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  1. anfontan

    Late 1980's Fernandes Strat-what is the body wood?

    Thanks for the information ghostwolf, I looked up some of the properties of Sen wood and it sounds close to alder or ash. The guitar is definitely a workhorse for about any style of music I play with it!
  2. anfontan

    Favorite Non-Strat Guitar?

    I would have to say a Les Paul Deluxe with the mini-humbuckers. The mini's don't get muddy like full sized humbuckers sometimes do.
  3. anfontan

    Seeing the Eagles tonight

    I saw the Eagles back in about 1976-the first thing to amaze me was the army of guitars they had lined up on guitar stands before the band even hit the stage. They played several of their hits and then announced they were going to play some James Gang tunes-I didn't even realize Joe Walsh had...
  4. anfontan

    Late 1980's Fernandes Strat-what is the body wood?

    I have had this guitar since the early 1990's and it plays just as good as my 1974 Fender Sunburst Strat. I had to replace the neck due to a broken truss with a Tele neck, which plays wonderfully. I have looked online for the body wood and found several possibilities from Basswood to Alder-I...
  5. anfontan

    Any love for Adrian Belew around here (Talking Heads content)?

    I've seen Adrian Belew twice, the first was with Zappa and the next was with King Crimson on the Discipine tour. The Zappa show was really good, but Crimson just blew me away-Adrian Belew, Tony Levin, Bill Buford, and Robert Fripp-it was totally magical!
  6. anfontan

    Over 55 Club

    I better sign in here as well, Green Hornet. This thread has gotten huge!!!:twisted:
  7. anfontan

    Remodeling the strat...

    I agree with the majority of the other posters in this thread, stripping that 78 Strat and refinishing it will destroy it's value. I have a 74 sunburst that is now worth many times what I paid for it, and having painted several guitars myself-it is one hell of a job to do!! Make yourself a...
  8. anfontan

    Cheap 2nd guitar for slide suggestions?

    The G-400 is a great slide guitar, total access to the fretboard and fairly lightweight as well. I found a 3 year old G-400 at a local store for $180 a few years back, I sure couldn't pass up that deal! I think a cheap Tele from Rondo would make a cool slide guitar-also their Les Paul Jr...
  9. anfontan

    New Guitar Day-Les Paul Special copy

    Thanks Paul, not a day has gone that I don't play it for as least an hour since I bought the guitar. The P-90's are very much like a chameleon-they adapt to Fendery bright & clean to a Gibson rude and dirty, and a lot of tones in-between!
  10. anfontan

    New Guitar Day-Les Paul Special copy

    Thanks for that information savofenno, I would say that the technology today makes the Wrap-around tailpiece bridge much more accurate. I thought about possibly bidding on a Gibson Les Paul Junior a few years ago but ended up with a Les Paul Melody Maker. The MM had a tuneomatic bridge and a...
  11. anfontan

    New Guitar Day-Les Paul Special copy

    Hmmm, that sounds like a religion that is perfect for me!! I need to hunt down a United Church of the the Smoking P-90's in my location.....:twisted:
  12. anfontan

    New Guitar Day-Les Paul Special copy

    That Rondo Special is a fine looking guitar-I sure don't recall any that looked like that when I searched. I have trouble when searching their website, even when I have the exact name entered-I still don't have much luck. I think their website needs an overhaul.:confused:
  13. anfontan

    I feel Dirty-er than usual...NGD, (Gibson Content)

    And yet another amazing deal--congrats!
  14. anfontan

    I feel Dirty-er than usual...NGD, (Gibson Content)

    Wow! A nice Gibson Les Paul for an Ibanez-you got one great deal.... Whats the weight of that swamp ash anyway?
  15. anfontan

    New Guitar Day-Les Paul Special copy

    The guitar just kept haunting me and I finally gave in and ordered one...:twisted: Didn't you get a Les Paul Junior last year? How is the intonation with that tailpiece bridge anyway? The Special is thinner so its a pretty light guitar-I'm very happy with it.
  16. anfontan

    New Guitar Day-Les Paul Special copy

    Thanks for the comment ghostwolf, I also looked at the Rondo L P Special style guitars. The only thing I didn't care for was the switch being located in the cutaway area. The Xaviere having the maple veneer was a plus as well. I did a comparison this evening with my Epi Les Paul with...
  17. anfontan

    New Guitar Day-Les Paul Special copy

    Les Paul Special copy This is one of the guitars distributed by the GFS company-it's a XV-440 that is a nice Les Paul Special clone. Originally I had my eye on one of their Les Paul Jr. copies but when I saw the Special it changed my mind. The Junior would have had a single P-90 and the...
  18. anfontan

    Have Gibson lost the plot?

    I agree, traditional electric guitars are fairly simple to mod and repair where these robots are loaded with microprocessors and who knows how many ribbon cables. I'm sure that the electronics will end up being non-repairable when the fretboard will require to be torn apart when the robot's...
  19. anfontan

    NGD pawn shop find

    Those Fernandes Strats are sweet, I have a 1985 that is my favorite Strat style-and the other 2 are a Fender 1974 MIA sunburst and a Fender 2003 MIM. I prefer the Fernandes' pickups for recording, they aren't overly bright like the Fenders are. I believe the pickups are alnico on the older...
  20. anfontan

    NGD! My first archtop.....

    That guitar is quite a beauty now, glad you gave it a new life. That maple on the back is very fine-and the headstock has the same inlay as my Sheraton. Congrats on a great guitar!!!!!!!!
  21. anfontan

    Check out Andy Summers Coversion

    Yeah-for sure, his Police era Tele was beat to hell and had extra switches and a pot added. I got to see the Police in the mid 1980's on the Synchonicity tour-what a great show it was! Here is a custom shop copy........
  22. anfontan

    Do I trade away my baby?

    That's a beautiful Tele, Fenson-no reason to cover up that fine maple with a pickguard! Show off that curl....:)
  23. anfontan

    Why Do You Love Your Tele?

    I think there were 2 main experiences that made me realize I needed a Tele in my collection... 1. Seeing Roy Buchanan play one live-with a small cranked Fender amp and some reverb-Priceless............:twisted: 2. When I got to play one of the rosewood Telecasters like the one George Harrison...
  24. anfontan

    japanese strats - what's a better guitar IYO?

    Sorry I missed your question-I do believe they are alnico pickups, they are very full sounding p'ups. I have a MIM Strat with ceramics and Fernandes pickups are hotter and way better sounding. The headstock was like the one in this photo-it's from an ebay article about Fernandes Strats. Here...
  25. anfontan

    What is your Strat/Tele Ratio?

    3 Strats & 5 Teles! That probably changes the ratio a bit....:grin: