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  1. nifnof70

    Word of the Day- Encomium

    Word of the day · Today en·co·mi·um [enˈkōmēəm, inˈkōmēəm] NOUN formal a speech or piece of writing that praises someone or something highly. synonyms: eulogy · speech of praise · panegyric · paean · accolade · tribute · [more] A Zeppelin Tribute Album
  2. nifnof70

    BOSS ME-50

    I have a chance to pick up a BOSS ME-50 for $55.00 (seller says it works and AC Adaptor included). Deal or no deal?
  3. nifnof70

    Fender Re-Blued Junior

    I recently picked up a (well) used Fender Blues Jr off FB marketplace for $200. It was listed at $295 but offered lower because of the corrosion concern and wondering if the inside was the same way? Got the amp home, plugged in my guitar for a quick ops check…works! Played around with it for...
  4. nifnof70

    Fender Performer 650

    Hey All, I just picked up one for $50.00 (a Craigslist special). It works but has a buzz/humming in both channels when in use. It was advertised that way when I got it but figured I take a chance. I've looked up a few YT Vids on it, it has a nice clean channel and "decent" distortion drive...
  5. nifnof70

    Gig Ideas (The neighborhood "social")

    As a amateur gigging musician, we're always looking for the next place to play. We recently found a cool little establishment that was converted from an old 1920's hardware store--super cool but the vast majority of people here are either unaware/oblivious of it. The place has a selection of...
  6. nifnof70

    Ampex 620 Suitcase Amp

    Greetings, I recently stumbled across a local FB Posting for an Ampex 620 tube amp. From what I can find, these "suitcase" amps were actually more of a speaker/monitor for early reel to reel tape recorders and phonographs. I'm not sure if it would be practical as a guitar amp project but for...
  7. nifnof70

    The best band gig you ever had was...

    What was the best band gig you ever had? Was it the location, audience interaction or something really cool or unusual that happened?
  8. nifnof70

    Black Olives

    The song: "Black Olives" by The Bad Boys. What a cool little rocker! I heard it the other day on my Pandora/Green Onions channel and the vibe just latched onto me. If you haven't heard it, take two minutes to check it out.
  9. nifnof70

    The pros and cons of using backing tracks for gigs.

    My Father and I play small venues, wineries etc. and use backing tracks to cover drums, bass, piano. We do this more out of necessity because he plays older standards/jazz, while I'm more into the classic rock and blues. We do what we can to liven it up as to not be Karaoke adding bongos...
  10. nifnof70

    The Six Million Dollar Man

    I was just thinking about this series the other day and wonder why they haven't made a movie yet? Classic 70's Cold War, Americana cheese at it's finest!
  11. nifnof70

    John Pizzarelli

    John Pizzarelli. I just came across this guy and his 7-string guitar--Wow he can make it dance! He reinforces the old adage: "If you can sing it, you can play it".
  12. nifnof70

    The Creeper Returns...

    The song, by Little Sonny. This song has a cool groove--I don't play blues Harmonica, but hearing this makes me want to learn how!
  13. nifnof70

    Repurpose an unplayable guitar?

    I have a mid 70's Stella Acoustic that is virtually unplayable due to body and neck warpage and have been thinking about making a wall hangar (installing a battery operated clock with face in the sound hole). Has anyone done this or something similar? Looking for ideas...
  14. nifnof70

    Chuck Norris

    Chuck Norris quips: Ready, set...go! When the Boogeyman goes to sleep at night, he checks under his bed for Chuck Norris.
  15. nifnof70

    New Years Resolution:

    For 2022: I promise not to "acquire" any new Guitars, Amps or effects.
  16. nifnof70

    Guitar Center Card debacle

    Greetings, Last week I made a purchase for my Father on GC--A Yamaha Flugelhorn. Initially, I tried to use my GC Card but could not complete transaction (kept getting error message and to call 1-800 number). After trying a few more times called, no answer so used another card to seal the deal...
  17. nifnof70

    Mysteries of the Universe

    Why: --Do we park on a driveway, and drive on a parkway? --Why aren't Aircraft made the same way a black box (or orange) is? --Why is there an expiration date on a sour cream container? --Why call it a building if it's already been built? --What was the best thing before sliced bread? ?????
  18. nifnof70

    I found my Guitar ZuZu!

    But is it really a 1962 Strat?
  19. nifnof70

    What's the silliest stage prop you've used (or seen) during a Gig?

    Timeframe: Early 90's (1992-94) 1. For a gig at a party we used smoke and fire by "crafting" tuna cans with model rocket fuses and smokeless powder--it "worked" but I don't recommend it 2. During a Halloween gig had a friend wear a "Jason" Mask while we played the Halloween theme; he came...
  20. nifnof70

    Who is the king of riffs?

    I've always thought Jimmy Page was the guy but have been listening to Black Sabbath lately and think Tony Iommi has more hooks than a tacklebox... Who is your riff master?
  21. nifnof70

    Black Sabbath Mob Rules

    I have been listening to Sabbath Mob Rules for the first time in years and forgot how heavy, different and good it was of an album. Their sound is "different" on this one. No doubt a different vocalist and drummer will do that but I also hear a bit of VH inspired chords in Voodoo. Toni Iommi...
  22. nifnof70

    New (slightly) Guitar Day

    I posted a few days ago about straying off the path enroute from Harpers Ferry to Asheville to pick this baby up. A 2020 Epiphone SG special with P-90's in excellent condition for $200--I couldn't pass it up. I've done dozens of CL deals over the years but this one was the furthest (250 mi)...
  23. nifnof70

    Best one-liners from Bond Movies

    Since we're milking this Bond thing... What were some of the most memorable one-liners? From Die another Day with Halle Berry (aka: Christmas Jones): "I thought Christmas comes only once a year"?
  24. nifnof70

    Epiphone SG with P-90's: Thoughts?

    My latest guitar infatuation... Does anyone own one and if so what do you like or dislike?