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  1. Geet

    Please, help me to choose the color of my new strat

    I like the white, tortoise shell pickguard looks great. The midnight blue is pretty damn cool also
  2. Geet

    Modern Nitro (American Original 60s Strat)

    Yes modern nitro wears. Even though there is a poly sealer underneath its still going to have that classic look of being worn to the bone. I’ve had multiple nitro strats and I can’t keep them from “relicing” all over.
  3. Geet

    Classic Series Lacquer Pictures

    I had a pao ferro one that I sold and the tint was basically orange
  4. Geet

    EJ Strat String Spacing?

    Late response but thanks for the tips gentlemen. Gave the neck a push to the bass side and it is now my favorite strat i’ve ever touched
  5. Geet

    Anyone have this guitar

    I have lots of experience with the earlier deluxe roadhouse model and it looks like it remains relatively unchanged. In fact, it's the first real guitar I owned. Mine had the tex mex pickups and I never used the selector switch and eventually took it out of the guitar, which turned the tone...
  6. Geet

    Strat or Tele?

    I'd say a tele if you are looking for one guitar that can do it all
  7. Geet

    Well... I Done Did It...

    I like the mega slink 10.5s. They suit a strat nicely
  8. Geet

    Why isn’t the Strat shape patented?

    I'm glad it's not, the competition is what keeps Fender making great strats. If Fender was the only brand making that body style they could charge whatever they want for it.
  9. Geet

    NUGD! My first American Strat!

    please don't make me jealous
  10. Geet

    Strats Before and After Pickguard Swap??

    That looks great! don't get me wrong I love em, just can't deal with them constantly changing color in the light
  11. Geet

    Player Series vs Classic 70s Series (MiM)

    I would definitely go for the classic 70s. I prefer the rosewood neck over the pao ferro and it looks like that model has good resell value. 300 is a great price.
  12. Geet

    Dating Help Needed (For a guitar, not me) - Paisley Strat

    Looks to me like that guitar is finished in polyurethane
  13. Geet

    Clapton is famous w/ Blackie. Let's see your black/white/maple strats

    The all black with white pups is my favorite one I've seen. Maybe for my next Strat....
  14. Geet

    Strats Before and After Pickguard Swap??

    Wow that tele is perfection
  15. Geet

    Strats Before and After Pickguard Swap??

    That looks like the zappa Stratocaster. I am a fan
  16. Geet

    Strats Before and After Pickguard Swap??

    well i'd say you nailed it! and if yours is nitro it shouldn't take long to acheive that look
  17. Geet

    Strats Before and After Pickguard Swap??

    Thats a fine guitar, nice contrast between the white guard and the aged hardware
  18. Geet

    Pink and Gold ?

    I'm a fan. That or red tortoise are my 2 favorites for shell pink and maple board
  19. Geet

    Strats Before and After Pickguard Swap??

    After is white! the gold is nice but when it hits the light at a weird angle it turns a piss yellow color
  20. Geet

    Strats Before and After Pickguard Swap??

    For me it was a no-brainer… Before- Lets see some photos!
  21. Geet

    EJ Strat String Spacing?

    Just one more question- Do I need to change the nut if I swap the bridge to narrower spacing?
  22. Geet

    EJ Strat String Spacing?

    Thanks for tips, ill try some of the other suggestions and if that doesn't work i'll just swap the bridge
  23. Geet

    What’s your food weakness?

    Bacon double cheeseburger, fries, and a strawberry milkshake
  24. Geet

    EJ Strat String Spacing?

    Sorry didn't confirm, that picture is the one I own
  25. Geet

    Yearning for vintage specs

    This^^^ A nice setup and possibly new pickups make these great vintage spec guitars