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  1. mfranzdorf

    New Surf Green Xaviere 870

    Those look very nice. How were the frets and neck?
  2. mfranzdorf

    add a question

    Too late for love?
  3. mfranzdorf

    Charvel gives Fender 5% of the credit that Fender is due.

    Doesn't matter now though, because I think Fender owns Charvel. That's the word on the streets anyway.
  4. mfranzdorf

    Feeling small

    I like this outlook (and all the other advice on this thread). I know I feel the same way at times as the OP. However, I just played my first open mic night recently and when it was over I felt like I had just played a sold out arena show. Be proud of what you can do, keep striving to improve if...
  5. mfranzdorf


    I play an adult / beer league in the summer. Good times! My son plays 14u travel so that’s where the actual talent is in my family😂
  6. mfranzdorf

    What have you been practicing lately?

    Thanks! I'm a excited but a little nervous.
  7. mfranzdorf

    What have you been practicing lately?

    Well, since I’m gearing up for my first open mic night, ( I’ve played live before, just never sang and played solo), I’ve been practicing the three song set for what feels like forever! Lawyers, Guns and Money with a segue into Copperhead Road followed by a hopefully crowd pleasing rendition of...
  8. mfranzdorf

    What the heck color is this Squier?

    Shoreline Gold?
  9. mfranzdorf

    New Andy Timmons

    Electric Gypsy is one of my favorite songs of that type. I haven’t listened to any of the new songs yet. Will do for sure.
  10. mfranzdorf

    I might be ...

    Everything I say is a lie.
  11. mfranzdorf

    What does a strat smell like?

    I think the more pressing question, in these uncertain times, is what does a Strat taste like?
  12. mfranzdorf

    I might be leaving Strat Talk

    True. It doesn’t make sense, does it?
  13. mfranzdorf

    A YouTuber I can like

    Thanks for the tip. I have a couple that I really like. When you find one that suits your taste and style that's a nice feeling.
  14. mfranzdorf

    Mex player vs Squier CV

    I believe everything you stated, but for every story like yours there is one that says just the opposite.
  15. mfranzdorf

    Fender sells wedding bands now.

    I never understand why people get upset over this type of thing. If you like it, buy it! If you don’t, we’ll that’s cool too. KISS gets a ton of grief over selling everything under the sun with a KISS logo on it. If your brand sells, great!
  16. mfranzdorf

    Color of your amp

    All my amps are Orange.
  17. mfranzdorf

    Am I crazy?

    Not at all. My son plays the cello in the school orchestra. We love jamming together.
  18. mfranzdorf

    Fender is changing inlays

    I like this better.
  19. mfranzdorf

    Let's Play A Game... Vintage or Relic

    I went with 1 and 4, but I have no real confidence in those choices.
  20. mfranzdorf

    What on the turntable this evening?

    Gish- Smashing Pumpkins Probably some Pink Floyd later.
  21. mfranzdorf

    Wanted Squier Affinity green sparkle HH Strat

    I saw that one too ( likely the same one). I’m passing on it. If just be irritated with the damage. That type of finish isn’t easily corrected, at least not by me. Thanks though!
  22. mfranzdorf

    $100K for an amp? Seriously?

    I get the market value thing. I guess what I meant to say was, what made it sound like it was worth that much to you? Is it the exclusivity of it or was there truly something special about how the amp performed.
  23. mfranzdorf

    $100K for an amp? Seriously?

    Well said.
  24. mfranzdorf

    $100K for an amp? Seriously?

    How on earth could an amp be worth $42,000?