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  1. oldrank

    Technical Difficulties, original music by Scott Baxendale

    I dig it. Great sound. Good tune.
  2. oldrank

    Morning guitar. Does anyone else spend any time playing in the morning?

    I play everyday when I wake up. Usually 5:30ish. I also play every night.... and if I'm not working ill just play all day off and on. Its what I do instead of watching TV.
  3. oldrank

    Its official

    I would play it. Nice guitar!!!
  4. oldrank

    Sometimes I feel like just packing it in.

    I like to lay down my basic rhythm and chord patterns. From there I free style lyrics until I get something that flows right. I honestly don't care what the words are, I will go back later and adjust if needed. Most songs come to me while I'm driving or working or I will get a riff while I'm...
  5. oldrank

    Was it uncool to like Rick Springfield in the 80's?

    Simple answer. It was not cool to like him.
  6. oldrank

    My extra clean 1979

    I think it is a beautiful specimen. I agree some guys may love it others want a little patina. I like to see a natural aging from a guitar being played. I do appreciate a clean well taking care of guitar also. I would play the heck out of it either way.
  7. oldrank

    What inspired you to start playing?

    My Dad and Uncles played. I thought it was cool so I bought a guitar from my sister who tried but gave up. 15 dollars for a cheap les paul copy. That was it. I just never stopped after that. I was self taught and back in the 80s we only had tab out of guitar magazines. I used that, a tape player...
  8. oldrank

    What's been your sticking point in playing?

    I really try to get better and I sure am progressing slowly, but reality is there is some kid just picking up a guitar who will be better than me in a year or 2. I am dive bar talent good and I know that's where it ends for me. I know its only rock and roll but I like it.
  9. oldrank

    Should I sell?

    Never sell... only buy.
  10. oldrank

    It's been 10 Years for me here on Strat -Talk

    Congrats on your 10 years.
  11. oldrank

    What Pick You Using These Days?

    Fingers. I just can't do picks anymore. I try every now and then but I feel awkward with one. The best part is I never have to look for one.
  12. oldrank


    Nice looking strat !!!
  13. oldrank

    Drinking and playing do not mix....

    Alcohol jacks up my voice. I drink alot of water before and during playing and singing.
  14. oldrank

    Update on relic’d Strat

    I applaud the artistic expression.
  15. oldrank

    Do I need another guitar

    I would say all of them !!!
  16. oldrank

    Paging ex smokers

    I used the gum. It has worked for me a couple times. I switched my addiction from cigarettes to was still hard quitting the gum. I started at 4mg then went to 2 mg then quit. It took me a year to quit the gum after I quit smoking.
  17. oldrank

    I suck... Learning Texas Flood note for note.

    I've watched that one. Loved it.
  18. oldrank

    I suck... Learning Texas Flood note for note.

    Exactly, I am trying to challenge myself. I've tried a ton of the YouTube videos on learning blues licks but I have a hard time putting them together. I figured if I pushed myself to learn even if I fail maybe I can get something out of it. I think 40 seconds in, it has already made me a better...
  19. oldrank

    I suck... Learning Texas Flood note for note.

    I listened, very similar licks. Interesting. I had never heard that before. I put it on my blues list. Thanks for the tip.
  20. oldrank

    I suck... Learning Texas Flood note for note.

    I can fake that I know how to play my guitar pretty well. I can improvise just about any song into chords n make it sound decent but I know I really suck when it comes to playing songs note for note. So, I have challenged myself to learn Stevie Ray's Texas Flood. I have been working on...
  21. oldrank

    What do you prefer for your Strats body, Alder or Ash?

    Im in the light weight crowd. Thats why I love my Affinity. I don't care what the wood is. I just don't want my back to hurt after 10 minutes of playing.
  22. oldrank

    Thirty Best Blues Guitarist Today......

    I've been digging Kingfish lately. He has a birthday concert on YouTube that I have been listening to the last couple weeks. He is really getting good control. A few years ago he had the licks down but hadn't perfected the flow. He seemed a little wild.. Im looking forward to watching him grow...
  23. oldrank

    new original - "Apollo 18"

    I get the vibe. Nice job.
  24. oldrank

    A couple Fender strats NGD

    Yes, it has the vintage noiseless pickups.