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  1. gofmusic

    NGD... 62' Reissue Sonic Blue...

    My dream strat after the Fiesta Red 62.
  2. gofmusic

    Hell yeah, mash it up!

    This is glorious hahahah
  3. gofmusic

    Yay or nay?

    I'll be too... already have 11 guitars and I only seldomly play them. LOL
  4. gofmusic

    American vs Mexican strats is it really a difference between them?

    Oh no this again. Fine, lets do this. First of all, there's no such thing as MEXI STRATS. The difference between them models and the eras is very noticeable. Americans are better? Yes. Mexicans suck? No. HSS vs SSS? Who's better Jimi Hendrix or Van Halen? Bottom line: 1) Guitars are tools...
  5. gofmusic

    EVH dead at 65

    Damn, sad. Friggin 2020...
  6. gofmusic

    Can someone heal my GAS?

    What a sad truth. Lol.
  7. gofmusic

    Weird shaped guitars that you would actually buy

    Also, Id have this one. And this one:
  8. gofmusic

    American Performer or American Professional Stratocaster?

    I think they make it weird on purpose so people will not ALL buy the performer instead of the professional cuz $ reasons.
  9. gofmusic

    What's your next pickup purchase gonna be?

    No plans. All the guitars I buy come with pickups on them lately lol.
  10. gofmusic

    Last Strat question, and it's about the color :)

    CAR+RW. White is just white, all white strats are white strats. Dont get me wrong they are gorgeous some of them but only when u take a good look you can tell them apart from the other ones. Candy Apple Red on the other hand... looks more like a thing you wanna wear on stage to me. The metal...
  11. gofmusic

    American Performer or American Professional Stratocaster?

    Id go with the professional for looks and the screwless whammy bar. Cant stand the headstock+logo+tuners combo on the performer. The only thing Id like better on the performer would be the frets. Pickups are overrated.
  12. gofmusic

    American Performer or American Professional Stratocaster?

    Why would they do that when they have the Original Series?
  13. gofmusic

    Can you do it on command??

    True. What a lovely feeling when it just flows ahhh... In my case, its usually 70% of inspirational shock from above (lol, say verse and chorus melody and chords, 1st verse and chorus lyrics), and the rest is just squeezing the thing till I think its worth it (including the bridge which is...
  14. gofmusic

    Is buying a Strat that weighs 7 pounds likely?

    Must be the neck only LOL
  15. gofmusic

    I'm actually lost for words with this one

    That way punk rockers can hang it even lower. Genius.
  16. gofmusic

    The Led Zeppelin Tribute thread

    That was incredible, page is such a genius... it amazes me every time. I sung along your playing lol
  17. gofmusic

    Hurt, broken, empty, and alone...

    This indeed, jokes aside. Theres always sth to look forward to... just need to find it, and hang in there while the storm crashes at your door knowing it shall pass. On the other hand, is really hard to focus on that songs message when every effing whistled part is out of time, it gave me OCD. Lol.
  18. gofmusic

    The Led Zeppelin Tribute thread

    That was very beautiful. I recorded this a while back with a couple of friends, I sing and play rhythm guitar. Mix isnt very flattering... Lol.
  19. gofmusic

    One guitar or many?

    1 wife, many guitars.
  20. gofmusic

    Stickers , do you like it or hate it ?

    I have stickers on some of my guitars. IMO it takes all classyness out from them so I pick which ones carefully... This is called Odd Molly:
  21. gofmusic

    Possible LP on the horizon.

    OMFG get it already, just looking at it in the sun is worth it!
  22. gofmusic

    American Standard

    I rarely buy new, so theres nothing to miss for me. Also, I have an Am Pro strat and I dont think theres anything wrong with it. Love some standards too, hate some too. You know how it goes with guitars... each one is diff blah blah blah What I think its better on the pro is the neck profile...
  23. gofmusic

    How Good Are You?

    Amen to that :P Dad doesnt golf, or have a boat or expensive cars, but hes one of those who rebuild their house every other day just because... so hes not very good at making sense either hahah