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  1. simoncroft

    help / advice needed, woodworms in my new ultra luxe strat

    You need to get that guitar out of your house soon. Otherwise, unless it is professionally treated, you probably will have woodworm elsewhere in your house. As it sounds as if the guitar is still quite new, and technically still belongs to the finance company, you can probably insist on a...
  2. simoncroft

    Mac Sabbath

    I think it may be a bad idea to get 'illuminated' before going to one of their gigs! I wonder what a certain corporation with Golden Arches has to say about it all.
  3. simoncroft

    Are guitar and pedal reviews becoming useless ?

    I believe the point @HazyPurple is making is that guitar manufacturers won't supply review instruments to people who are persistently critical of their products, because it runs counter to their marketing strategy (which is to make everyone believe their guitars are great, so people buy 'em...
  4. simoncroft

    Variations on a theme...

    Very good! I remember the Booker T-style one from when you posted it on SoundCloud a while ago. I was struck by the fact I instantly knew who it was a tribute to, and would have done if you'd only called the piece 'Track A', or something else totally anonymous. BTW, I love the way I still get...
  5. simoncroft

    Playing more lately sans the plectrum.

    Haven't used a flat-pick much in maybe 15-20 years. The thing about playing finger-style is you have five digits! All sorts of possibilities. Maybe not the best for super-fast runs, but great otherwise.
  6. simoncroft

    Silver sky looks pretty good in relic pink

    You're welcome to send me one, but I don't think I'll ever own one otherwise. ;)
  7. simoncroft

    improvisational invitational non conditional and wholly sidereal (batman) 38(1000) you dig?

    Nice work @monte merrick. :) I didn't mean to criticise your choice of track. It's just that I struggled with a theme because the bass line shifted so fast from the root to the fifth. With hindsight, I could have worked round that.
  8. simoncroft

    Last night's fancy gig

    @AntStrat, Harry Styles is a former member of a boy band called One Direction. He's worth more money than most of us could ever dream of, and his track record with women ain't far behind.
  9. simoncroft

    Prodoctive but not.

    Sounds pretty scary.
  10. simoncroft

    I killed my own rabbit…

    I'm so sorry, Omar. That sounds like a difficult story to tell the kids, and I know I'd be upset with myself if I did that. You weren't to know.
  11. simoncroft

    I'm baffled!

    Stu, the diagram you're working from is fine, but the colour-coding varies from one pickup manufacturer to another. I suspect Ebidis is on the right track. The same web site you got the wiring diagram from also shows the colour-coding schemes used by all the major manufacturers. What you've...
  12. simoncroft

    improvisational invitational non conditional and wholly sidereal (batman) 38(1000) you dig?

    Sorry, Monte. Really appreciate you posting but there was something about the bass line that made it impossible for me to really get a theme going.
  13. simoncroft


    For me, it's Steve Cropper. He makes this sound so effortless and natural:
  14. simoncroft

    Just One More Computer Question then I'll ****

    Very nice! :thumb::thumb::thumb:
  15. simoncroft

    NGD To my surprise, I really like it...sort of.

    Nice Strat! Reminds me of one I owned in the 1970/80s. You'll get over the headstock. Hendrix managed it. :sneaky:
  16. simoncroft

    I just made this video

    I've completed another one from the same album:
  17. simoncroft

    I just made this video

    To be fair, 'the swimsuit' is a woman wearing a swimsuit, who happened to appear in some of the available clips shot using the B/W straight lines lighting theme. The footage she appears in sits very well, IMO, with the ones featuring the man shot on the same set. If anyone imagines that to be...
  18. simoncroft

    I just made this video

    British synth pop group New Musik's first single Straight Lines, released 1979. I made the video using stock footage from, because they're friends of mine and I'm bored with seeing YT 'videos' that are 3:25 of the album sleeve. If you like it, I'd be grateful if you could give it the...
  19. simoncroft

    carpentry question: replacing a front door

    I've hung a few doors, but I'd never do a front door though. They're usually much heavier than internal door, and if you mess it up, you could have a security risk while it's sorted. More likely, the seal won't be as good as it could be, meaning cold and draughts can get in.
  20. simoncroft

    Did you ever get GAS for something you used to have no interest in?

    You are correct,sir! After some balls-achingly tedious research, I came across this: IwAR2yS7cmNy2eAdqvWou7w5QMUTR58SX If that isn't the link to an entire academic thesis on GAS, I apologise. Apart from crediting Becker with the term, it's dull stuff though.
  21. simoncroft

    Clapton Shreds Live

    I totally respect your opinion, but can you see how damaging it would be to your business if I did a spoof video, where I took an old Kay guitar, then totally ruined it while pretending to be you? As long as it's obviously a joke, no harm done. But, if they think it's for real, you'd be entitled...
  22. simoncroft

    Yesterday.....never even got the chance to play....

    Welcome to S-T. You've got tasty, tasty gear! 😍 Loving the grain on both those guitars.
  23. simoncroft

    The Dreaded Fluff.

    :oops: Do not use this at home as an introductory guide to setting up a tone arm.
  24. simoncroft

    Clapton Shreds Live

    It's funny to us, because we get the gag. A few years ago, a friend of mine who is a great guitarist, sent me a link to an apparently dreadful performance by Clapton and Santana. When I pointed out it was a spoof, he was pretty embarrassed. Most people aren't experienced guitarists, though...
  25. simoncroft

    Knot on my American Strat

    Hey, there are players who pay good money for custom T and S-style guitar bodies, just because they have knots as cosmetic features. Rather than worrying about it, I'd be happy to have little reminder that wood is an organic material that comes from trees, and that my Strat was unique. :)