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  1. henderman

    The Amp You REALLY Need... Fryette Power Station

    i really need one of these and have been staring at them recently - i have an amp with no master volume or an effects loop but really like the amp. i'm sold on the power station but need to figure out if one is better than the other for me...
  2. henderman

    I came this close....

    if i can get a permit ima put monkeys in the yard so they can throw their poop at the passer byers.
  3. henderman

    Heavy trem block, or light trem block?

    my ibanez has the smallest pot metal block i have ever seen, it is so small it can only use 2 springs. so i fell for the upgrade thing and bought the biggest solid bell brass block that would fit, it is twice the size of the original. the only thing i can for sure know that changed is how the...
  4. henderman

    Fingernails on fretting hand

    my nails grow like weeds so i am always trimming them. ...i almost never use a pick so my picking/strumming hand's middle finger's nail gets a funny squiggle curve in it from plucking the strings.
  5. henderman

    Minimal Buzzing Requires Maximizing Saddle Height

    if you have to super raise a saddle to eliminate a buzz you have a bad neck angle, unlevel frets or improper set up issue.
  6. henderman

    Does anybody use footrests when sitting?

    the angle of the dangle matters - i go with the classical style of sitting and use a foot rest.
  7. henderman

    Does just everyone hear the .001 difference?

    taylor makes the top for their acoustics to work with the gauge they sell the guitar with. most companies probably do also, an acoustic is a different animal than the electric.
  8. henderman

    Unusual or Guilty Pleasure YouTube Videos

    lockpickinglawyer and try not to laugh videos.
  9. henderman

    Best Distortion pedal

    i have a signed, early run zen - drive and a cheap late model mxr distortion + and i love them both.
  10. henderman

    A nutty problem

    i have superglued paper to the bottom of a string nut to raise it and it worked 100%. i also use superglue and bone dust to fill in the string slots and then re cut them. 100% success also.
  11. henderman

    What is the best wood for Stratocaster guitars?

    the kind that can be shaped, holds screws and finish works the best.
  12. henderman

    Best guitar tube amp at/near $2k

    i love, love , love my 1st version tone king imperial and deeply regret selling my mesa lone star special. every other amp i've owned was dirt cheap and uninspiring to me. try as many amps as you can until you find "the one".
  13. henderman


    beautiful guitar, congrats !
  14. henderman

    Would you rather have a $2k guitar with a $500 amp or a $500 guitar with a $2k amp?……and Why?

    i can set up guitars and am not an amp tech so i am cheap guitar and expensive amp guy.
  15. henderman

    I May Have an Addiction Problem...

    it looks like you have everything handled and have no problem from what i see !
  16. henderman

    How thick is your...Pick?

    i know, right ! i made the pick in the vicinity of 2008 and somehow still have it. i do have another that is about half finished...just in case.
  17. henderman

    do your marker dots sit perfect between the strings ?

    i notice most dots are not centered between the frets. depending on the gauge and placement of the strings decides where is "center" between them. but uneven side dots are get what my goat.
  18. henderman

    How thick is your...Pick?

    i only have 1 pick - i it made myself from a scrap of ivory. .070" thick, just over 1/16"
  19. henderman

    Gaps between frets and fretboard

    i measure the fret tang to make sure it will not hit the bottom of the fret slot first so i will know it can be fully seated.
  20. henderman

    Tacky Stuff With Guitars On It. Help!

    i have a fender t-shirt with a surf board on it. :oops: i'm guessing it is bo-bo but it was still a nice gift...
  21. henderman

    RIP @heltershelton

    he is missed already, rip
  22. henderman

    When do you become a "luthier".

    i make things from scratch all the time and many of those things are guitar parts. i can perform any guitar repair. i do fretwork and setups that people seem to love. i am a woodworker and a tech - but i am not a luthier.
  23. henderman

    No template

    the template also puts the neck pocket and bridge in the correct place for correct intonation and alignment. it can be done without one but triple check everything ! and yeah, take @Baelzebub advice and look thru the ron kirn build info, it is way helpful.
  24. henderman

    Making tools

    most "standard" fret end files remove material at 35 degrees which is imo way too much, i hate strings falling off the ends. so i made my own fret end files with only 25 and 15 degrees. i also made a homemade "erlewine" neck jig. i can do fretwork without it but i feel my work is slightly...
  25. henderman

    Thinking about trying .08's....

    been using .008's for many years, i only wish i would have tried them sooner.