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  1. Monkey


    Hi, there , have some ssl-5 to install, looking at the pickup cover when placed over the coils threre is a gap showing as the pickup cover sits on top of the connecting wires, this does not look right to me. the fender pickups have there wires leaving at the centre so the covers fit properly...
  2. Monkey

    First guitar Build Maybe?

    I wish to do my first Guitar Build , doing research to find out where to buy parts. I Have Found a company in the UK Northwest would appreiciate advice thankyou.
  3. Monkey

    Looking for advice on ear monitoring systems

    Looking for advice please , only do jams nowdays, I have tinnitus and would like to be in control of the sound pressure. Do you have to use a wireless system or are some hard wired. some are mono, some stereo, would like to hear from people who use them please.
  4. Monkey

    keeley compression pedal

    Hello everyone, Have you guys any views on Keeley pedals made in the USA , I am using a Marshall now would I find the Keeley worth the investment. Appreciate Advice . Cheers
  5. Monkey

    Electrical Orange please read on

    Some of the social clubs who had bands on at weekends had complaints from neaby residents about noise, The local council made the clubs install an Elecrical Orange, so what was this thing. well in the middle of the room at ceiling height was an orange dome. All the bands playing at the clubs was...
  6. Monkey


    Hello Everyone , Well my history with the axe goes back many light years, I brought my first electric guitar from a junk shop it cost me Three british pounds. The body of the Watkins was well beaten up, I new someone who worked for Rolls Royce the aircraft Engine Manufacture .He made me a new...