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  1. vid1900

    Superbowl Sunday

    I wonder if the truckers really will block everyone in?
  2. vid1900

    Please identify this fender HELP

    Faker than a stepmother's kiss
  3. vid1900

    Picture of gold hardware - I need ideas of what looks good

    It looks great on a wall hanger. But on a guitar you actually play , it looks like garbage in a hurry.
  4. vid1900

    Who is the best singer?

    Ronnie James Dio [drops mic] Rainbow - Gates of Babylon
  5. vid1900

    So, how many of us actually float the trem?

    99% of all the strats that come across my bench are floating.
  6. vid1900

    Results -- Strat-Talk Votes for the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame

    You can vote yourself, if you feel confident in your RnR expertise :
  7. vid1900

    Looking to upgrade from MIM Player Series Strat to something a level higher, any suggestions?

    Try and find an American neck with a compound radius fretboard. You can set the action lower on those, making them a very fast playing guitar
  8. vid1900

    Results -- Strat-Talk Votes for the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame

    Remember, it's not really an institution, it is just a tourist attraction. They know that all the fans of AOR will be dead soon, so it's survival depends on adding more recent generas of pop music Even Rap is 4 decades old now (when they say old school, they are not kidding) I hope I'm still...
  9. vid1900

    Is everything we have been told about Tone BS?

    It's all nonsense to give people something to worry about. We've all been at a gig and another band's guitar player gets in a fight or gets arrested, or something, and you are asked to fill in. You play Little Wing and You Look Wonderful Tonight on a borrowed Les Paul, through a Crate amp...
  10. vid1900

    Help Needed!! - Paint spilled on amplifier

    without knowing the brand and type of primer the paint is, any cleanup advice is just guessing Cleaning real Kilz primer is much different than Kilz 2 Personally, I'd just upload an extra pic to your ad, showing the paint spot. If the chick complains about the spot, say "That's why I made...
  11. vid1900

    Re-fret or new neck?

    New neck might be cheaper than full fret job if it's a maple fretboard You can just replace the 8 frets, you don't have to do them all
  12. vid1900

    Opinions on brass nut?

    Brass is a good nut material. Easy to file and shape You can get Bell Bronze frets (harder than nickel silver) if you want a matching look and **tone**
  13. vid1900

    Greatest Hendrix song? Not a poll

    Jimi Hendrix- Villanova Junction Blues
  14. vid1900

    Any funky colors out there?

    Leather spray for making all the bridesmaids shoes match, will give you the citrus orange you desire It's serious stuff, and can make black boots hot pink
  15. vid1900

    Any funky colors out there?

    Back in '69 Marshall did the Purple Plexi
  16. vid1900

    Voice memo pad

    I hear ya. I have a DSLR camera I have clip-on and strobe guitar tuners I have a ship pile of high power flashlights I have a "construction calculator" that changes inches to mm instantly
  17. vid1900

    Help with pick guard change

    Spray the bobbin, and spray the veneer with a THIN coat of Super 77 Wait 10 mins and stick them together
  18. vid1900

    Help with pick guard change

    With some contact cement, you can change the bobbin color to anything you want. Thin black plastic, tort, or even real wood veneer....
  19. vid1900

    Voice memo pad

    I guess you could buy a separate memo recorder for your keychain Just like you can buy a pocket camera, a pocket GPS, a small flashlight, and a calculator
  20. vid1900

    Subscriptions to enable car features?

    One of the worst cars for scammy fee stuff is BMW Like if I disconnect the battery (working near the fan, airbags, or even just replacing a dead battery), the stereo locks out and can only be returned to function with a trip to the dealer and $50 The dealer says that keeps the stereo from...
  21. vid1900

    Voice memo pad

    It's just called "Recorder" and is built into Android
  22. vid1900

    Neck pocket gap

    I only know from the guitars that come across my bench at the shop Once in a while you see a bigger gap But in my experience **most** 1990s+ fender necks are pretty snug
  23. vid1900

    Subscriptions to enable car features?

    Everything is a scam.
  24. vid1900

    where can I get a tremolo template?

    The 6 screws are installed 25.25" from the inside face of the nut on a 25.5" scale strat The plate on the tremolo IS your template (if you think about it)