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  1. Fairlane 63

    JV Identification

    First off I wanted to say that this site and knowledge base is unbelievable, learned so much on here. I am not worried this is not authentic at all but curious if my assessment of it being an SST-55 JV model strat is correct. Neck date is a little later? than the serial number would indicate...
  2. Fairlane 63

    Let's See Your Yamahas

    I will start, 2005 SA 2200 made in Japan. Just a great all around semihollow guitar. Picked it up this week for a good price and was going to be my office guitar but after seeing and playing it no freaking way. Cant stop playing it. Ebony fret board, split coil options on the humbuckers...
  3. Fairlane 63

    Thoughts on this 77 for sale locally Not mine. Was curious if it looks legitimate and if the price is decent. Seems to be in very good shape for a forty one year old guitar.
  4. Fairlane 63

    Interesting Read Not sure if I agree with everything but judge for yourself.
  5. Fairlane 63

    NGD DeArmond Guild Starfire Copy

    Just picked this up after seeing and reading about these pickups on the internet and some YouTube videos. Made in Korea in 2000 and does not appear to have been played much if any. Needs a good setup too. Been looking for a semI hollow body guitar that would not break the bank. Think this has...
  6. Fairlane 63

    JV Neck Question

    Curious about the neck on my 83 JV. Have no reason to doubt that the neck is not original yet it does not say made in Japan anywhere on it. No signs what so ever of it being scraped off that I can see. I have not taken the neck off but the guy I bought it from did have it off (saw the...
  7. Fairlane 63

    NAD Allen Amplifier

    Just picked this little amplifier up at lunch 10 minutes from where I work. It is an Allen Kit with vintage RCA, Tung Sol, and Sylvania tubes with a Celestion Blue speaker. The original builder did a amateur job on the Tolex but I will deal with that at some point. This is supposed to be...
  8. Fairlane 63

    1958 Stratocaster On My Local CL

    Thought this might interest everybody here. Do not see these everyday for sale on CL. Curious what the experts think about it. No connection what so ever. More than my financial adviser would authorize regardless.
  9. Fairlane 63

    New To Me 65 Twin Reverb Reissue

    New amp day yesterday for me. Saw this on my local CL for a good price and decided to pick it up. Of course through selective photography it looked a lot cleaner than it was; bet most of you know how that story goes... But I could tell this has sat for a while and was definitely a diamond in...
  10. Fairlane 63

    NGD For Me - 2003 Standard USA

    Picked this up today 5 minutes from my house. Thought it was a fair price for both of us. It is in very nice shape and i got the hard plastic case with it. Gentleman I bought it from was a serious player but takes great care of his gear. Minimal amount of fret wear and it is basically new...
  11. Fairlane 63

    Opinions on a 95 American Standard

    Thought I would ask the opinions of the Strat-Talk community on this one. Have the opportunity to pick up a barely played 95 standard with case and all the candy and paperwork for a good price. Not a give away price but fair in my opinion for the the SF Bay Area where we overpay for...
  12. Fairlane 63

    Mesa 22 and a Strat

    Anyone have experience with this combo? Read good and bad reviews on this amp but I take those with a grain of salt. Like clean sounds and a nice gain with some balls and this is supposed to do that in spades. Any advice would be appreciated. It is a drive to check it out but the price is...
  13. Fairlane 63

    New member with a new to me 83 JV Strat

    Been lurking for a while here and and recently got back into playing on my MIM strat which I loved a lot. But I recently sold it and had delusions of getting a jazz hollow body but realized almost immediately the strat was the shape, feel and sound for me. I was looking for something better...