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  1. mimmo

    NGD - AV65 Stratocaster...and she's blonde!

    Hi everybody I have just been delivered (literally 10 minutes ago) this baby. I am pretty sure you all know this guitar, so I will keep what could be a very long story, short. I have been looking for this exact model for ages, each time one popped up in the used market I seemed to miss it for...
  2. mimmo

    How do you deal with a neck that make you cramp?

    Hi as some of you may know, last week I got a nice classic series 50s strat with the intention to play just it and finally be able to bond with a strat. I quite enjoy its sounds but my problems come from the neck: while I generally tend to prefer big necks, this particular one gives me cramps...
  3. mimmo

    NGD Classic Series 50s Fiesta Red

    Hi guys, she finally arrived! First impressions are really good, I like the vintage style pick ups and the neck is something really special, for sure this is not a Friday guitar. I am waiting for tomorrow to play it but I feel like I have already bonded with it. It is strange for me, I have...
  4. mimmo

    I am GASing for a strat! And I have never been able to bond with it

    Hi title says it all: I have owned three strats in the past and never been able to bond with any of them, but I am still GASing for a strat. I can do two things now: 1) waiting for the GAS to pas (but it is here since a little :oops:) or 2) ask for some help here. I don't post often but I...
  5. mimmo

    Is my AV 65 legit? Need your help please

    Hi guys Yesterday I got a second hand AV 65 strat. As I said in my NGD thead I like it but the lack of the typical nitro smell was a re flag for me. So this morning I have taken some pics of what is under the pickguard and the neck. I would like to have your opinion, please. Thanks.
  6. mimmo

    NGD AV 65 SunburstSunburst

    Hi guys just got this second hand. It is very light and resonant, the neck has a quite chunky C profile and the rosewwod is insanely dark. I would like to have your opinion: The case is original, I have all the papers and goodies, nothing seems odd but I was ready to smell the nitro and actually...
  7. mimmo

    Pulled the trigger- AV stratocaster 65

    Hi guys, today I have just bought this guitar. It should be here in a few days. Here is a link The missing painting does not bother me at all. All I would like is to bond with it: I really love the look and the sound of the...
  8. mimmo

    Need help on possible NGD - AV 65 Strat

    Hi guys I do not post here often but I am a long time lurker. I need your help: I have been proposed an AV 65 strat in pretty good shape (apart a lack of paint near the jack socket) with case, accessory etc at a very good price: 1100 euros. These guitars go for 1500 euros at least in the used...
  9. mimmo

    Fender Lead I - is it a good deal?

    Hi guys, what do you think of this guitar? It seems in very good shape, and I quite like the "punk-y" look of it. I emailed the guy asking for its weight, I don't seem capable to deal with heavy guitars. What are your thoughts? Something I...
  10. mimmo

    NGD classic series 50s - thanks guys!

    Hi all, here is a pic of my new strat, first one in my life! Thanks to your suggstions I went to try it, the guitar is NEW and I paid the price of a classic vibe, can t believe my luck! Tried it with my main amp and man she is so sweet, really gives me the few sounds I couldn t get with my...
  11. mimmo

    First post here, need your urgent help please

    Hi guys, Always been a Tele player, got the strat bug and I have to meet a guy today to eventually buy his classic series 50s. Here is the link, since I am not an expert could you please confirm it is legit? Guitare Fender Stratocaster Instruments de musique Val-d'Oise -