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  1. GhostJam47

    Help me find a (semi?)-hollowbody

    Starting my research on a potential semi-hollowbody: -Ibanez Artstar -PRS Hollowbody SE (although if the core blows me away in the store, I might be willing to splurge). Also maybe the semi-hollow version? -I guess a Gibby 335 is also an option, but own a Gibson (LP), and think the Ibanez MIJ...
  2. GhostJam47

    NPD: JHS Unicorn v2 (Uni-Vibe)

    This was an impulse buy Friday night. I'd really been getting into the uni mode on my EHX Mod11 (digital multi-mod pedal), and decided to pull the trigger on this guy. The tap-tempo option was the deal-breaker for me, as I like to sync the woosh to the beat especially on slower ambient type...
  3. GhostJam47

    The Magic Hour

    Wife and baby are in bed. The whiskey glass is full. The strat is out and the headphones are cranked 🤘
  4. GhostJam47

    Scientific Poll: Overlap between Strat Collectors and Overdrive Collectors

    I'm curious how many of the "non-pedal" members ("All I need is a guitar and an amp, and maybe a boost") are also "many guitar" people? Personally, I have 1 Strat and 1 Les Paul. I'd like to add a hollowbody at somepoint, but I don't feel the urgent need for another solidbody. With that...
  5. GhostJam47

    New Cans Day

    Audio-Technica ATH-M50xBT2 sweet birthday present from the lovely wife So far they live up to the hype. Very detailed. Bluetooth is an added bonus for normal listening.
  6. GhostJam47

    Fuzz Face Stacking tips

    Hi All, Just picked up an MXR Classic 108 Fuzz (silicon fuzz face circuit). Wondering if anyone has tips or tricks for stacking. Never had a FF type pedal before. I've already had some early success into the Tumnus, PlexiDrive, and especiallly the Timmy. Everywhere I've read says general...
  7. GhostJam47

    NPD: MXR Classic 108 Mini-Fuzz

    Bought myself a little birthday present. First fuzz I've had on the board in years and the first non Big-Muff. For the uninitiated, this is essentially a silicon fuzz face in a mini-rectangular enclosure. Initial reactions: -Sounds good by itself. -Got some very cool tones stacked into...
  8. GhostJam47

    Headphones for Jamming

    Looking at getting a new paid of over-air headphones. Will be mainly for my guitar set-up, which is normally via the headphone jack on my focusrite (line out from the Quilter, as well as backing tracks from the laptop). Will be replacing my Bose QC25, which have gotten alot of use and abuse...
  9. GhostJam47

    For Sale 2 John Mayer tickets 3/22/22 Seattle (below face)

    I have 2 floor tickets for Mayer tomorrow night in Seattle. We have a baby with a stomach bug and I have a job interview Wednesday morning, so we're going to have to skip this time around. Cost me $220 each with the fees, but I can let them go for $150 apiece. Seats are right by the...
  10. GhostJam47

    Just got a check for 10 Grand

    Tax refund from state of NY from 2020 that I had to fight tooth and nail to get back. Might be about time for:
  11. GhostJam47

    E-I-O Jam

    Impromptu Jam/Mash-up with my new collaborator
  12. GhostJam47

    Sanity Check: Strap Button Screw

    The screw-hole for my strap button is stripped. I should just use a slightly larger screw and call it a day, right?
  13. GhostJam47

    NPD: Wampler Plexidrive Mini

    Merry Christmas everyone I've only had time for a quick spin, but damn it sounds great, especially with a little boost from the Tumnus. Big Marshall sounds from my little Quilter at very reasonable volumes.
  14. GhostJam47

    Best power supply for 24v?

    Thinking about upgrading my power supply. Want something that can handle my 24v Q-Tron. I have my eye on this power supply, which if I understand correctly, I can use this adapter cable direct to its 24v output, without using one of its 7 '9-18v' outlets. Am I undestanding that correctly...
  15. GhostJam47

    Solo Guit. Arr/Flatpicking/Melody tab resources?

    Anyone have any good resources for solo guitar arrangements (non-finger style). Here's a good example of one below. Also interested in simple melody versions of popular songs, that I can work off and embellish. The site below has some good ones, but looking for similar resources...
  16. GhostJam47

    NGD: Dogcaster

    First guitar for the birthday boy. Has the bite of a Strat but the bark of a Les Paul.
  17. GhostJam47

    Amp Buzz

    My beautiful new quilter combo is buzzing. Only on a certain range mid-range notes, and at decent volume. Edit: Putting it on the couch helped a bit, but there's definitely still what appears to be speaker buzz on certain notes (around 3rd and 4th string).
  18. GhostJam47

    NAD: Quilter Aviation Cub

    Y'all are a bad (good) influence. Not much time on it yet, supposed to be working. Early indications are the blonde channel is nice. Will revert with additional findings.
  19. GhostJam47

    Supro Keeley, Princeton or Other Pedal Platform

    Starting to think about upgrading my Blues Jr. Need bedroom volumes, so really just looking for the ideal pedal platform. Supro Keeley is designed for it, but there's not a ton of reviews out there. The Princeton seems like another good option. I recently bought a Flint for Tremolo/Reverb...
  20. GhostJam47

    NPD: Wampler Tumnus

    5 minutes in and dang this sounds great. Even better into the Timmy.
  21. GhostJam47

    RHCP touring with Frusciante!

    Now is the time to check the RCHP live off the bucket list. Frusciante is back <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  22. GhostJam47

    When the Rig is Dialed in....

    it's so nice. In one of those periods where I'm very happy with the whole rig start to finish. The whole pedal board (7 pedals) is in the rotation, sometimes all on at once. Base tones are great. Multiple flavors of overdrive, reverb, and delay that all work well together. The jams have...
  23. GhostJam47

    Trey Anastasio Summer 2021 Guitar Rig video

    Worth the watch for any gear nerd. Goes through the whole wet/dry (Trainwreck) rig and a variety of vintage and new gear. Only complaint is this all sounds better at full band volume. His tone this tour has been among his best ever imo.
  24. GhostJam47

    Locking Tuner Help

    Need help with my Grover Tuners When I picked up the guitar today, the fastening thumb screw on the back had popped off. I was changing strings anyway, and now that tuner (low E string), the locking...
  25. GhostJam47

    Les Paul Resale Though Expermiment

    I have a 2013 Studio that came with Min-E-Tune autotuners. The autotuners sucked, so I replace with some premium 18:1 Grover locking Tuners. Note that I only bought the auto-tuner version because it was $999, vs. like $1549 or so standard retail, and only the auto-tuner version was on sale. I...