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  1. White Dog

    Farewell and Play on

    Judging by over half the replies; I can't blame you @Cloudgazer , lot's of annoying people on EVERY site. I "signed back in" just to reply to this thread, then I'll join you. I might 'lurk' from time to time again (as a visitor) just to see if there's more to learn...but I got no more useful...
  2. White Dog

    Mayo or Miracle Whip?

    My answer as well.
  3. White Dog

    Here's An Interesting Thing

  4. White Dog

    Here's An Interesting Thing

    Monday morning, or Friday afternoon...I get it!
  5. White Dog

    Here's An Interesting Thing

    Because in my 55 years on this planet---and more than 37 of them playing guitar..I've never seen a "counter-sunk" pole piece. EVER! Somebody smashed and/or raised them. The companies that design these pickup, have a pretty good idea how to stagger them to get the best sound they can for...
  6. White Dog

    Considering 9s

    No. Stick with 10's...if anything, try 11's. Just my vote bro---don't shoot the messenger. I have never liked anything under 10's; but I hit those strings like I own them.
  7. White Dog

    Here's An Interesting Thing

    Yah; somebody had a BAD idea. The G is even 'counter sunk'. LOL!
  8. White Dog

    Forum advice credibility poll

    I get paid to WORK on guitars, but not build them. I no longer get paid to play broke up about 11 years ago.
  9. White Dog

    Who did it better?

    LOL! Stop it! Short skirts and decent playing doesn't ALWAYS equate to "better". 🤪
  10. White Dog

    Has there ever been a time where you radically changed your playing?

    Always the same old, same old for me...but I WOULD like to know who invented liquid soap.
  11. White Dog

    Who did it better? I supposed to vote for StratMike10 because he's a member here---or can I vote for Stevie because he's "the man"?
  12. White Dog

    Big headstocks - my own observation...

    Don't like them. Don't care who plays guitars with big headstocks. I don't like them. I'm not going to drink Dr. Pepper just because Michael Jordan does...I don't like Dr. Pepper.
  13. White Dog

    NGD! - Guild Starfire IV Semi-Hollow Body

    1). Can't go wrong with Guild. 2). Guild makes great guitars. 3) Can't go wrong with Guild. Love it! HNGD!!!
  14. White Dog

    Raided Ant's closet - NGD

    +1 It is so good...I don't think it would be the same if not painted. This thing turns my head.
  15. White Dog

    For Sale Sold

    Trust me...I'd MUCH rather give you $1,100 for that beauty, than give another $1,300 to the State of Iowa. But they can put me in jail, so...
  16. White Dog

    Raided Ant's closet - NGD

    I take everything back about hate'n painted headstocks...that thing is absolutely beautiful. You won me over!
  17. White Dog

    Song lyrics that mimic an event in your life

    "Six days on the road and I'ma gonna make it home tonight". Dave Dudley Over-The-Road truck driver for 25 years...local truck driver for just over 6 years now. A lonely, thankless job, but someone's gotta do it.
  18. White Dog

    What was the first song you learned to play?

    All the way through? Smoke On the Deep Purple. It's all most embarrassing today because it's considered a "stop it" now---not unlike 'Highway To Heaven'.
  19. White Dog

    I'm curious about the history/legacy/popularity of Lake Placid Blue Stratocaster's back in the 60's.

    All I know is I like all shades of Blue. Lake Placid Blue has been around for a LONG time after Fender puts other colors in the closet. Don't know the history of it, and don't know the over-all appeal to the masses. Just know I do like it, but don't have one...went with Mystic Blue for my...
  20. White Dog

    The return of Tiger .

    You're welcome.
  21. White Dog

    For Sale SOLD KWS Artist Series Stratocaster

    I'm just simply not in the market @Blind Radish but I'll be happy to bring it back to the top. Beautiful axe!
  22. White Dog

    The return of Tiger .

    Brought every single bit of it on himself too.
  23. White Dog

    My shepherd Tiny then and now

    Ok guys...I stand corrected! Never saw one in person. Very cute indeed, no doubt!

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