. No call for that anymore.
  5. Bazz Jass

    My two Behringer pedals died

    I meant recycle them for spare parts. That's what I do anyway. My local repair guy takes them. Nothing gets wasted in my green part of the world. Just a real shame they're not worth the cost of repair. Like so many modern appliances. 🙁
  6. Bazz Jass

    1954 Custom Color Stratocaster ??

    Very cool. Let's not forget Pee Wee Crayton's Red 54 though. Also custom color with anodised guard:
  7. Bazz Jass

    My two Behringer pedals died

    In my part of the world these are considered disposable pedals. Great if they keep working, less than the cost of lunch if they don't. I spend three times the price of a Behringer pedal replacing the petrol in my car every week. Who cares. Replace, repeat.
  8. Bazz Jass

    Going to put this here: Your philosophy regarding songs for a set list for solo guitar and vocals.

    You need a lot of songs up your sleeve. I can generally tell within 3 songs what the rest of the evening will consist of in terms of content. Here's a go-to list of ten songs for most occasions, in this order: Peaceful Easy Feeling - Eagles Daydream Believer - Monkees Horse With No Name -...
  9. Bazz Jass

    Fingernails on fretting hand

    Nobody bites their nails anymore?? I know mom said not to, but that's just cos her mom said not to.... I keep a bit of nail on my right hand index and middle, but marginal. I'm from the Knopfler school of playing where you pick with your fingertips, not your nails.
  10. Bazz Jass

    Fender Strat 1966 with 56 plate serial number ?

    Nothing weird about a 66 harness being dropped into a 56 body - not ideal, but pretty easily done and probably for practical reasons at the time. Pick-up dates in blue is common enough....
  11. Bazz Jass

    'Artist-owned' serial numbers

    Pretty good price for an artist owned strat.
  12. Bazz Jass

    Post yer pedalboard

    Here's my humble effort. My wife and I are both into woodwork, so we made an amp stand and pedal board to tuck neatly into it. Room at the top right for a tuner if I ever get to play live again :)
  13. Bazz Jass

    De-necking a Fender for air-travel?

    Just a few weekend breaks coming up. Maybe I could just abstain from guitar playing (says my wife)
  14. Bazz Jass

    De-necking a Fender for air-travel?

    Anybody do this? Seems like a good way to get the strat or tele through as carry-on luggage. A padded gig bag could easily be folded to accommodate the separated neck and body. Might be travelling, soon and feel this could be a good solution. I have to pay extra for checked luggage, plus I've...
  15. Bazz Jass

    Going bald in your 20s

    Yep, saw an interview with him a year back where he talked about it. The transplant process was a spectacular failure, so he wears a rug these days. Each to his own!
  16. Bazz Jass

    Going bald in your 20s

    Always surprised that Elton John, having conquered the world with a thinning crop, suddenly felt the need to wig-up later in life....
  17. Bazz Jass

    Strange sunburst 1960

    I'm calling refinished on this. Unusual to see red in the sunburst under the guard: