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  1. Martin Mim

    What did I get?

    Looks like a Classic Player ‘50s . Great find!
  2. Martin Mim

    Here we go again....scan week.....

    I hope you get well and beat this! Keep positive.
  3. Martin Mim

    NGD - Finally, I'm legit !

    You scored a very nice one. Enjoy!
  4. Martin Mim


    Stunning! Enjoy
  5. Martin Mim

    new Robby Krieger!

    Very cool! Wild Child sounds awesome.
  6. Martin Mim

    The taco joint is famous.

    My kind of place, that’s for sure.
  7. Martin Mim

    Paging Rush Fans

    Very good! Count me in as a Rush fan.
  8. Martin Mim

    Remembering Kelly...

    Thank you for sharing it Chris, very nice and fitting. It really shows great respect for a missing friend. When I posted my introduction to this forum, Kelly was one of the first persons to welcome me. I feel gratitude, miss him as well .
  9. Martin Mim

    Happy Easter

    Happy Easter, folks!
  10. Martin Mim

    i'm gonna get rich

    If you do get rich, I will unfollow you on Strat-talk, sir. :whistling:
  11. Martin Mim

    Please reply to this thread before you read the title.

    My town is out of your jurisdiction, @Ebidis
  12. Martin Mim

    Any Neal Schon fans out there ?

    Hey Stone! Good luck with your new project, my man. :thumb: The guy has an incredible legacy . Everyone I know respects him.
  13. Martin Mim


    Hey, @StratoMutt , you have a distinct style
  14. Martin Mim

    A songs bones...

    I like it even better than the original. Lots of feeling.
  15. Martin Mim

    RIP @heltershelton

    R.I.P. Heltershelton. Sad news for all Strat Talkers! Great guy, had fun reading his posts. Condolences to all his friends and family.
  16. Martin Mim

    Hello from Toronto

    Hi from Mexico. Welcome!
  17. Martin Mim


    Maybe you’re amazed
  18. Martin Mim

    Papa Midnight crossed the Rainbow Bridge

    Sorry that you lost such a great companion
  19. Martin Mim

    Hello from Argentina!

    Welcome, pibe! I hope you enjoy the stay.
  20. Martin Mim

    R.I.P. Emilio Delgado

    R.I.P. I watched the Mexican version (Plaza Sesamo). Different actors and a few different characters. All good!
  21. Martin Mim

    worm theory by Glenn Danzig

    My head just exploded
  22. Martin Mim

    Born again in Stratocaster

    Welcome. You are right, strats are it.
  23. Martin Mim

    Metal Ripper & Creepy Abandoned Bldg Video

    Impressive stuff!
  24. Martin Mim

    Happy BD To My Boy

    My mutts, Kina and Copo, say Happy Birthday to George.
  25. Martin Mim

    Hello from the U.K!

    Welcome from sunny Mexico