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    Original - Maybe the saddest Christmas song Ever

    Not about anyone I know. Somewhat inspired by Daddy's drinking up our Christmas
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    Rudolfp's got a Knife - Original Christmas song

    yea, things went down up there -
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    Wayfairing Stranger

    This song came up recently as it was in a movie but I know it from Emmylou in the 80s. Always wanted to do a version of it. I've been working on my singing and this was a good exercise. Tough song to pull off.
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    Shout it Out - Bluesy original

    Wrote and recorded this one yesterday -
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    I Believe - Original song

    I don't usually write stuff like this. I'm more a blues/country/rootsy guys. But it just came out this way so I went with it. Intro lick/theme is a vintage strat, solo an 80s Charvel. Not going into details, but it is not autobiographical, and it's not a love song. :)...
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    All I want for Christmas - Sad country Christmas original

    Don't know where this came from, it certainly isn't about me. The chorus just came out, and I wrote the whole thing in about a 1/2 hr.
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    I Don't Need It - original song

    Digging through stuff I'd written and set aside and never recorded, came across this one from a couple years ago. Did all the tracks last night, mixed it this morning.
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    Oh Baby - original bluesy thing

    I did this yesterday -
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    Covid Blues - an Original

    I was practicing to some tracks I did last week, and this just kind of came out, so I slapped in down real fast to not lose it. Kind of current, lol -
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    Long Black Veil

    An old Lefty song my brother tries to sing when we've had a few. Love the song, stuck in lockdown, so what the heck -
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    Original Rockabilly - My Baby Raised the Devil

    No fireworks, so wrote and recorded this after dinner on the 4th. Had to wait til the next day to be able to do the vocals, with the kid in bed. Did it for no particular reason other than I built a new computer for recording and needed something to record -...
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    That's Alright - old Jimmy Rogers blues song on slide

    Did this the other day, just because. Camera works is terrible, lol. I don't do videos, so I'll know for next time, but I liked the take, so it is what it is. Here is the direct link as embedding sometimes isn't working for me -
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    Bill Withers tribute - Who is he - funky blues

    I did this today. Maybe one of his lesser known songs. With the news of his passing, I was listening to some of his stuff (Just the Two of Us is still one fav songs) and thought, listening to the words of this one, it would make agreat blues song. It just wanted to come out like this -
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    When did you stop loving me - George Strait cover

    I was bored, needed a break from learning song for a blues/rock band we are trying to get going. Realized I hadn't touched my steel in ages. I learned the intro to this a while back, and I've even played bass on it, when I was doing a fill in one time. But I've never sung it. So, I said what...
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    Got some Rolph's

    Been looking for something to use on my daily driver/gig guitar that had that something that my old strat has. Had something was was pretty close, but thought I'd try some of Jim Rolph's. He has a great rep and thought what the heck. I made a video of the guitar with what I had in it, so when I...
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    Taking the H535 out for a ride

    Blues jam, took the H535 out. I gig strats and teles and so this one doesn't get played as much, but great guitar.
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    I was cold, so I stayed home. I was bored, so I did this -
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    Going back to Austin

    So, the story is, I just moved from Austin, after 20 years there (and 20 in CA) back to upstate NY. The first show I go to, my brother drags me out to see Dale Watson. If you don't know who he is, Austin guy, check him out, great country stuff. I used to take lessons from his old steel player...
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    Trad Country - Pass Me By

    I sing this song in a band that does trad country. Saw a vid of it from a recent gig and didn't like how I was singing it, so I ran up this practice track this afternoon to practice singing to. Me on everything (we have a real steel player in the band, lol). But it didn't come out bad bad for a...
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    Austin music on Facebook

    There is a facebook group, Austin Music History Archive Just search by the name, and you can find it. Lots of old videos of Austin guys, some SRV from early on, with the original DT line up, all sorts of other cool stuff.
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    Original Chirstmas song I wrote coming home from the liquor store this afternoon

    Ok, this maybe NSFW or kids. It ain't dirty or anything, but...
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    My Chirstmas music collection

    Yea, I love Christmas music. I used to record at least a couple ones a year. Haven't been able to this year, but I thought I would throw this out here. My take on Jingle Bells, if they had electric guitars back in the 1800s - And every...
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    My son singing Christmas song.

    I don't see any Christmas music on here, so I need to fix that, lol. I posted this a long time ago. I did this with my son when he was 4. My wife got this singing Christmas tree thing at Walgreens, as Riley had seen it and loved it. The music on it is a pretty decent cop of the original. Riley...
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    "On Mary's Porch" - a new acoustic song, with a story behind it.

    A couple of weeks ago, I went back to Upstate NY for my mom's 90th birthday. We went over to my brother and Mary's house for the party. It was great Italian food and good beer. Me and my younger brother brought our guitars and sat around and played and sang for a while. It was fun. At the end of...