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  1. LPBlue

    One of your senses sharpens greatly as you age...

    ...The B S detector!
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    Your 21st century self meets with 20th century business owner...

    ...just before their quantum leap to success, who would it be? I say Henry Ford J L Kraft Hector and Mario Boiardi Leo Fender Alonzo Decker Jr. The things you could show any of them, think of it!
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    Grocery store pricing themselves out of their market

    I got my hot dogs at the store downstairs $5.
  4. LPBlue

    Grocery store pricing themselves out of their market

    I'm in a small town with one grocery (only one for 30 miles) and they price like they hate us. Pack of hot dogs $10??? They are part of a national chain so would that be "organized crime"?
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    A long weekend here in the land of ice and bud.
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    Happy Friday 13

    Beautiful day so far.
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    When you were a kid...blazing saddles

    About the same time I learned the scissors/lampcord thing...only cut enough to tingle and then did it again before I figured it was a bad idea.o_O
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    When you were a kid...blazing saddles

    I got it until 13, when I hit back.
  9. LPBlue

    When you were a kid...blazing saddles

    I have five brothers and a sister so between us we kept our parents busy. The boys were in trouble every day but I only recall my sister catching hell one time from mum, but only one time. Dad was no slouch with a belt or stick when provoked and we provoked (existed).Worst of all was when we...
  10. LPBlue

    I found a cool flat bed Tonka Truck for 5bucks at Goodwill!

    I still have my 25th anni Tonka chrome dump truck, unopened box. One to each of my brothers and myself one Christmas...I was in my mid 30s.
  11. LPBlue

    I just can't help it...another lotto win!

    Not long ago I posted about a $100 win and today I won $99. I generally win something when I play, last draw was only $2 and the jackpot for Friday is $50m so I'll try.
  12. LPBlue

    Windy, Beeg weendy

    I knew a gal way back called Beeg Windy;)
  13. LPBlue

    Going bald in your 20s

    I'm 66 and my hair is still full and 2ft long. My dad was bald @24 but my maternal gf passed with a full head of hair @48!
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    Fingernails on fretting hand

    Leatherman Micra scissors/nail file not that it makes a difference to my left hand right now.
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    Oh yea, back in the day...

    Many of my recent musings concern time shifts like introducing my present guitar/amp collection to the Beatles in 64. A guitar synth in 64? Minds Blown!
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    Oh yea, back in the day...

    From 78~88 I worked for company that did the warranty/upgrades of electronics for GM. We had vans full of parts and we serviced the southern Ontario dealers. Stereo upgrades/power antenna installs/cruise control/remote start etc. I had a tool cabinet/top box in my van which served well at the...
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    Unusual or Guilty Pleasure YouTube Videos

    Russian dash cams.
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    Jawin' with my mum

    Long talk this aft with my mother(85) who is about to wing west to see her sister and extended family in BC. Minor nagging ensued, "make a will" etc so I hit her with,"after 66 years I ask what went wrong and when?". We both answered at the same moment,"I was born that way". I can and have been...
  19. LPBlue

    Would you rather have a $2k guitar with a $500 amp or a $500 guitar with a $2k amp?……and Why?

    I say $500 guitar and $500 amp. Being an old fart, I own a plethora( how many in a plethora?) of vintage gear from a 73 100w Marshall P2P 4 holer 8x 12 stack/89 Mesa 50 cal+/Beltone AP50/71 Champ/79 VChamp etc. Vintage to 21st century guitars as well so I know value. Give me $500 worth of new...
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    A big happy 4 20 to all

    Just roll with it!
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    The guitar that pulled you in?

    By sound it was Chet's Gretsch but by sight it was Lennon's Ric 325, down the long and winding road from there.
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    Genetic lottery winners...

    My mum~86 in July, her dad [email protected] and her [email protected] My dad's side fared similarly. My Nonna [email protected] and my grandpa passed @ 85 but my dad [email protected] 71. Myself and my sister, the only ones of 7 siblings that are not diabetic, myself 66 and my sister 58 in Dec. My nephew, 35 6' 6" 550 lbs...he...
  23. LPBlue

    Tax season scare tactics

    My Netflix account was suspended because I never gave them a cc# for billing. I have never had a Netflix account.