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  1. garyhoos1

    If Only.

    One of them died and gone to heaven moments.
  2. garyhoos1

    Old Pic of Buddy.

    Buddy Holly in London 1958, I think the Trocadour club ?
  3. garyhoos1

    Jimi In London.1970.

  4. garyhoos1

    When it was fun.

    Ok raging tinnitus, the old days. Good or bad.
  5. garyhoos1

    Back in the late 70s

    Couldn’t find what you been listening too.
  6. garyhoos1

    Neil Young, Weld.

    The riff god forgot how good.
  7. garyhoos1

    When a band just clicked.

    I keep looking back at the bands I've seen in the past, I seen this tour with Bon the whole place was rocking, There are many more events, share your memories.
  8. garyhoos1

    Any Old Who fans.

    If so, when do you think they where at there best, still great now but this clip sticks with me and no 5.
  9. garyhoos1

    UFO 75.

    The inbetween bit of rock and Punk, Schenker at his adolescent best.
  10. garyhoos1

    Weird weather in the Uk.

    It’s gone from 30 to nice and bearable in minutes and from blue to grey too, Carry on weird weather I might just get the Blues. Oh here we go hailstones in North Wales in August.
  11. garyhoos1

    New Painting

    As soon as I seen it, high low night and day it’s deep, love it.
  12. garyhoos1

    Picked up a Guitar for the first time in 9 months today.

    And 3 hours disappeared into nowhere, I think I’m back on track.:thumb:
  13. garyhoos1

    Songs that remind you of your dad.

    In amongst the Zeppelin and Beatles this one for me.
  14. garyhoos1

    Colourful Custom Shop Strat

    I'm not one for show off colours on Strats but this as got me hook line and sinker.:cool:
  15. garyhoos1

    Nasel Hair

    It’s accelerating as quick as as my head hair is receding anyone waxed it.
  16. garyhoos1

    The salesman said, no guitar is the same.

    Just been into the guitar shop and there is a new guy working their anyhow I was playing an SG with the sideways vibrola lovely guitar and neck, now I've played a few of these new original series gibsons and they are back in the hunt. So I said have you got an SG in with the maestro wammy to...
  17. garyhoos1

    Tele Ultra

    Well I've played three in shops over the last few weeks and they are nice and expensive, but I cant tell much of a difference between my 08 deluxe and this new series I'm not a pro player by far infact I think I'm going worse so how fine tuned do you need to be to notice a big difference.
  18. garyhoos1

    Here's an old pic.

    One of my favourite guitarists. 1964 The Squires.
  19. garyhoos1

    I lost my wife.

    After 12 months from diagnosis of cervical cancer my wife passed away on Sunday evening it was long battle and she fought so hard and it now hurts me more than ever 40 years of love and friendship and the odd squabble about guitars gone. I'm not one for crying in my tea but I feel I would like...
  20. garyhoos1

    Who's this ?

    Taken at home.
  21. garyhoos1

    Kurts cardigan.

    There must be some rich fans still about out there a guitar maybe but a F****** cardi.:mad:
  22. garyhoos1

    Early pic of Jimi

    I havnt seen this one before, 1961.
  23. garyhoos1

    Delivery from China

    My neck from China has landed £25 including postage, a quick look fretboard very dry, frets need dressing and I will replace the nut but other wise I am quite surprised I will clean it up and try it out. Two weeks delivery