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    Your Favorite Living Guitar Player, Who's Still Relevant Today?

    J Mascis of Dinosaur Jr. is putting out some of the best work of his career these days.
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    Vintera 50s pickups

    The Vintera 50s pickups are some of the best strat pickups I've heard. I was sold as soon as I heard the demos. I absolutely love them.
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    Best Strat pickups for jangly gooey biting sparkle (ha)

    Please do! I went with the Custom Shop 69s. Looking forward to jamming out "Velvet Waltz"
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    Are pre-wired pickguard parts on par with original parts quality wise?

    I've been going through the same dilemna. Decided to go with the 69 prewired pickguard thinking I could sell the MIM pickguard and offset some of the cost. The guard didn't cost that much more than buying the pickups and having a tech install them. I'm nervous about the soldering but how hard...
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    Best Strat pickups for jangly gooey biting sparkle (ha)

    That's exactly the kind of strat sound I'm going for too (love Built to Spill) and I'm thinking of the 57/62's. Now I'm considering the CS 69s.
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    NGD - Vintera '50s Strat White Blonde

    I have the Seafoam 50's. Just an amazing guitar. I never thought I would like the soft V neck as much as I do, and now I want to put the same pickups into my other strat.
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    Looking for a Looper!

    The Ditto has a huge following but there's also lots of people who hate it. I had one and didn't like it. Found it hard to get the timing right. For the looper-challenged the looper on the cheap Zoom units like the G1xon, with it's count in, being synced to the drums, and being able to just...
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    New Cover, Church Song, Full Rock!! Vocal Recording in Progress

    Well it was good but I was expecting a cover of a song by the band, The Church!
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    How did you break through and "get good"?

    It's an interesting question because I don't consider myself to be a good guitar player. Part of the reason why is that I find it so hard to learn songs and riffs by ear (or 'mimic') but it's very easy for me to just sit down and spontaneously create music on the guitar. I've always been able to...
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    50s Vintera in Seafoam Green

    I have one in seafoam. Fantastic guitar. Bit on the heavy side but the nicest sounding strat I've ever played. Only QC issue was the high e string saddle was slightly low.
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    Bugera V5 5 watt 1x8. Anyone have one of these?

    Wow, now I really want one of these again! :D
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    What is a amp fender needs to reissue?

    The Vibro Champ. I'll bet they'd sell a ton.
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    Bugera V5 5 watt 1x8. Anyone have one of these?

    I had one for a while. It was a nice little amp. A bit dark for my taste. Girls seemed to love it. It was my living room amp and I got many comments on how nice it looked. Sold it when I bought an old Vibro Champ. Sometimes I miss having it around.
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    Budget Pedals

    The Azor cheap mini pedals are made by Caline, who are one of the better budget makers. I just got their blue Overdrive pedal, which is the same circuit as their Blue Sky overdrive - a Timmy clone. It sounds great.
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    Joyo Space Verb?

    I've got one, I like it quite a bit. I especially like the Church setting.
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    Anyone familiar with Mosky pedals?

    Low build quality. I had a Golden Horse that lasted about a week before dying. My Silver Horse is still going. Also have their EP Booster and Dod250 clones. And their tap tempo switch, which is actually pretty good!
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    Joyo digital delay.

    I'm not sure about that particular one but Joyo make some pretty good delay pedals. The Aquarius, the Quattro and the D-Seed are all excellent.
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    Looking for a "slight detune" pedal

    The Zoom MS-50G/MS-70CDR has a nice Detune effect in it.
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    Late to the stacking party... what are your fav pairings?

    You can stack something like a Big Muff into a Tubescreamer to add mids and cut through a bit better for solos.
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    Very nice. I had one of these in the same colour that I gave to a friend's daughter. I miss it! If I ever find another I'm snapping it up.
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    Stratocasters "Not cool" right now. My opinion.

    One of the reasons I gravitate towards my strat is because they're not as "cool" as telecasters and offsets. That and they're just amazing guitars that sound and feel right.
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    Going Wireless

    I have the same wireless unit, under a different brand name though. It works quite well! Better than I expected.
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    What’s next for Fender at NAMM 2020 ... new Strats?

    I'd love to see a Vibro Champ reissue.
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    Questions about the Fender Player Stratocaster HSS

    I'm nuts for blue guitars too, all mine are blue with a couple of greens in there. Shame you missed out on the Adorama Lake Placid Player sale. I'm still kicking myself for missing out.
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    Electron Green Strat Ugliness

    I saw one of these at the shop today. Looked a lot better in person than the photos do.