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  1. Meghans Dad

    Heck of a night going right now

    Prayers out to you. Alot to take in in one day.
  2. Meghans Dad

    Would you buy this Strat?

    Looks like a crack in a very thick poly finish. If it sounds good, you like it, have room for it I'd say buy it.
  3. Meghans Dad

    White dots and scratches in brand new American ProII Stratocaster Black Color

    If it came with the carton closed with tape like that, it was re-packaged, they don't leave the factory looking like that. That doesn't make it technically used, but based on the nicks on the cable jack, I would think it has been "demo-ed" more than a little.
  4. Meghans Dad

    BI-FLEX flexing muscle !?

    I think I used SuperGlue...I know its kind of permanent that way. I hopefully it will be a long time before I ever have to remove the truss rod nut. Sanding the dowel and hole got rid of most of the old glue.
  5. Meghans Dad

    BI-FLEX flexing muscle !?

    Had a similar thing happen to my 2008...because of my stupidity though. Turned the truss rod the wrong way to many time, etc. Was told by the "well known luthier" at Guitar Center I would have to replace the neck. Was told by another luthier in Whittier(CA) that it was an was easy fix. Pull...
  6. Meghans Dad

    Rose Pickups is shutting down.

    Simple business economics; if your monthly orders are exceeding your monthly production capacity, raise your prices until orders equal productivity.
  7. Meghans Dad

    Minutiae Talk

    Quite like Springfield hammers but with a bit of a British accent.
  8. Meghans Dad

    so... any gripes you have

    Now that's a legit gripe!
  9. Meghans Dad

    so... any gripes you have

    I have a rather large van and my advice to those who do that to me is...the brakes on the left, use it!
  10. Meghans Dad

    so... any gripes you have

    I'm sorry...what were you saying?
  11. Meghans Dad

    What’s the sense in blocking someone?

    Blocking is important cuz it gives da quarterback time to throw the football.:confused:
  12. Meghans Dad

    Which Boss foot switch would you get?

    Actually the FS-6 can also do latch and momentary. My only reason for preference is that I find it easier to pick between A and B with my big foot.
  13. Meghans Dad

    I hate stupidity

    Not in Kalifornia!
  14. Meghans Dad

    I hate stupidity

    When my house was built I asked for telephone outlets in all rooms (sans bathrooms) and cable outlets in 2 room. Of course I got cable outlets in all rooms and telephone outlets in 2. Fortunately I caught it before the drywall went up.
  15. Meghans Dad

    I hate stupidity

    Uh, cuz last time some dummy didn't lock the wheels and people fell off? o_O
  16. Meghans Dad


    I'm having a bad day today with my asthma and emphysema...broke out laughing over this and it almost killed me.:D
  17. Meghans Dad

    Is it true

    Bicycle pedal threads, left side is threaded one way and the right side is threaded the other so they don't unscrew themselves as you pedal.
  18. Meghans Dad

    Does your tube amp hum?

    All of my tube amps have some degree of background noise or hum, but not that you would notice unless you were close to them. My Super Bassman is almost silent though. The DRRI's are chronically the worst.
  19. Meghans Dad

    Sloppy syntax and spelling.

    Maybe you need to deal with your prejudice.
  20. Meghans Dad

    Big fat giggle on me

    A tip from someone who has spent to much time at the airport...once you find a good place to park, make sure you have reception and can call out. I once had a co-worker park near the end of runway and did know no one could get a hold of him. He was apparently "downwind" of the air control...
  21. Meghans Dad

    I blame Lonn

    Very nice...I vote for blaming Lonn.:whistling:
  22. Meghans Dad

    Just an observation: Could something good come from the pandemic?

    For a lot of workers (myself included) traded a 2 or more hour commute time for a bigger house in the 'burbs. After 30 years, if I had it do do over again....
  23. Meghans Dad

    Just an observation: Could something good come from the pandemic?

    What does a corporation sound like?
  24. Meghans Dad


    The losses may not be as apparent. Resorts, restaurants, bars, hotels and other businesses got economically clobbered by the shut down, I'd continue, but would probably get shut down for getting political. By the way, my daughter college choir (CBU) a few years back did a appearance there...