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  1. Bowmap

    Crystal Strat

    Please wear pants when playing that.
  2. Bowmap

    Luthier Wanted.

    So that's where my white cane went.
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    I just made this video

    Sorry I was not able to like it on youtube. Something about having to sign in to vote got in the way.
  4. Bowmap

    Said to the Mrs.

    I'm normal... just feel my nose.
  5. Bowmap

    Oh my gosh

    Good dad and good dad memories. :thumb:
  6. Bowmap

    Abbreviations Dictionary

    IHNFI - I have no freakin' idea.
  7. Bowmap

    Abbreviations Dictionary

    AlNiCo - aluminium, nickel and cobalt SCN - Samarium Cobalt Noiseless Pot - Potentiometer LSR - IHNFI
  8. Bowmap

    Do You See What I See?

    There ya go. Now you are getting into the fun chit.
  9. Bowmap

    Do You See What I See?

    I think it is Unit Commander for @Believer7713. In the hospital it is Unit Coordinator for my wife. EDIT: Well I was way off. he he.
  10. Bowmap

    Do You See What I See?

    Have you been curious enough to give it a quick wipe with Naptha? I see a little curl in that one piece.
  11. Bowmap

    Katana 100 for 200 bux?

    The MK 1 has the effect loop. 8 preset locations, .5w, 50w and 100w modes.
  12. Bowmap

    Bodean's Lounge

    Are your voices in your head anything like the ones in mine? Hold on... wait minute... Yes. Yes. Sometimes. OK. Yes dear. Let's pick another subject....
  13. Bowmap

    We are playing again next month, flyer kicks ass.

    I wouldn't mind it for my future music room. It is that kewl.
  14. Bowmap

    CELEBRATE! It's the 68th Anniversary of the STRATOCASTER!

    I see nothing wrong in that pic. :) One of the reasons we like the guitar so much, you can make your own too.
  15. Bowmap

    Katana 100 for 200 bux?

    The 100 I prefer over the 50 as it has a number of useful additional features and I think they sound better as they do have a different speaker. But, go to a gun store and get some really good ear protection if you set it on the 100w mode. Even outside, I can't run mine that loud. I can't get...
  16. Bowmap

    CELEBRATE! It's the 68th Anniversary of the STRATOCASTER!

    When you get it right the first time.
  17. Bowmap

    add a question

    Is that an album cover?
  18. Bowmap

    Maddie gets a Degree…

    Congrats. And best wishes for a rewarding career.
  19. Bowmap

    80s Neck Plates

    Molten metal comes to mind.
  20. Bowmap

    cat lovers only.....

    Yeah... cats? Meh... They always get in the way of the keyboard.
  21. Bowmap

    I wanna be sedated

    There are XLR to Lighting cable adaptors. A bit pricey in my book but it would allow a lot more mics.
  22. Bowmap

    Wilkes County Jail on a Baxendale Custom Acoustic

    Well done. Did you do any of the sound production on that? It is nicely mixed. Nothing is lost and peices brought up front when they needed to be.
  23. Bowmap

    Feeling small

    And he didn't snap the G harmonized string. :) I always enjoy that when I hear it.
  24. Bowmap

    Animal Lovers

    How many does it take to make a blue kimono?