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  1. BallisticSquid

    fezzward van flailen

    Dude!! :D Sounds really cool. Has a Buckethead vibe to it which I really like! Shredding with some melodic sensibility.
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    My First Home Studio Recording

    Nice composition...sounded great to me! Well played, mixed, and recorded.
  3. BallisticSquid

    A Flock of Seagulls - I Ran (My Cover Version)

    I too remember when you posted this originally because it was quite stunning how well you covered this! The performance, mixing...amazing stuff. This could be the original band heading back to the studio and releasing something called "I Ran 2021". Always loved this song, especially back in...
  4. BallisticSquid

    Pigs (Three Different Ones) - Pink Floyd

    Damn that was awesome!! Nice job capturing the spirit of the tune! That outro solo was amazing. Can't believe that's all one take!
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    Flying at the Beach

    When I'm not "down the shore", those great shots you took there are more of my regular thing. Golf courses are fun and can be pretty scenic. I envy the folks out west that have the gorgeous wide open spaces. This vacation was my first chance I ever had to fly around the ocean so it was quite...
  6. BallisticSquid

    Flying at the Beach

    There are a lot of clowns flying with complete disregard for the rules which will be the downfall of the drone hobby. There's a viral video involving a drone and an alligator that makes me nauseous just thinking about it. The rules are getting stricter and to even fly recreationally you need...
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    Flying at the Beach

    Thanks! It's fun to pair these videos with my music. Things are better...thanks! It's not only my drone flying skills but confidence in the capabilities of the drone. I have had some crappy drones that destroyed my confidence. If you have the time or inclination, they are a lot of fun.
  8. BallisticSquid

    Flying at the Beach

    For the reasons you state, I got my Part 107 Drone Pilot's certificate last March. That allows me to fly for commercial purposes. Thanks for the heads up though.
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    Flying at the Beach

    Thanks! That's a great shot! I'm flying a DJI Mavic Air 2. I got it last April after going through a bunch of budget drones. The DJI drones are just amazing at how well they fly and the image quality. I've been trying to take stills and I find it harder than video to get something I'm happy...
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    Flying at the Beach

    Thanks guys! This is a DJI Mavic Air 2 drone. It's a GPS camera drone. Even though it's not an FPV drone which is really maneuverable, I was still able to pan around boats that were moving pretty quickly.
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    Flying at the Beach

    It's been a strange year or so for me and I haven't been playing guitar so I haven't been around here much. In the meantime I picked up a new hobby...flying drones! I had been practicing flying over the summer and brought my drone with me on our family beach vacation. I compiled hours of...
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    2112 Overture/Temples of Syrinx - Rush (Cover)

    Nailed it! That was awesome. Great job on the solo with the bends and quick vibrato.
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    That was pretty cool.
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    @rocknrollrich We are in unprecedented times with the pandemic and I think you need to take that into account. I go through phases like you describe...I think we all do to some extent or another...but it all seems to be amplified now. I've been working from home for a year. You would think...
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    May I Ask Your Opinion ?

    I find the "internalize" part to be quite important. Some people seem to be able to mimic a piece of music after a single listen but I need to internalize it. Whether I fight that or not, I have to internalize it one way or the other. So now I just accept that that is part of the process for...
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    My cover of a famous solo.

    Nice!!! So many great phrases in that solo and you nailed it!! I liked the tone too!
  17. BallisticSquid

    Greetings from NJ

    Wow, all the Jersey people coming out of the woodwork. I'm up in the north west part :). Welcome aboard. I do like that looking guitar. Good luck with lessons. I hit a similar point a few years ago where I felt my focus would be better spent on playing rather than buying guitars.
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    NGD and first PRS experience

    This pic is blurry but y'all know what it looks like anyway :). I like the unique look for a PRS of the bolt on maple neck. Mine is a 2016 and has quite a few miles on it.
  19. BallisticSquid

    NGD and first PRS experience

    Excellent choice!!! Happy New Guitar Day!! My CE24 is the same color but my top is not as uniform looking as yours...that's sweet. It is the only guitar I own that has useable coil splits. I gigged that guitar for 2 years straight. Like henderman, my CE24 never gets old!
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    Good Deed for the day... Boss Katana

    That was an awesome thing you did. You were right to take his money, even if you give it to his mom to put aside for him. The fact that he didn't expect you to make up the difference and didn't balk at giving you the $100 says a lot for Jacob. It also teaches him a valuable lesson. We...
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    Keith Jarrett Unlikely to Play Again

    That's really sad to hear! I had no idea about the strokes. I discovered his music when I bought "The Koln Concert" at a used record store on a whim. It blew me away!!! His improvisational concerts are just mesmerizing. His treatment of audiences is the stuff of legend. I have a bunch of...
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    G&L ASAT Classic Tribute Telecaster?

    One of the things I really like about the G&L ASAT design is that there are 6 individual brass barrel saddles. This is true even on the cheap mass produced import line! It keeps that old school tele look and gives you the ability to dial in the intonation of each string individually. Teles...
  23. BallisticSquid

    G&L ASAT Classic Tribute Telecaster?

    I couldn't tell you. It is heavy as one of my les pauls I would guess. The same guitars show up on the sdotd at MF and they will go on sale at guitar center's website. That is a nice guitar!
  24. BallisticSquid

    G&L ASAT Classic Tribute Telecaster?

    If you are referring to the cheap Made in Indonesia ASAT, then yes, I own one...and I love it! When I first got it, it was touch and go. The frets were in horrible shape, the setup was terrible, and the nut needed a lot of work. I paid $299 for it at Guitar Center. My guitar guy said the...
  25. BallisticSquid

    New Improv Challenge #6 – You Really Got Me (VH version)

    Yep, I saw what he did there! :)