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  1. ukoldgit

    The nice Postman delivered............

    You would think Kashmiri chilli's conjure up a fiery storm, however they are in fact very mild (2000 on the scale) they are mostly used to provide a red colour and fruity flavour to curries and tandoor spices, put 5 or 6 of these little beauties in your spice mix and it will transform any dish...
  2. ukoldgit

    The nice Postman delivered............

    When your over seventy you don't need to worry about such luxuries:oops:
  3. ukoldgit

    The nice Postman delivered............

    I told ya to duck
  4. ukoldgit

    The nice Postman delivered............

    Duck you suckers😁😁😁
  5. ukoldgit

    Start a zoo or build an arc?

    Nice to see the US still has wild Turkeys (wild, not furious):thumb:
  6. ukoldgit

    The nice Postman delivered............

    There may be a few curries here
  7. ukoldgit


    Two bottles of red wine and no problem in the morning, three bottles and it's like arguing with @Thrup'ny Bit who's round it is next:eek::eek::eek::whistling:
  8. ukoldgit

    I Think I Am Done

    Learn to play one of these, then, you won't worry about being picked for any band Internationally:whistling:
  9. ukoldgit

    Well this is a new one for me…

    You think you have problems, you should see this lot on a Sunday afternoono_O
  10. ukoldgit

    When are you on Strat Talk?

    Nosy aren't we?
  11. ukoldgit

    Please Delete.

  12. ukoldgit


    Mr Marley was not only good at Reggae his tiles were top notch:whistling::cool:
  13. ukoldgit

    Avatar sequel

    I'll wait for the book
  14. ukoldgit


    I must change my supplier
  15. ukoldgit

    They say it never rains in sunny California

    Sex on a gas ring🥴
  16. ukoldgit

    Really going to be famous now!

    Ducks what?:eek:
  17. ukoldgit

    Finally feel like I'm making some headway!!!

    Castle Pink Bunny:thumb:
  18. ukoldgit

    Reverb Question

    You blokes are so Posh, I could never afford to shop on Reverb:whistling:
  19. ukoldgit

    Here we go again....scan week.....

    The Atlantic is no barrier to the very best wishes, UK geezers is rootin furr yurr:thumb:
  20. ukoldgit

    Greek chicken Souvlaki night, come on over!

    Whoop, Whoop, move along the bus dribbly person coming through, gangway, gangway.......
  21. ukoldgit

    Old Geezers Still Got It, Just...

    The kids are...............
  22. ukoldgit

    Taking the leap

    Tried it, found out my brain cell is not young enough:(
  23. ukoldgit

    In a terrible mood.

    You just need to slow down a bit😊