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  1. sale83

    Any know what will replace the American Original series?

    Whatever they do, I would like to see some 59-62 strats(or.more authentic 62 series, like they did 56 and 59. But knowing fender, they will offer some stupid compound radius 7.25-9.5 or something, other way of painting bodies etc...
  2. sale83

    Mike McCready's custom shop

    15k???!lol Looks like any other harder relic CS out there. They are now making everyone's old guitar put a "signature" add "iconic" to it and sell it for a bit higher price than regular cs or masterbuilt.
  3. sale83

    What is the best wood for Stratocaster guitars?

    Spruce, ebony and only matters on classical/flamenco guitars. On electric...only what I heard that they were made of..alder, ash, mahogany....even though I wouldn't tell any difference in tone, maybe only in how the grain looks...on sunbursts.
  4. sale83

    Wanted Fender Statocaster 59 reissue

    Hello, Anyone here from Europe who wants to take part with his '59 strat? Would be more than happy to grab one. :)
  5. sale83

    MIM Strat - Legit?

    Looks legit.
  6. sale83

    why are 2010 Clapton Strats so high priced?

    Maybe it's masterbuilt.
  7. sale83

    NNGGD: New Neon Green Guitar Day

    Now that's a green!!😍
  8. sale83

    A Stratocaster is better than a Les Paul because?

    Not better, you must have both.
  9. sale83

    Why is there a 'relic' neck in my NOS CS strat?

    They grabbed the one destined for relicing. You saved it. That neck survived.
  10. sale83

    Road Worn series finish question

    Are you sayin' that AV, AVRI and CS are not nitro finished?:confused:
  11. sale83

    EC Thread

  12. sale83

    Red Hot Chili Peppers new era begins

    What??? No threads about John M********n' Frusciante with RHCP???? "That" strat is back.
  13. sale83

    Trem Blocks

    If it's tiny block like MIM's before 2006 upgrade, then it brings more weight to the guitar.And it might improve sustain a bit. On the other hand, it might not. Changing full size zinc with brass, won't make any bigger difference on electric guitar.
  14. sale83

    Chip In Finish

    Chip of death.
  15. sale83

    Now Fender's just messing with us lol......

    Thomas got fired today...
  16. sale83

    It's official - not made for Strats!

    From 10s to 9s, of course everything is going te be all messed up. You need to set the guitar for 9s.
  17. sale83

    Is this a fake or real ?

    Weird headstock, wrong logo, wrong tremolo saddles...
  18. sale83

    Problem with newly purchased Custom Shop Strat

    First, dealer sold you an instrument that was "modified" by them, without telling you that.That can be calle a fraud. Second, messed guitar loses it's value, cs or not unless you are a celebrity.😀 If you got a great deal in the first place, and don't plan to resell it, and the guitar plays and...
  19. sale83

    What gear are you targeting in the near future?

    One of them old '59s or if Fender suprises me with some AVRI revival of 59-62 models.
  20. sale83

    Pre Y2K AVRI Strats, affordable vintage

    Just because they are first AVs and made in Fullerton. Most of the things on them were wrong, from the neck shape, headstock shape, string tree placement, dot placement, to the body curves, details like fender/fender on tremolo saddles etc. The closest ones to the originals were AVs from...
  21. sale83

    Real Custom Shop Stratocaster?

    They would say fender fender, but the pictures are bad...pat pend was introduced in 2012 with those 56-59 reissue models and raw vintage hardware..
  22. sale83

    62 AVRI 2 stamped on back headstock

    Maybe old owner stamped his gear 1 main 2 spare one 3 don't tell wife 4 do not take home leave in studio only 5 don't even ask 6.....
  23. sale83

    Custom Shop body rout.

    Gilmour's famous black strat is even worse, yet check the price it got sold for.