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  1. kjatexas

    Tone Master problem solved. User error to blame!

    I heard a rumor that Fender hired some of the same bean counters, that worked for CBS/Fender :)
  2. kjatexas

    Ash Body

    Beautiful Mary Kay Strat !
  3. kjatexas

    Why does one need more than one guitar?

    Need only one guitar....................................................HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. :)
  4. kjatexas

    What's with all the missing back plates?

    Seems to me that keeping the backplate OFF, will allow dust bunnies to collect.
  5. kjatexas

    Lollar Strat Pickups?

    Lollar makes great pickups, period.
  6. kjatexas

    New Strat Has Arrived

    AWESOME !!!!!!!
  7. kjatexas

    Removing custom laquer from 1972 hardtail - any suggestions?

    Beautiful three color sunburst on the back. What was the previous owner thinking, in painting the front black ? :-P Good luck.
  8. kjatexas

    Quack is overrated...discuss

    I'm a neck pickup guy.
  9. kjatexas

    For Sale 2 Guitars For Free SORRY ALL GONE

    Hope you have the original bills of sale from where/who you bought them. Otherwise, I wouldn't touch that deal with a ten foot pole.
  10. kjatexas


    That sure is a purty Les Paul !
  11. kjatexas

    Score, I think

    A little crispy?
  12. kjatexas

    Would you rather…

    The American Standard was perfect. Fender shouldn't have changed it.
  13. kjatexas

    Headstock size, Curious about preferences

    The big headstock, is one of many things CBS got wrong, when they bought Fender.
  14. kjatexas

    How many of you have changed the neck on your Favorite Strat (or any guitar)?

    Not me, but a previous owner did, on a Tele I bought used, I think. It's a '52 reissue, and it has a C neck instead of a U. The neck is very thin, and I love it, but, I have never taken it off the guitar to see if the dates "match" with body dates. I have questioned both Fender and CME. as to...
  15. kjatexas

    62 sonic blue Strat on Antique Roadshow $$$

    There was a '54 two color sunburst Strat, on the most recent Antique Roadshow. The guy appraised it at $50,000 to $70,000. Body was just OK, fretboard, a little too worn, in my opinion. But what do I know? :-)
  16. kjatexas

    62 sonic blue Strat on Antique Roadshow $$$

    Funny, I bought a '57 White Guard Tele, about the same year, for the same price. Not funny that I sold it, years later for $800. :-P
  17. kjatexas

    62 sonic blue Strat on Antique Roadshow $$$

    As an example, original PAF pickups. All were different because they were hand wound, so there is really no, consistent PAF sound. Some were great, others not so much. But, it kills me that Gibson always hypes each new iteration of their pickups as, sounding like PAFs.
  18. kjatexas

    Post your favorite Chuck Berry...

    Oooooooh Carol !!!
  19. kjatexas

    Fenders Price increase

    I'm guessing Fender was getting tired of the 1% profit margin, they were working on.
  20. kjatexas

    Genuine fender or genuine fender partscasters

    I guess a purist would say, that if it's not as it came from the factory, its a parts caster, even if all Fender parts. But, these are instruments, and players will modify them to their tastes. I bought a used AS Strat, with a gorgeous '60s style 3 color sunburst, off of reverb. It still had the...
  21. kjatexas

    Paul McCartney throwing shade.

    The Stones started out as an "R&B, Blues" band, covering older artists, like Chuck Berry, on their first two albums, then got more commercial with their music.
  22. kjatexas

    One song you despise the most …

    I liked Young's first album but that's it. He reminds me of a hippy from the 60's that never grew up. Lennon was OK, kinda crazy though. :-)
  23. kjatexas

    What songs take you back to your high school days?

    "Stand By Me" by Ben E King.
  24. kjatexas

    One song you despise the most …

    Just don't like his attitude or his in your face politics.