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  1. Ian Ashdown

    Word of warning

    I went about doing all the normal things I do to a newly acquired used guitar; clean and oil the fretboard, polish the body, polish the hardware, new strings and then start working on the setup on my new, to me, Ibanez EW40 Acoustic. It seems like a lovely little guitar. I had ordered some...
  2. Ian Ashdown

    Walker & Williams

    I have a really cool Blue with Black edges Walker & Williams strap on my Sonic Blue Strat. It is really comfortable, looks great, and has never dropped my guitar. Unfortunately the blue finish has started to peel off. It looks really sad! So I contacted Walker & Williams to ask if anything...
  3. Ian Ashdown

    Ibanez EW40CBENT

    Hi, I just bought an Ibanez EW40 Acoustic guitar and I’m trying to figure out the Date of Manufacture. Just wondering if anyone here has any idea how the Ibanez numbering system works. TIA Ian SoCal
  4. Ian Ashdown

    Aluminum Strat

    I recently purchased the 1993-4 Fender Aluminum body from Lonn and it’s nearly finished, just waiting on the Babicz Bridge and Ratio Tuners. Days and days of sanding all the way to 2000 grit, then polish. It looks pretty good now! I just wanted to try something different. Ian SoCal
  5. Ian Ashdown

    Online lessons

    My Grandson decided a few months ago that he wanted to learn to play guitar. He learned to read music and play Cello in high school, but has let that drop for a couple of years. I’ve given him a couple of guitars, a Yamaha dreadnaught and a ‘50’s Squier Strat CV that I upgraded to a nice...
  6. Ian Ashdown

    First Concert

    I used to always say my first concert was King Crimson at the Rainbow in London in 1970 (I think), but recently remembered an earlier, and very influential, concert. The Royal Albert Hall, March 1968. I was 11 and my Aunt to me to see Manitas de Plata. What a player! 53 years later, its...
  7. Ian Ashdown

    Guitar Pedals

    I’m just beginning my journey down the rabbit hole of pedals, so far it’s way too much fun! One question I have is: Can guitar pedals be used for vocals? I know the microphone plugs are different, but I’m sure that can be overcome. Just a thought . . . Ian SoCal
  8. Ian Ashdown

    Saucer full of Secrets

    A 2022 tour has just been announced and I eagerly went to the appropriate website to see if I could book some tickets. There is a show in San Diego on February 21st, just a few days before my birthday, that sounds like a nice Monday evening out! Then I looked at Ticket prices. $400+ for semi...
  9. Ian Ashdown

    Fender Mustang Headphone Amp

    Hi, I’ve been trying to use a Vox Amplug headphone amp for quiet playing but I’m really bothered by the background noise/hum. The guitar is quiet with my Fender Pro Jr so I deduce that it’s the amp/headphone that causing the noise. I’m thinking about trying on of the new-ish Fender Mustang...
  10. Ian Ashdown

    No P3 or Q from Austin?

    So ESPN decided to move Practice 3 and Qualifying to some obscure ESPN WHD channel in my area, that is part of some additional cost package! This is the USGP! Qualifying is often the best part of the race weekend; I’m deeply PO’d. If they can’t get consistent coverage in the US how can they...
  11. Ian Ashdown


    I had two new pedals arrive today and another will be here on Saturday; the collection now stands at 9. It’s at a point now where some organization is required, so I’ve been looking at various pedalboards. Most seem very basic using dual-lock or similar. They aren’t mostly very integrated...
  12. Ian Ashdown

    Piezo pickup

    I’ve been playing my Fender 12 String acoustic since I got it, but now as I’m getting my clean amplification sorted out, I thought I’d try it amplified. I have always been aware that it has a Piezo pickup under the bridge, I’ve just never really paid it any attention. There is no external...
  13. Ian Ashdown

    Overdrive pedal for Small Amps

    I’m going to buy an overdrive pedal, but choosing one from the dozens available seem like a random shot in the dark. I did read on a couple of reviews “works well with large amps”. So my question is, are there certain overdrive pedals that work well for small amps? I’m using a Fender Pro Jr...
  14. Ian Ashdown

    Walnut Body

    The plans for my Natural Walnut body Strat are coming together, the body should be here in a couple of weeks. I want to make the body with just a nice soft satin, almost natural, finish. I’m trying to decide between a light satin clear coat or an oiled finish. I’d be interested to hear any...
  15. Ian Ashdown

    Another Warmoth Build

    So I’m thinking about building another Warmoth Strat. I have a 1978 Gibson ‘The Paul’ that is nicely worn with 40 years of mojo. It plays beautifully, feels good and heavy (I think it’s my heaviest guitar), and I love the look of the natural, maybe oiled, Walnut. I’m thinking about building...
  16. Ian Ashdown

    Wiring Mod?

    Just wondering if there is a simple and easily reversible wiring mod to give the option of using all three pickups at once. This would be on an SSS Strat. Not sure which is a likely candidate, could be a ‘50’s Squier that has become my Guinea Pig recently. Ian SoCal
  17. Ian Ashdown


    A while ago I reached out to our forum leatherworker, Bodean, and asked if he could re-create the famous Hendrix-Gilmour strap. It just arrived today; it looks and smells fantastic! It’s not a copy of the original, but an interpretation, and it looks really good on my black Strat. So nice...
  18. Ian Ashdown

    Let know which you like best.

    Looking for a change of scenery I pulled out my 2001 American Standard Telecaster. I really don’t know why I don’t play this more often, it’s a lot of fun. It’s strung with 8’s so it a nice easy going play! I’m not usually one for Mother of Toiletseat pickguards, but let me know which you...
  19. Ian Ashdown

    Never that lucky!

    I had to make a quick run to the dump today to get rid of some old garden furniture, umbrellas etc and as I’m in the line to get in, popular place apparently, in the trailer of the guy in front of me is a Fender Amp with a huge single speaker. From a distance it looked a bit rough, but I though...
  20. Ian Ashdown

    Stratocaster Neck

    Here’s a thought we’ve probably all had at some point. Would bonding or glueing a Strat Neck, in addition to bolting it in to the body, change/improve the sound, tone, sustain etc? Obviously there are downsides to a set neck, but we live with it on a LP or whatever . . . Thoughts . . . ...
  21. Ian Ashdown

    Fender Resonator

    I’m wondering if anyone here knows anything about Fender Resonators? I’m trying to identify the model, FR 48 or FR 50, the year and possibly the location of manufacture. I have a few pictures I can post later. Ian
  22. Ian Ashdown

    Partscaster Assembly Complete

    I finished the assembly of my latest Partscaster. It’s a 2018 MIM Sonic Blue body, new Fender roasted maple Vintera neck, Noiseless pickups, Babicz trem and Ratio locking tuners. The combination seems to work well! The neck is fabulous, satin finish on the back and deep gloss on the...
  23. Ian Ashdown


    I’m try to think of a bad reason not to rout a channel between the jack cavity and the main cavity so all the solder connections can be made separate from the body. It would make switching loaded pickguard easy . . . Ian SoCal
  24. Ian Ashdown

    Fender Newporter Bridge Pins

    I just changed the strings on my Fender Newporter Classic for the first time. I fit a set of Elixir’s which I hope will reduce the noise of sliding on the string. I hate that noise! I need to improve my technique, I know . . . When I came to fit the new strings, the Bridge Pins bottomed out...
  25. Ian Ashdown

    Anyone else follow Formula One?

    I hate these summer breaks! Almost as much as the off season!! Ian SoCal