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    "Tone is in the hands" - silliest buzzword of the decade?

    Bingo!!!!! We gravitate towards the tone we love and usually when we grab a guitar, we try to dial in the tone closest to that. IMHO the tone is in every component of the signal chain BUT, not all components have an equal impact. I have two different style picks I use - one for jazz, one for...
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    Would you rather have a $2k guitar with a $500 amp or a $500 guitar with a $2k amp?……and Why?

    Exactly. You can buy a really nice used Peavy tube amp for less that $500. You can also buy a really nice used guitar for way less than $2,000.
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    Is a Plek Setup worth it

    It's worth it if it needs it. I'm constantly amused by people wanting to change things on a guitar they've never played. Not EVERY guitar needs a PLEK and not EVERY player can tell the difference. If it aint broke, don't fix it.
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    How many Overdrives is too many?

    When you have ones you don't use, you have too many. I play in a cover band and need to cover a lot of different sounds quickly. Yes, I could get a lot of different sounds out of a single overdrive, but I don't have time between songs to reset my overdrive constantly. I have one overdrive that...
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    What’s with the Custom Shop Strat Prices?

    +1 The constant whining gets really tiring. Probably by people that have never seen or played a custom shop guitar. And if you think you can go out and buy some random parts and throw a custom shop quality guitar together, well, just keep telling yourself that and maybe some day you'll actually...
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    Amazing Tone, bad habits?

    I always practice straight into the amp. Effects are great for stage, but they hide bad practice habits. If you can play something clean, you can play it with effects, but not necessarily vice versa.
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    A question for owners of a Strat and a Tele.

    You found a tone you like. No big mystery.
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    Paul Rogers and Peace

    He's my favorite vocalist bar none.
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    Would you rather…

    Since all guitars are different, even the same year and model, I'd have to play them both.
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    Why don't we like locking tuners?

    Who doesn't like them? I wouldn't change out a set of non-locking tuners that worked, but I wouldn't take the locking tuners off a guitar. If it aint broke, don't fix it.
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    Have you ever been in a Sally Band?

    If you don't want that gig, I'd take it in a heartbeat!
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    Have you ever been in a Sally Band?

    +1 When I was in college, back in the stone age, a guitarist friend and I formed a very successful Top 40/Disco band. We played out at least 3 or 4 nights a week. At college, we studied jazz. All of the "jazz" cats looked down on us like we were sell outs, while they worked in McDonalds and...
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    Have you ever been in a Sally Band?

    We're there to entertain the audience, not ourselves. I played in a band where the BL turned down $100 tip to play Foxy Lady because we'd already played it in the previous set. I left shortly after that; I have no patience for amateur hour. If you're burned out on a song, try playing it right...
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    One song you despise the most …

    Wagon Wheel - I'd rather poke my ear drums out with ice picks than listen to that droning, tuneless, repetitive pile of camel spit again.
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    Should I buy a shimmed guitar?

    There are probably about 100,000 or more strats for sale at any moment. No need to buy one you have doubts about.
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    Are you Monogamous?

    I have a bunch, but tend to have a favorite that I play exclusively. For the last almost 2 years, it's been my Doc Fisher. I've got some killer guitars, including a Fender Custom Shop, but every time I pick one up I think, "That's nice, but not as nice as the Doc Fisher."
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    Several cheaper guitars or 1 Custom Shop?

    I tend to have a favorite guitar that I play exclusively, even though I own about 20, so for me it would be one high end guitar if I had to pic. I had a strat made a custom builder, Doc Fisher, who makes a handful of guitars a year. It was $2,500, but worth every penny.
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    What is the importance of color to you?

    +1 There are about 10,000,000 guitars for sale at any one time. No need to compromise on anything if you are just patient.
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    Frustrated with trying to gain speed

    There's this thing called the internet and this thing called Skype that lets you connect with people around the globe. ;)
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    CV vs Player vs American - my 2 cents

    +1 People don't buy locally, then cry and whine when they need something immediately and can't find a store, or the store doesn't stock it.
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    Does this CS Strat look legit?

    It's a partscaster with possibly some custom shop parts. That's how it should be valued. If you try to sell it, that's how someone else will look at it.
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    65 Deluxe Reverb Or 65 Princeton Reverb? I need to decide..

    Yes. UNLESS you just want a clean tone. You can't really turn either up enough to get some grit and still call it bedroom volume.
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    Hacksaw Relic

    I love a good relic. Unfortunately there aren't very many. Many look like they were done by a three year old with a belt sander and screwdriver. They put wear in spots that would never wear naturally and just sand the finish off, which is not how a real relic looks. I think that some of the...
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    How much does color factor in?

    There are about 10,000,000 guitars out there for sale. It's foolish to settle for something. As long as you aren't in a hurry, you can find what you want at the price you want.
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    Sloppy syntax and spelling.

    It's so cute when people ask for opinions and then get all snotty when they hear something they don't like. Your can join the ranks of the rank on my ignore list. ;-)