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  1. shovelmike

    Hi... from a first time Strat owner.

    Welcome to Strat-Talk, nice guitar.
  2. shovelmike

    NGD - Midnight Wine Strat content

    A beautiful Strat, welcome to Strat-Talk.
  3. shovelmike

    Hello from Wyoming

    Welcome to Strat Talk.
  4. shovelmike

    Hello from the North Carolina coast

    Welcome to Strat Talk, Counterpole.
  5. shovelmike

    RIP Jerry Jeff Walker

    Another good one gone, RIP.
  6. shovelmike

    I'm not big fan of funerals, but..

    I am sorry to hear of your loss, I have seen the passing of way too many friends. Hopefully it will be a celebration of his life. Attend if at all possible as closure for you and solace for his family.
  7. shovelmike

    This dude was so freakin' talented. RIP Mr. Nelson.

    I was afraid something bad had befallen Willie.
  8. shovelmike

    EVH dead at 65

    I heard it on the radio while I was at the store, caught me completely by surprise. My prayers and condolences for his family.
  9. shovelmike

    show us your practice space!

    Nice amps, you ought to be able to blow out the walls with those! LOL
  10. shovelmike

    NGD 4 me - FINALLY...

    That's a gorgeous guitar, congrats and happy NGD.
  11. shovelmike


    Nice, happy NGD.
  12. shovelmike

    Custom Shop 69- impressed, I am.

    You beat me to it, Lumbergh! LOL:)
  13. shovelmike

    2015 American Standard HSS Shawbucker

    That's a beautiful guitar, really like the black pickguard on there. I am definitely a sienna burst fan, as I own an American Standard SSS in that finish.
  14. shovelmike

    Well now, That was quite unpleasant

    I'm sorry you had to go though all that, hopefully you will test negative and can get back to some semblance of normal.
  15. shovelmike

    Finally able to jam in person!

    A great job by both of you.
  16. shovelmike

    Where is ur number 1 right now?

    Sleeping in her case, I'll wake her up later to rock and roll.
  17. shovelmike

    Routine maintenance

    I think that would be a nice title for a country song.:)
  18. shovelmike

    My dad raised me....

    You're an enterprising young man!
  19. shovelmike

    Never Going Back Again

    Great job.
  20. shovelmike

    NGD honey sweet goodness inside

    Happy NGD to you.
  21. shovelmike

    80th Birthday tribute to Ringo.

    Nice, happy birthday Ringo.
  22. shovelmike

    Songwriting: When Inspiration Strikes

    I have experienced that scenario when the melody comes into my head, then I am coming up with lyrics as fast as I can write them down. I wish I could will it to happen, but it's spontaneous and out of my control.
  23. shovelmike

    124 VAC at the wall outlet...

    I wouldn't stress over 4v, but I always use a surge protector.
  24. shovelmike

    Benjamin Keough; Elvis Grandson; Deceased At 27:

    Such a tragedy! I read years ago that Elvis felt like whether he had friends or not hinged upon whether he had a hit record on the charts or not. It was also written that the man they called "The King" was so lonely that he was known to pay people just to hang around and talk with him. I have...