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  1. systolsys

    Player Stratocasters

    The cost is not the point. It's the market positioning of both those cars. They're a little bit of everything and nothing special. They are neither particularly efficient nor particularly quick. They're neither large nor small. Their design language is inoffensive. They don't carry a large...
  2. systolsys

    Player Stratocasters

    This is Joe Satriani shredding a $300 knock-off guitar. Just because you can, doesn't mean you should. If a Player suits your level of competency, fantastic.
  3. systolsys

    Multitrack recording from mixer with just stereo out?

    If that's the case, there's an optional "USB Card" that does actually send 16 channels over USB. I'm not clear if there is an inbuilt 2-track USB option without this. ie: Does the existence of USB mean you have 16 tracks.
  4. systolsys

    Explain the science of why tonewood matters please.

    If you have a transparent finish, a bookmatched 2-piece Ash body looks awesome. If you have a wood that's too soft... it will get dented more easily. If you have a wood that's too dense... it will hurt your shoulders over time. Other than that... nobody will notice.
  5. systolsys

    Player Stratocasters

    The Players are solid without being exciting. I don't own one. I find the pickups uninspiring. I've been playing long enough that I have a preference for fretboard radiuses (radii?) that the Player series don't offer. They're the VW Golf or Toyota Camry of guitars. You aren't going to wrong with...
  6. systolsys

    Player Stratocasters

    That's the guitar equivalent of people who respond to recipe blogs saying "I love this recipe!... I substituted choc-bits for currants and beer for soy milk and cooked on the stove instead of in the oven and it came out amazing! 5 Stars!"
  7. systolsys

    Player Stratocasters

    And how did he not notice the neck block carve? Especially he likes to tweedle tweedle up that end of the fretboard.
  8. systolsys

    Player Stratocasters

    I think Fender's advertising blitz on their Play service is partly to blame. But it seems that it sold a lot of guitars.
  9. systolsys

    Lake Placid Blue Strat (or Tele): what traditional-style case?

    If it's a display case, get a G&G. If it's an actually going on the road case, get a Hiscox. If it's going anywhere near baggage handlers, get a road case with aluminium sides and corners.
  10. systolsys

    Multitrack recording from mixer with just stereo out?

    What's the mixer brand and model? There is no standard on how this works. Each vendor has its own way of implementing audio over USB, and that's changed over time as technology has improved. More detail about the actual piece of kit would help.
  11. systolsys

    Ongoing search for the perfect bright blue metallic Stratocaster

    Embrace the teal. It's a gateway to the truth and the light known as Ocean Turquoise.
  12. systolsys

    Joe Walsh

    Crap. The moment I saw the thread title I'd assumed he died. Didn't need that heart attack this morning.
  13. systolsys

    Not sure how to title this..

    I remember testing a 9V battery by touching it to your tongue. Try that with a Tesla.
  14. systolsys

    Noise Gate belongs where in the chain?

    After the noisy things. Ahead of the things that aren't noisy but introduce dynamics that may be considered by the noise gate to be noise. So if you have a stack of gain pedals, then you probably want the noise gate after those, but you'll want delays, reverbs, etc after... because you probably...
  15. systolsys


    Every time I see them it makes me long for overly sweetened hazelnut liqueur.
  16. systolsys

    Best Noiseless Pickups in late 2021

    They've got two coils wound in opposite directions around the same same pole pieces. That works like a humbucker (well... it is a humbucker)... basically any external interference is picked up by both coils, and the opposite direction windings mean they cancel out. But that also means that other...
  17. systolsys

    Black Friday+ 2021

    American professional II. Mystic surf green. Maple neck. In about 4 carts at the moment. No triggers pulled. I want... but I can't justify it. Dropping that amount of money just because I'm in love with the colour doesn't pass the reasonableness test.
  18. systolsys

    What’s your food weakness?

    Dark Chocolate Kit Kats.
  19. systolsys

    Bridge 54mm vs 56mm - HELP!

    :thumbd: But Sir ... when will I use geometry in the real world?
  20. systolsys

    Guitarist's Bass of Choice?

    Have a P-bass. Want a 5-string Dingwall.
  21. systolsys

    Pic request: Nitro over poly?

    That's lovely... and probably not far off what I'm looking to achieve. I'm not into heavy relic... but if 2022 plays out the way 2020 was supposed to... this guitar will be going on the road with me next year, which means starting with it looking slightly worn will mean I can start the trip...
  22. systolsys

    How do I properly describe how an amp sounds

    Sounds like my Tinder profile.
  23. systolsys

    Yes or no - 10 for '15?

    Is there another sort of sax player?
  24. systolsys

    A strange question or two about weight vs tone :)

    Yngwie got the same tone irrespective of his weight. I think it's all in the fingers.

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