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  1. amstratnut

    Stew Mac 7 bux for saddle screws 4 for retainers, 12 for shipping.

    12 bucks to ship 6 screws and 6 retainers. I would not have ordered from them if I could have found the part anywhere else.
  2. amstratnut

    Any know what will replace the American Original series?

    The constantly revamping vintage thing is too hard to follow. I guess they have to make it seem like they are doing something. Someone in marketing said things must not stay the same. Whatever
  3. amstratnut

    Katana 100 for 200 bux?

    Local ad has a Karana 100 for 200 bux. Was thinking to grab it as a back up. My son has a 50 and the clean is pretty good. Im guessing its an older model since its only 200. Anything I ought to know about them?
  4. amstratnut

    I don’t want to become a bedroom player

    So, if I understand correctly, your band is either unable or unwilling to work on dynamics? Anything else? Im far from gods gift to guitar but, I made a deal with myself that I wouldnt play in a band with musicians I had to explain basic musicianship to. Thats so frustrating. So Ive been...
  5. amstratnut

    Graphtech Saddle Install

    Thanks for the reply. I have no experience with graphtec but, in all my years of internet knowlege, whatever thats worth, I have not run across complaints about the stuff wearing out.
  6. amstratnut

    Preferred Tuning?

    Standard. I get inspired by alternate tunings but most everything I play in my bands is in standard. I dont really have time for anything else. Except I enjoy coming up with riffs in drop D sometimes.
  7. amstratnut

    Graphtech Saddle Install

    Graphtec is not plastic. Im not sure I understand your question?
  8. amstratnut

    Favorite cover band.

  9. amstratnut

    les Paul lovers club!!!!!

  10. amstratnut

    les Paul lovers club!!!!!

  11. amstratnut

    Maddie gets a Degree…

    Congratulations to Maddie, and a big WHEW! for Slim. Not that was any doubt but, its good to be on the other side.
  12. amstratnut

    21 pages of Tribute is NOT enough.

    Well @Tee H C sorry. It is crummy. That said, its good to see you here. Wish was under better circumstances.
  13. amstratnut

    I have gotten used to low hanging...

    Do you have long arms and fingers? I dont. I gotta be happy justvto be able to reach, even if I just look like a dad.
  14. amstratnut

    Saw a JM thread about a klon and now have a mosky gold horse incoming. 😃

    What is tge JHS called? If the mosky is crap I might consider JHS.
  15. amstratnut

    Saw a JM thread about a klon and now have a mosky gold horse incoming. 😃

    As long as they arent invisible.
  16. amstratnut

    Feeling small

    Here are a couple, jaw on the floor type performances to put things in perspective for us old boomers.
  17. amstratnut

    Couple humbuckers for cheap if you want

    I have a Gibson 490T and a Tonerider A4 bridge pickup. In my drawer. Might as well get some money and buy a pedal. I dont want much money. Say 40 plus shipping for gibson and 30 plus shipping for the tonerider. Fwiw, tonerider is practically new. Ill post pics after work.
  18. amstratnut

    Lp type thing. Anyone know what this is and is it worth the repair?

    I agree with @Eric_G. It looks like a doable project. Hopefully you have the funds to make it work. Id get the frets leveled. To me thats the difference between a meh guitar and a real player. You can easily find budget parts for it or spendca bit more to get it how you want. If its for...
  19. amstratnut

    Saw a JM thread about a klon and now have a mosky gold horse incoming. 😃

    It was so cheap I couldnt resist. Ive been obsessing about getting more mids in my bridge lead tone and this seemed like a low risk idea. Also considered an eq but then would have to tap dance and its already bad enough.
  20. amstratnut

    Feeling small

    Yeah my .02 about the comparison game is that, I do it. Cant help it. I try to get inspiration from those that are better than me, instead of putting myself down. Aa far as those I percieve as not very good, I just move on.
  21. amstratnut

    Feeling small

    It was Lukather and he said fetus.
  22. amstratnut

    Start a zoo or build an arc?

    We get bunny rabbits in our back yard sometimes. Cutest things evaar!
  23. amstratnut

    The Knack vs. Bay City Rollers

    We cover the full version of My Sharona. Fun as f***! Bay City Rollers were from an earlier time, I think. I recently looked em up and, its a meh from me dog.