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  1. Jason D

    Tune-o-matic bridges

    I did a full setup on my buddy’s Meteora the other day and I came to a conclusion. It’s almost heresy to say on a strat page…I absolutely love tune-o-matic bridges. I have only played a few over the years but never for several days straight but damn I wish I had them on all my guitars...
  2. Jason D


    Got a new little rig today. The 4x12 is a bit more that what’s reasonable, but hey why not. Engl Fireball 25 Bogner UberKab Just sounds awesome! I could not be happier!
  3. Jason D

    Wiring showed me my eyesight is going down the toilet.

    I was wiring a Strat yesterday, and that was the first time I realized just how shot my eyesight is getting. I already hate soldering, but wow. It’s 20 times worse when it’s just a huge blur! I couldn’t find any readers, btw. I’m already half deaf, and now I’m blind. If I lose my ability to...
  4. Jason D

    Broken Fingers? Keep On Playing!!!

    Recently, I had a 3 fingers on my picking hand smashed to hell. The index, middle and ring fingers all were broken, and the middle finger has pins. It is what it is, whatever. After a couple days sitting around, I just had to pick up a guitar and see what would happen. It sucked and I played...
  5. Jason D

    Acoustic sound hole recommendation

    I’d like to throw a sound hole pickup in my acoustic. It is not rigged up with a jack or anything like that. Is there a kit or easy way to add an input jack along with the pick up? Most sound hole pickups I’m seeing have a lead that plugs into the amp, but I’d like to be able to plug into the...
  6. Jason D

    Albums that were incredibly impactful in your life but you never realized until now.

    First, sorry about the huge thread title. Right now I am listening to INXS Kick, because I just noticed it in my collection the other day. Holy crap was that a great album. It was immensely huge when I was at that impressionable age around 8th grade. The sound and musicianship is...
  7. Jason D

    Noisy Wah

    I’ve always played an old Cry Baby and another newer one, both the same model. Is there a Wah that is super quiet and doesn’t immediately introduce a million tons of noise to the signal. I’ve been playing for a long time, but I’m pretty lacking in knowledge when it comes to effects. Also, I’m...
  8. Jason D

    Metronome Recommendations

    The title says it all. Please offer your opinions. They can be real, apps...whatever. What do you like and why?
  9. Jason D

    NND New Neck Day

    I ordered a new neck and just got it from Fender. Jaguar Classic 60s series, vintage specs. I ordered as a temp for my Mustang, and I plan to build a Jag once in get the frets and nut replaced on the original 1966 neck. I gotta say, I am very impressed with the quality of this Mexican made...
  10. Jason D

    Luthiers in Columbia MO area

    Who is a good luthier in the Columbia MO area who people trust and who does an excellent job? Is there anyone in particular who anyone trusts and is well respected? Thanks for any in put your folks have.
  11. Jason D

    Pickup route size Vintera 60s mustang

    Is the route size for the bridge pickup the standard single coil size or is it routed to accept a full-size humbucker? Guessing it’s single coil size but wondering if anyone knows for certain. Thanks all.
  12. Jason D

    Small changes make huge differences

    I have had a custom made pickguard in my old Duo II for a LONG time. It always sounded cool but lacking some balls and punch. I also always knew what it was-the string never lined up just right over the pole pieces. The dude who made the pickguard didn’t know and otherwise did an outstanding...
  13. Jason D

    Jaguar/Mustang neck-preferred manufacturers

    Hey everyone. I’m going to buy a Mustang neck. Does anyone have a preference as far as manufacturer? I’ve not dealt with Allparts, Mighty Mite etc. I am not going with Warmoth; I just don’t like compound radius boards although I know they make a quality product. I will likely just buy a...
  14. Jason D

    Anyone with Maton Guitar experience?

    That’s the whole question. Anyone ever play one? What’s your opinion? They’ve intrigued me.
  15. Jason D

    Bridge spacing diagram

    Is this diagram still accurate. I’m going to replace a couple MIM bridges on my guitars and want to make darn sure before I order. Both are 1996 Deluxe Special Strats. thanks guys/gals
  16. Jason D

    Covid is here in MO

    Just found out one of my oldest friends lost her dad to Covid today. Now she told me her mom had to be taken by ambulance to the hospital. A couple minutes ago, her mom was taken to the ICU. She and her daughter are like family and I know/knew her parents. I just said I’m here, whatever she...
  17. Jason D

    Suggestions for new guitar

    Hey all. I love Fender. Absolutely adore my Strats and Mustang. However, after 30 years I am just sick of them. I gotta head a different direction for a while. So, I’ll line out what I’m looking for generally, and you all maybe give me your thoughts. I will try as many guitars as I can...
  18. Jason D

    Broke my friggin hand today...

    At least it is my picking hand. Broken back around my palm behind the pinky. Finger was dislocated and pointing sideways. Setting it HURT. Guess I can work on left hand fretting techniques and learn how to weld southpaw. 2020 needs to just get bent.
  19. Jason D

    YouTube guitars reviewers need to...

    ... do a setup on their guitars before reviewing them!!! I kind of like watching reviews about guitars and equipment, but my absolute pet peace with these things is that these people do their reviews with these out of tune guitars that would sound a million times better if there was just a set...
  20. Jason D

    The power of guitar parts that work together.

    My main guitar for almost 2 decades has been a 1996 Deluxe Special Strat, the one with a humbucker and built in coil split. I swapped the rosewood for maple with a buddy in 2001 and those two pieces just worked together. About 2010 I found a nicer neck from a nicer model, and slapped it on...
  21. Jason D

    I have to be honest about something...

    I friggin’ love Devo. I think they are a fantastic band and somewhat underrated. I absolutely love Bob Mothersbaugh’s parts, and Bob Casale was no slouch either. I find them to be extremely strange, and infinitely interesting and entertaining. Whew, it’s like a 1000 lb weight has been lifted...
  22. Jason D

    Heard my Dad for 1st time in 15 years

    My mom came across a couple cassette tapes that dad recorded driving from Missouri to New Mexico. He made this commute every other week. He died in 2005, and these tapes are just him BSing and describing a couple trips. I was nervous to listen to these tapes; I hadn’t heard my dad’s voice...
  23. Jason D

    60s Series Strat from around 2000

    Hey everyone. My buddy who I’ve known forever suddenly pulls a Strat out the other day. He said “oh yea, I never showed you my real fender”, so I thought what the hell, get it!! He doesn’t play guitar as of yet, and he bought this guitar around 99-2000. I said, dude this is a 60s series from...
  24. Jason D

    Fender Powercaster

    Anyone have a chance to play one of the fender Powercasters? If so, I’d love to hear your opinions. I am intrigued by this guitar.
  25. Jason D

    Travel Guitars.

    Hey everyone. I recently posted and asked for insight in SGs and got a ton of good info. I have decided for now that I need a travel guitar. I am constantly on the road for work now, and not in a position to bring a Strat along. What experience do you folks have with tiny little travel...