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  1. BlueCajun

    '57/'62s vs CS Fat 50s

    That's interesting. Which Dimarzio Areas do you find to be most similar to the 57/62s? The 58s or the 61s?
  2. BlueCajun

    NGD American Professional II

    I'm usually not big of tortoiseshell pickguards. But this is the one color combo where I think it really looks good. HNGD!
  3. BlueCajun

    Kudos to Darren Riley

    I've ordered from Darren several times and had the same experience. He always ships promptly. And he often has Fender parts that are hard to find elsewhere.
  4. BlueCajun

    How y'all makin' out down there in TX?

    Was extremely fortunate not to lose power or have any pipes burst. Many people I know were without power for multiple days. Many had at least one ruptured pipe. One friend actually set up saw horses in his kitchen and cut up lumber for his fireplace so his family could stay warm. We're currently...
  5. BlueCajun

    HNGD.... 63’ Custom Shop

    Gorgeous! Love that shell pink over sunburst. And very happy that you were able to get gold frets due to your allergy. HNGD!
  6. BlueCajun

    Fender American Original 50's vs 60's

    I have the same model in Fiesta Red and love it to pieces. Pickups sound great, the neck shape and size are about perfect for me, and the double binding looks so nice. The only mod I made to mine was swapping the saddles for a compensated set from Marc Rutters. But that's a personal preference...
  7. BlueCajun

    Fulltone OCD

    After holding off for years, I finally got an OCD about a year ago. I love it. In my opinion, it totally lives up to the hype. Additionally, it sounded good with both my Deluxe Reverb clone as well as the Vox AC15 I used to own.
  8. BlueCajun

    Quality of Gator cases

    I have one of their ProGo gig bags. I’m very happy with it. Really well made and does a great job protecting my Strat.
  9. BlueCajun

    Did I just buy a partscaster?

    American Standards from that period did not have the Contoured Body logo.
  10. BlueCajun

    Did I just buy a partscaster?

    I could be wrong. But I don’t recall Fender having swapped from two string trees and non-staggered tuners by ‘97.
  11. BlueCajun

    Howdy from The Woodlands, Texas!

    Howdy and welcome from League City! Love your Tele, by the way.
  12. BlueCajun

    Did I just buy a partscaster?

    Looks legit to me.
  13. BlueCajun

    NGD - Silver Sky

    Beautiful! I’ve been lusting for one in Golden Mesa finish. HNGD!
  14. BlueCajun

    Show me some Tweed performance!

    Love Julian’s music. Makes me really want to finally do a 5F1 build. He gets such a great sound with such a simple rig. Here are two of my favorite clips. I just wish the second one was longer (1st half is acoustic, 2nd half is Tele + Champ).
  15. BlueCajun

    New Old Amp Day. Super Sonic 60

    Kick ass! Those are such great sounding, versatile amps. And yes, surprisingly good for playing at home. Fender did a great job with the master volume. HNAD!
  16. BlueCajun

    NGD Taylor 714 CE V Class

    Congrats! I recently picked up a used 214ce Deluxe that I absolutely love. But I have to make a deliberate effort to not play any higher end models when I visit music stores. Else I may end up walking out with an upgrade. :D
  17. BlueCajun

    Avatar Sale on NOS Celestion speakers....Stupid Prices. Get'em while they are hot

    Must have sold out. The link now goes to a page that says "NOTHING FOUND."
  18. BlueCajun


    Thanks for the reply. Good to know about the output and brightness. Been looking at the Lil 78, Lil 59, and Red Devil. Don’t yet know much about the others. But that Lil 78 sounds damn good.
  19. BlueCajun


    Sounds great. How’s the output compared to the other pickups? Is it noticeably louder?
  20. BlueCajun

    Stupid Deal of the Day - Wireless

    I've had the same system (albeit with silver finish) for about a month. Got it for around the same price from MF after using a coupon and some Backstage Pass points. It's a really solid system (at least at home or jamming with friends). I've been quite pleased with it. But I cannot attest to how...
  21. BlueCajun

    Finally NGD - Taylor 224ce-K DLX

    Gorgeous top! I personally think it looks better without a pickguard. And as a fellow owner of a Taylor 200 series (214ce Deluxe in my case), I can attest that they sound beautiful and almost play themselves. I hope you enjoy yours as much as I have mine. HNGD!
  22. BlueCajun

    The weber 12f150

    Score! Great price. That speaker and the Eminence Alessandro GA-SC64 are two of the best clones of a 60's Jensen C12N being made today. IMO it's a much better sounding speaker than the modern Jensens.
  23. BlueCajun

    Hey guys! Been a while since I've come round here. Today's my NGD.

    Beautiful! I love these limited editions with full rosewood necks. They’re so smooth. HNGD!
  24. BlueCajun

    VOX AC30C2 vs Super Sonic

    Nice! I'm a huge fan of SuperSonics. They're so versatile. And with a V30, they just sound incredible.
  25. BlueCajun

    What years and models offerred Ocean Turquoise as a color choice?

    They offered it in the mid-90's on AVRI '57s (not sure about '62s). I recall Charlottesville Music getting one in from Fender around '95 or '96.