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  1. NickDG

    Did Digitech go out of business?

    A Digitech BP-50 (for Bass guitar) is the oldest pedal I own. I bought it new in 2004 and it still works great even though it spent years in a salt water environment when I lived on my sailboat. Even now I still use it when playing Bass and sometimes I plug my Strat into it just for fun. And I...
  2. NickDG

    Am Prof II Questions

    I may be wrong, but the Am Pro II, since it was first introduced in 2020 - comes with a factory bone nut.
  3. NickDG

    Old Paul

    It amazes me that Paul McCartney, at seventy nine years old, can still perform a set list like the one listed below. Yes, I know there are other performers like the Rolling Stones who are of similar vintage, but where the Stones are four rock legends (at least until Charlie Watts died) playing...
  4. NickDG

    Curly Cord Love

    I like my curly cords for practicing while sitting down. They just don't get in the way when I repeatably pick the guitar up and put it back down on its stand. For standing or moving around I use a wireless system. One reason I like curly cords, and I have no data on this, is they seem more...
  5. NickDG

    Just for Fun (New E-Drums)

    I'm old enough that I had music classes available all through my public school years (along with art, auto, wood and metal shop.) In the fourth grade I tried out for several wind instruments and the piano before becoming frustrated with our teacher's insistence we learn how to read sheet music...
  6. NickDG

    Help - can someone more adept than me help me determine if this is authentic?

    Even though probably legit, it seems weird to put a squishy rubber gasket under a neck plate where you want tightness and stability.
  7. NickDG

    Johnny Depp

    The Road not Taken . . . In 1984 I'm a skydiving instructor working in California when I received a call from a former Marine Corps buddy Dale Dye who now worked in Hollywood. Dale and I served together during the Vietnam War as photo/journalists. “Hey, Nick," he said on the phone, "send a...
  8. NickDG

    A Game Changer (Until the Next Game Changer)

    A reoccurring thread here on Strat Talk concerns using music stands, loose leaf binders, iPads and iPhones during practice and performances. Like many I started playing late in life (in my fifties) and now at 67 I feel I'm a competent rhythm player and a passable singer. However, while I've been...
  9. NickDG

    Do you weigh your Strats?

    Ever since the start of the pandemic I've been "working" from home and that's to say I work via computer for ten minutes and then play guitar for ten minutes all day long. Which means picking the guitar up off the stand and putting it back a bunch of times per day while seated. With my seven...
  10. NickDG

    Am I crazy, or are the new player series w/ maple neck...junk?

    I get what the OP is saying. Most know all Strats need a setup in order to personalize the instrument to ones liking. However, when the fret ends are so bad a brand new instrument is unplayable, that's not a setup, it's a repair. I recently purchased a new 2021 Am Pro II from GC a week before...
  11. NickDG

    Miami Blue Am Pro II: How blue is it?

    Not sure if it's the descriptive word 'Miami' or the color itself, but it's a bit too 'Miami Vice' for me. However, you'll love a new AM Pro II.
  12. NickDG

    Throw back pictures. Lets see yours!

    Me in 1975 . . .
  13. NickDG

    Moody Blues: Texturally Layered Excellence:

    I saw them in 1974 at the Honolulu International Center (HIC) in Hawaii. Forty eight years later I'm still blown away . . .
  14. NickDG

    Replacing the nut

    The first photo (of the entire nut) makes it look as if the bass side is too high. All else being equal 'Gorilla' glue is too thick, use a white wood glue like Elmer's, maybe even thinned down with a little water. Did you string it up to see if the gap disappears?
  15. NickDG

    So, how many of us actually float the trem?

    Leo said float, so I float. If not, what's the point of having all that claptrap in there?
  16. NickDG

    Fender is changing inlays

    I could live without the two inlays on the 12th fret. However, it's the first thing I look at when deciding if a Fender American Strat is real or not.
  17. NickDG

    New Am Pro II – Two Months Later

    >>In a line up I think most members here don't think they are much better than a Squier or almost equal.<< I pulled the above quote from another thread about someone getting a used 2019 Am Pro. And I'm not sure if it was meant to be serious. But after playing a Squire Standard (Indonesia) for...
  18. NickDG

    Do you weigh your Strats?

    I knew my Am Pro II weighs more than my older Squire Standard just by the feel. And this thread made me curious enough to weigh both. Mid-2000s Squire Standard (Indonesia) - 7.5 lbs. 2021 Am Pro II - 8 lbs.
  19. NickDG

    Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame 2022 Nominees

    I had to look it up and I'm surprised to learn the RRHoF is founded in 1986. And the museum wasn't completed and opened until 1995. I always thought the Hall was older than that. But, let's pretend the Hall opened in the 1960s and take a look at which artists might have been first inducted...
  20. NickDG

    Help Needed!! - Paint spilled on amplifier

    From what I understand the black Tolex Fender uses isn't Tolex at all, it's simply a black textured vinyl. And unless the paint spots are water based anything aggressive you use, including the rubbing, is going to leave a mark. You might try painting over the white spots, or even the entire...
  21. NickDG

    I 'Almost' Worked at Guitar Center

    Ten years ago when I retired I looked forward to full time unimpeded guitar practice. I'd been playing for a few years already and long enough to realize how much I didn't know about guitars. Now I'm looking to immerse myself in guitars, something like a guitar boot camp might work, but there is...
  22. NickDG


    Every 'age' poll I've seen here shows we skew toward the older side. So why use a small thin font on a light grey background? You can hardly see anything you highlight. This is just mean . . .
  23. NickDG

    Smoothing fret ends

    If you don't feel the fret ends while playing, but sometimes feel their sharp edges when picking the guitar up off a guitar stand by the neck, just get one of these Revlon files for a few bucks on Amazon.
  24. NickDG

    Was Lars right?

    Growing up in New York City in the 1960s I listened to AM radio like almost everyone else. Cousin Brucie is the hot DJ and it is all top forty hits which sounds bad now, but it was really great music at the time. By 1971 I'm in California listening to something I didn't even know existed, FM...
  25. NickDG

    Pick guard

    Fender does have its own store on Amazon. And it's where I recently purchased a Strat pickguard for $22.