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  1. TheMadStratter

    Guitar Shop Photo Mystery ???

    I just bought a CD & this is the insert. I know this is a guitar shop, but i was curious about the name, location, etc. There are a few Fenders & quite a few Gibsons. A Dano & a Rick, etc. I find photos like this to be fascinating. In my minds eye, this is what a guitar shop should look like! 😍
  2. TheMadStratter

    Ronnie Spector: R.I.P.

    The lead singer of the Ronnettes has passed. Be My Lil Baby... R.I.P. :(
  3. TheMadStratter

    Peavey Falcon USA !

    A local shop has one of these for sale. I tried it out & played well. Needs a setup, but it looked solid & sounded good. I know some despise the brand, but if I were looking for a Strat style guitar, it would have to be considered. Well below the price point of a used MIM Fender & every bit as...
  4. TheMadStratter

    Robert Cray Strat!

    I just purchased a RC Strat from GC at a decent price. Not too familiar with this model or Mexican Strats in general. I have a Roadworn Strat neck on a partscaster & a Baja Tele neck on an Esquire build & I like both. I just like the color (IS) & the fact that it's a hardtail. I figured if I...
  5. TheMadStratter

    Denny Freeman: RIP

    Just heard that the Strat slinger Denny Freeman has passed. For those not familiar, he was one of the best guitarists ever to come out of the Lone Star State. Equally adept at blues & jazz, he was lead guitarist of a band where a young SRV played rhythm. Jimmie has stated that DF was primarily...
  6. TheMadStratter

    Hello from the Bluegrass State!

    I have been lurking on this web site for some time. Figured I might as well join. Good wishes to you all. :)