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  1. Impulsive guppy

    carpentry question: replacing a front door

    Your job now will be to spec it out. What kind of lockset, peep hole or camera, insulated, steel or wood, etc. get a lockset re-keyed to match the other doors. I like the handles that are like a flipper instead of traditional.
  2. Impulsive guppy

    Knot on my American Strat

    Kind of looks like an eyeball or something
  3. Impulsive guppy

    Any know what will replace the American Original series?

    Fender doesn’t seem to be hurting for business at the moment, so they have an opportunity to put out something more risky than usual.
  4. Impulsive guppy

    Well holy s&@t! That’s beautiful!

    When you go unplugged ...
  5. Impulsive guppy

    Would you rather have a $2k guitar with a $500 amp or a $500 guitar with a $2k amp?……and Why?

    For me: 2k Guitar / $500 amp Because often an 2k amp will be either too loud or have more options than I will ever use.
  6. Impulsive guppy

    What sounds better?

    Luminlay or no way!
  7. Impulsive guppy

    How To Give Your Strat Telecaster Power!

    Cool, I like it ! In the next video, play some !
  8. Impulsive guppy

    I May Have an Addiction Problem...

    So you like to play a little guitar?
  9. Impulsive guppy

    Does playing a copy "relic" guitar make it lose its value?

    If it’s a specific one, like a copy of David Gilmour’s black Strat, probably
  10. Impulsive guppy

    coffee achievers

    Have you seen this one…
  11. Impulsive guppy

    So What Have You Googled Today?

    outgoing mail flag on the mailbox, rose food, rose pruning
  12. Impulsive guppy

    Searching for a product

    Lighter strings? Or Maybe adjust the action really low
  13. Impulsive guppy

    Are there too many ways of sending a text message?

    It’s intentionally confusing.
  14. Impulsive guppy

    How important is it for you to eliminate single-coil noise?

    Despite the benefit of the device, there are many people who won’t be interested in putting anything in their Strat. It might catch on with some people, though it will take time. For myself, I would have to really think about adding something more to the guitar because I have a few mods already.
  15. Impulsive guppy

    Understanding strat value, with particular guitar in mind

    That price is way out of line. Since you are not that familiar with Strats, do yourself a favor and get something new.
  16. Impulsive guppy

    Cort Guitars

    Could be a cultural thing. They have a much lower number of left handed people in South Korea than in the US. But it’s changing.
  17. Impulsive guppy

    It’s Delivery day !

    That’s cool!
  18. Impulsive guppy

    Matt Mcgibney Guitars and other smaller (less known) builders

    Along the food analogies theme: Buying online is like using the drive thru at Subway versus ordering inside. If you use the drive thru, you get a turkey sandwich with lettuce and a side of convenience. If you go inside to order, you might see that the lettuce looks funky and a fly is doing...
  19. Impulsive guppy

    add a question

    They call them naked mole rats, does that mean they had clothes at one time?
  20. Impulsive guppy

    Farewell and Play on

    Me too! Not even reclining, but it’s nice to know I can if I want to.
  21. Impulsive guppy

    Matt Mcgibney Guitars and other smaller (less known) builders

    If that popped up local to me, I would be skeptical, just because the pictures are a little too nice. Seems like they are really promoting it.