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    Show off your hardtails!

    76 hardtail made in Fullerton Ca
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    nut replacement for a 76 strat

    The nut I bought from StewMack was radiused for a 7.25" Fender neck and the pre-cut nut slots are very shallow and I think are meant to be used as a guide.
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    nut replacement for a 76 strat

    Yep mine too. Did you buy it new. I bought mine new in 1978 with my parents hard earned money.
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    nut replacement for a 76 strat

    I got a StewMack radiused nut in the mail yesterday and installed it. I used my Dremel with a cutoff wheel and some needle files to cut the slots. Perfect? Nope but I have a functioning strat again with no buzz and reasonably low action +/- 2mm.
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    nut replacement for a 76 strat

    Ok thanks, I'm really not known for my bravery so I'll look into having it repaired professionally. I had a refret done on it around 10 yrs ago and the luthier replaced the nut then as well. Shipping this guitar is going to be costly because it's heavy, well over 10 lbs.
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    nut replacement for a 76 strat

    The nut on my strat has broken and I need to replace it. I live a long ways from any type of guitar repair shop so I'd like to do it myself. I do my own setups and so on but I need a bit of help here because it's unknown territory for me. My questions are 1. can I buy a preslotted nut that would...
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    Care of acoustic guitar

    I leave my guitars on stands in the winter but I cover the soundholes with Kyser Lifeguard Humidifiers ( I'm not affiliated) when I'm not playing them and I also run a room humidifier 24/7. Even with the humidifier the room is usually in the low 30's RH during the winter months. I have a Martin...
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    Made me smile
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    String height on new Martin

    I like around 2 mm at the 12th fret. Make sure there is proper relief, check the nut slots and then sand the saddle. My advise would be don't go overboard sanding the first time. I prefer to do it over several sessions. Put on a capo at the 2nd fret, wind the tension down on all the strings...
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    Hardtail Strats?

    Always glad to share a pic of my 76 hardtail, mine since 1978. It's had a fret job and I've replaced the tuners but other than that it's stock.
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    Guitars and humidity

    Something I forgot to mention in my earlier post was that I was very surprised to find that the damp sponge I put in the guitar was bone dry when I opened the case after 3 days. It wasn't a small sponge and I made sure that it was saturated almost to the point of dripping when I put it in the...
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    Guitars and humidity

    I've used room humidifiers for years without a problem until this winter that's been very cold here in Canada. One of my acoustics started buzzing so I put a damp sponge in the body of the guitar and left it in its case for a few days and that fix it! Whew... I'm a little more careful not to...
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    Your earliest musical memory?

    My mother would play records on our hi-fi once in a while. We had a Peter and the Wolf record that I loved and I grew to like Harry Belefonte- "A-oh Daylight come and me wanna go home."
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    What's new in the world of acoustic strings?

    You could try D'Addario Nickel Bronze, that's what's currently on my RK.
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    Do you love the blues?

    The one four five progression never gets old to my ears, there are just so many ways to change it around, so many different turnarounds. I like jazz blues, country blues, bluesy bluegrass, you name it but the blues is the common denominator to all the music I listen to and play.
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    Hail to the 70's strat

    I bought my 76 strat because I was and still am, somewhat, a Hendrix fan. I bought it new and have managed to hang on to it, luckily for me they missed it when my house was broken into back in 03. I'm more of an acoustic player now but I pull it off the wall once in a while.
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    Impossible to play Jimi thumb chords

    There are lots of chord shape that I can't do cleanly so I look for a work around fingerings that at least gets close. Many times it's just a matter of doing a few hundred repetitions. Your hand will adapt eventually. Like what the chord chemist, Ted Greene said 'depends how bad you want it'.
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    Canadians: is this $20 bill still valid?

    If you took the $20 to a branch of a Canadian bank, which can be found, I believe, in most Us cities eg. Toronto Dominion, Royal Bank of Canada, Bank of Montreal, I'm sure they will exchange it for greenbacks or for the currency of your choice. As of today the CDN dollar is worth about $.77 US...
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    Small Home Modelling Amp.

    I only have experience with the 10C which I own and I'm satisfied with it but in the interest of full disclosure : I generally use clean settings with maybe some 'verb and chorus at relatively low volumes. I don't use the recording software but I do use the PC editor and have downloaded lots of...
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    Can we talk acoustic guitars?

    Lots of love for Eastman over at the Acoustic Guitar Forum. I made some online purchases based on what I read there and it worked out real well.
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    Strat Photos... Let's see yours

    Taking a good guitar porn pic is not easy. This is my best shot so far of my 76 hardtail.
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    Headphones for My Amp

    Just got the Sennheiser HD 280 Pro and they are a big improvement over the Sony wireless I was using. How do they get such great bass sound from these tiny speakers?
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    Hendrix style thumb over chords

    A common chord in acoustic blues and ragtime in the C major first position chord with the thumb fretting the G bass note on the E string and the C note on the A string. I struggle to play this chord cleanly even though I have fairly large hands. Ted Greene use to tell his students that if they...
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    im does not "work"

    Johnny and Muddy made a great album in the 80's -Hard Again. I saw Muddy on tour in Winnipeg , Mb in the mid 80's. An awesome show with James Cotton, Willy"Big Eyes" Smith on Drums and "Pine Top" Perkins on Piano. I got to shake hands with Pine Top in the lobby. That's good mojo.
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    Ernie Ball Aluminium Bronze

    I've been trying out strings lately and did try the EB aluminum bronze. They sounded fine just not quite what I'm looking for. Lately I've been keen on nickle bronze for my fingerpickers ( RK 000 and Rainsong P12) and John Pearse for my flatpicker (Eastman E10SS).