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  1. PinkFloydfan91

    Custom guitars

    I’ve been building, assembling and working on guitars for the last 6-7 years. I’ve finally decided to start doing it for others. If you’d like a nice Strat, Tele or P or J bass drop me a line. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. PinkFloydfan91

    57 Reissue colors

    I’m still looking for one, I’ve found one that’s supposedly a 2004 model. I’ve googled and googled for colors offered that year. Does anyone know what colors Fender offered on 2004 57 reissues?
  3. PinkFloydfan91

    57 reissue question

    I have a lead on a CAR 57 reissue strat. I know the early ones have C shaped necks. When did Fender change them to the V shape?
  4. PinkFloydfan91

    Finally finished my Tele

    I finally finished my Tele I started late last summer. I didn’t go with a traditional blonde, more of a nocaster blonde. It’s got 52 reissue pickups and wired like a 53 Tele. There’s only one thing I don’t like about it and that is the SW loVoc lacquer on the neck is somewhat sticky.
  5. PinkFloydfan91

    Fret Crowning Files

    I’m about to refret my Strat. I’m planning to use Jescar fret wire. Their FW43080 wire to be exact. Now my conundrum is I have looked high and low for a fret crowning file for this size wire. I’ve found .060 and .095 files. I don’t think either would work with the wire I plan to use. Can anyone...
  6. PinkFloydfan91

    Fender Blues Deluxe

    I’m thinking about upgrading amps to the Blues Deluxe. I have a Pro Jr now. I can’t find a Blues Deluxe locally to try out. So I’ve got a few questions. How well do they take pedals? How are they at lower volumes?
  7. PinkFloydfan91

    Eventide Timefactor

    I’m looking around for another delay and the Eventide Timefactor caught my eye. Is anyone here using one? I’m using a TC Electronic Nova Delay now. Is this pedal anything like the TC pedal?
  8. PinkFloydfan91

    Strat finishing

    I picked up two alder bodies and have quickly started the turn around. In less then a week of receiving them they are ready for color coats. Bodies as I received them Bodies after one coat of Sherwin Williams Lovoc lacquer sealer
  9. PinkFloydfan91

    KNE guitars bodies

    I’m planning another build. I’m thinking of going with these bodies and I’m looking for some input. Has anyone used them before? What are the contours like and are they drilled for the tremolo mounting screws?
  10. PinkFloydfan91

    Fender Blonde

    I have an ash Tele body that I want to finish in an early to mid 50s blonde color. I use a spray gun set up and Sherwin Williams LoVoc lacquer. I’m looking for a recipe to mix my lacquer.
  11. PinkFloydfan91

    Let's see your pedal collection

    I have a bit of an obsession. I plan to add another Tube Driver, Nova Delay, Whammy, and possibly a silicon fuzz.
  12. PinkFloydfan91

    Tele Build

    I received my body today. It's a two piece swamp ash body. I also have all of my body hardware but the neck plate. I'm waiting for a buddy to wind the pickups. I'm going for a replica of David Gilmour's '55 esquire. Now on to my main questions. How well does Sherwin Williams LoVOC lacquer...
  13. PinkFloydfan91

    Strings seem tight after string change

    I changed my strings today on my strat. It was setup four months ago and this is the second time I've changed the strings since then. I'm using the same strings I have always used (Gilmour boomers). Now they feel really tight when I try to bend its extremely difficult to bend the strings.
  14. PinkFloydfan91

    Shine on

    I've been learning well relearning Shine on You Crazy Diamond. I took this video in one take.
  15. PinkFloydfan91

    LR Baggs M1A

    I'm thinking about putting one of these in my acoustic mainly for jamming with friends and recording. Does anyone have one? Do I truly need a preamp seeing that its an active pickup?
  16. PinkFloydfan91

    USPS Issues

    I'm sure you guys all remember my for sale post last week. I also had it all on Reverb, it all sold a day apart. I dropped it all off Wednesday at my local post office with labels already on the boxes. I sent the buyers the tracking number per SOP. I later checked the tracking no update. I...
  17. PinkFloydfan91

    NGD Dementer Compressor

    I picked this up last week and it's already kicked the Boss CS-3 off my board. It's a great pedal and doesn't color my tone. If you've got a chance to pick up one I say go for it.
  18. PinkFloydfan91

    Sorrow Tone Test

    I was trying to get an idea of the tone needed to play Sorrow from A Momentary Lapse of Reason. Excuse the sloppy playing.
  19. PinkFloydfan91

    NGD Flanger content

    I recently bought a new flanger off Reverb. It's hand made and sounds fantastic. The guy who makes them is a fellow Gilmour nut and was disappointed when Hartman closed up shop. The pedal itself is silent and gets those Animals tones down pat. I'm planning to record a demo this weekend if I get...
  20. PinkFloydfan91

    Weak EMG bridge pickup?

    I installed my Callaham tremolo in my CAR strat yesterday and noticed that the bridge pickup is weak in my DG20 set. It was like that with the stock bridge also. The middle and neck pickups are fine. I even changed the battery. The middle and neck pickups are working fine.
  21. PinkFloydfan91

    MIM classic series strat tremolo arm thread

    What size is the threaded part of the trem arm on the MIM classic series strats? I'm ordering a Gilmour length arm since its what I prefer. Thanks guys
  22. PinkFloydfan91

    Incoming NGD

    I picked up a MIM lacquer 50s strat. It should be here Wednesday. I've also got a set of EMG DG20 pickups and a short trem arm. Anyway here's a picture of my new strat. I'll post more once I have it in my hands.
  23. PinkFloydfan91

    NDD (New Delay Day)

    I picked up a Catalinbread Echorec today. I haven't had a chance to noodle around with it. I've got my pedalboard stripped down to an early Gilmour style board just because. Here are the obligatory pics.
  24. PinkFloydfan91

    My Pedalboard

    I think I'm finally satisfied with my pedal setup even though I may add a wah at some point. It's all powered by a voodoo labs pedal power 2 with evidence audio cables.
  25. PinkFloydfan91


    I got a few pedals yesterday for my birthday a Vick Audio 73 Rams head clone and TC Electronic Vortex Flanger. I really like this muff it sounds and the Flanger sounds great also.