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  1. himijendrix


    Apologies in advance if this has been discussed before (it must have). I have a Boss CS-3 compressor and can't for the life of me understand why anyone would want to use one. The effects that it produces are weak and indistinct, and it seems to suck tone from my rig rather than adding anything...
  2. himijendrix

    chinese squier telecaster

    A buddy lent me his new chinese squier tele to see what I thought. Amazingly, I love it. Looks great, excellent set up. A really comfortable player, low action, good neck. Soundwise a little harsh on the bridge pup but cam be tamed with the tone setting. All in all, very impressed!
  3. himijendrix

    Locking tuners weird effect

    I finally got round to installing a set of locking tuners to my 2012 Am Std Strat. Genuine Fender chrome tuners. Staggered, one height for bottom 3 strings and a lower height for the top 3. Install went without a hitch soon tuned up and ready to go. Out of laziness, I left the string tree in...
  4. himijendrix

    Davy Knowles

    Love this guy, he deserves a mention on Strat-talk:-
  5. himijendrix

    Dinged my PRS

    Title says it all. Played a gig last Saturday at a local pub, great night. Then last night I saw a little mark on the lower horn of my PRS Silver Sky, which turned out to be a small but significant ding. Don't know how it happened. I know that as gigging musicians we have to expect this, but I...
  6. himijendrix

    Storm Dennis

    We are getting a right old battering here in Leicestershire from Storm Dennis, worse than last weekend’s storm if anything. How are you Brit guys faring?
  7. himijendrix

    Mayer in Manchester

    Saw the JM concert a couple of days ago in Manchester UK. Great show, only criticism is that I would love to have seen some of the bluesy stuff from the JM Trio era. Nevertheless, we had a great time, seated in a VIP box courtesy of Audi UK, excellent hospitality! He stuck to PRS guitars apart...
  8. himijendrix

    Mayer at Manchester

    Just got an invite through Audi UK (my wife has an Audi) to be their guests at John Mayer's gig at Manchester in October! Full hospitality package. Say what you will of JM but I've been an admirer for some years and this is a real treat for me. The wife said 'John who?' :p
  9. himijendrix

    Last night’s gig

    My band played last night at a so called festival out in the sticks. All for free, proceeds going to charity. All for a good cause, and we needed the practice. We gig fairly regularly around local pubs. We turned up on time, only to be told that our slot had slipped back by an hour, and instead...
  10. himijendrix

    American original 50s

    I’m going to try out a new American original 50s on Monday, spec looks great and the tone is sweet on some demo videos I’ve looked at. I was tempted to pull the trigger if I like it. BUT it seems that the truss rod adjustment is at the body end of the neck, meaning neck removal to adjust. This...
  11. himijendrix

    Clapton's yacht

    Seems like Eric has tired of his yacht Va Bene. He could have advertised it on Strat Talk, lots of takers at $12.5 million.
  12. himijendrix

    Broken strap lock help

    This must have happened before. The little ball end that you tug on to release a strap lock just dropped off, seems to have sheared off from the shaft. Now I can't get the strap lock collar off my strat, I've tried to move the shaft up with various screwdrivers etc but it seems unreachable...
  13. himijendrix

    Rolling Stones gig!

    Got tickets on line through Ticketmaster this morning for the Stones gig at Coventry on June 2nd. Never seen them live before, on my bucket list, seems like its going to be a long wait!
  14. himijendrix

    Ricky 620?

    I'm going to try a Rickenbacker 620 tomorrow, almost made up up my mind to buy based on research and Youtube demos. Anybody have any opinions/experience (good or bad)? Thanks.
  15. himijendrix

    Mayer sick Get well soon John!
  16. himijendrix

    Bizarre strat

    This:- Not my cup of tea, especially at that price.
  17. himijendrix

    jimi film

    I watched 'Jimi: All is by my side' last night on BBC2, I think I'm right in saying this was the first UK TV showing. Anyhow, the main actor (Andre Benjamin) did a great job, it helps that he looks a lot like Jimi but he had obviously put a lot of work into capturing the mannerisms and the...
  18. himijendrix

    CS bug

    I love my CS 2011 deluxe but I've put up with one bug since I bought it. It has abalone fret markers on the side of the beautiful figured maple neck which are difficult to see due to reflected artificial light especially at gigs. I have an important gig this Saturday so today I stuck...
  19. himijendrix

    Jeff Beck

    JB on Jools Holland last nite (New Years Eve Hootenanny) here in UK playing a white Strat with reverse headstock! Played very well, but has he bought himself a Hendrix Strat?
  20. himijendrix

    Jack Bruce RIP

    Another of the legends has gone:- BBC News - Cream bassist Jack Bruce dies, aged 71 RIP Jack.
  21. himijendrix

    news about wilko!

    Looks like the man is beating all the odds:- BBC News - Wilko Johnson says he is 'cancer free' Rock on wilko!
  22. himijendrix

    blues junior reverb

    I bought my BJ in march last year, when I tried it in the store I realised the reverb wasn't working at all so they sent it back to Fender and I bought it a week later all fixed up. They said it was a loose connection. Now the reverb has stopped working again. Everything else on the amp works...
  23. himijendrix

    another intonation issue

    I was recently prompted to check the intonation on my 2 strats and a tele following a recent discussion on the subject on this forum. I found that the intonation was not far out, and I corrected it, but on each guitar the adjustment is at the limit for the low E string (ie longest string...
  24. himijendrix

    NGD (belated)

    I bought this about a month ago, just got round to taking some pics:- 2012 USA standard with fat 50s pups. It's a close second to my CS deluxe strat, and half the price. I do miss the contoured heel and locking tuners, but these are fairly minor points.
  25. himijendrix

    a bit of bling

    never seen one of these before:- Fender Stratocaster Custom Shop Set, Master Built By John Page | eBay an exercise in severe bad taste as far as I'm concerned :grin: