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  1. Geet

    Strats Before and After Pickguard Swap??

    For me it was a no-brainer… Before- Lets see some photos!
  2. Geet

    EJ Strat String Spacing?

    Hi everyone, I just got a deal on an Eric Johnson Strat from a small local shop and I was blown away by the beauty and tones of this guitar (Turquoise RW model). One thing I found off putting though is the wide spacing of the strings, I did notice that the high e easily slipped off the edge of...
  3. Geet

    Danny and Ren - Lull [Beach Rock] (2017)

    Interesting music
  4. Geet

    blackstar amp

    Black star id core 100w clean tone doesn't get loud unless I use gain
  5. Geet

    Good amps for doom metal?

    I need a doom metal amp for under $400 that you can gig with
  6. Geet

    20w head on big cab?

    I am new to the half stacks, and i was wondering can you put a 20w micro terror or a bigger head on a cab with higher wattage and get a louder sound or would it be the same as the 20w head on a 20w cab?
  7. Geet

    Any good rock today?

    any rock bands that you can recommend that make good music today
  8. Geet

    Nicest looking strats

    What are the nicest looking strats you have seen
  9. Geet

    EJ or avri strat?

    which one is better?
  10. Geet

    Buying a new strat

    Im tied between the 50s mim lacquer strat and the american vintage 57. I definitely want a lacquer model any suggestions
  11. Geet

    Strat necks

    maple, or rose wood i perfer maple hands down
  12. Geet

    Flash coat lacquer

    how easy does flash coat lacquer relic id love to see some natural relics post below :)
  13. Geet

    Which strat?

    Should i get a MIM 50s or 60s lacquer stratocaster
  14. Geet

    Favorite rock band?

    Have to go with zeppelin though it took a lot of thinking
  15. Geet

    Hardest song to learn?

    I have looked this up and many say van halen euruption i think that is jive though