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    Guitar Speak! Ask Your Questions Here!

    MOTS- Mother Of Toilet Seat: That Plastic pearloid stuff some pick-guards are made of, and some guitars and amps, particularly Magnatone lap-steels, were sort of shrink-wrap covered with.
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    Forgive me follow strat player my heart just wasn't into the strat

    I joined this forum early in it's existance, but haven't visited in a long time. This is the first thread I clicked on and I'm most impressed with the tone of the place! A guy says he traded his Strat for an LP, and everyone is positive about it. I like that attitude. I'm looking forward to...
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    Is my 50's classic the real deal?

    I've never seen a maple-top Strat, but that doesn't mean their aren't any. The neck looks authentic. Stew-Mac has Maple-cap bodies. If the the body's been replaced with one of these, it wouldn't be "original-and correct", but it wouldn't be any kind of "step down" either.
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    What was the point in the first place, so they would look better hanging in the store?
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    I've seen very few Strat's, or Tele's, with the bridge cover on them. I've often wondered why. Anyone with any thoughts, opinions, information, history, or anything at all to say about the "ashtray" bridge covers, please chime in.
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    Anyone Play Country on A Strat?

    Re: Strats Are Great For Country I like your signature, Heather! 8) My Uncle "Shorty" Roberts was a truck-driver and Country player. He found out I was interested in playing, so when we would visit, he would tune up his Gibson acoustic and his sunburst Strat, turn on the amp, say...