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  1. T-Rey

    Just saw Cedric Burnside

    And I have to say that he blew the back of my head off! What an absolute HELL of a show! If you ever get the chance to see him, just go..
  2. T-Rey

    NGD Gibson LP Trad Pro V

    I just got this in a trade for my 2018 Gibson Les Paul Studio Deluxe Silverburst plus some cash on my end. It's a 2019 Gibson Les Paul Traditional Pro V in Wine Red. Guy I got it from buffed it out and it looks more like a VOS gloss than a satin finish now. Very cool guitar. It has even more...
  3. T-Rey

    For Sale SE body + MIM Standard Loaded pickguard

    Squier SE full Thickness body. Painted black then sprayed with a whole can Rust-Oleum clear enamel. Has some orange peel but I believe it could be final sanded and polished out. Moved on to another project before I finished this one. Loaded pickguard with Fender MIM Standard pickups with...
  4. T-Rey

    For Sale (Sold) Epi Probuckers + complete harness

    Epiphone Probuckers plus complete harness including switch and jack from my DC Pro. All brand new. Removed from guitar upon purchase. Quick connect. No soldering required. Sold
  5. T-Rey

    For Sale (SOLD) Affinity Tele and Strat $200 for both

    Affinity Stratocaster and Telecaster package deal. Strat is in good condition. Action needs a to be set as it's a little high for my liking. Pretty color. Not sure what it's called but it's kind of a Cherry or Wine Red. A few dings and marks but nothing too major. Nothing visible from a couple...
  6. T-Rey

    For Sale Fender Champion 600. Price drop (Sold)

    I have a modded Fender Champion 600 that is not seeing much use so I figured I'd see if anyone may be interested in it. It has a Weber Signature 6 speaker, NOS 1956 RCA 6V6, Mullard 12AX7, upgraded vintage Wheat grill cloth and a replacement leather handle made by me from an old rifle sling...
  7. T-Rey

    New Player plus top going back to MF

    Just got my new Player plus top HSS in Sienna Sunburst yesterday. Unfortunately it's got some pretty significant fret sprout and I'll be sending it back to Musician's Friend. Too bad! It's pretty stunning. My last Player had a really nice neck. Oh well! If I buy another, I'll get it from my...
  8. T-Rey

    Maggot Brain

    Someone turned me on to this yesterday. What a song! Don't know how this one slipped by me all this time.
  9. T-Rey

    NPD Dr Blade

    I can't believe I just found this pedal! I'm so damn excited! I had one of these when I was younger and way into metal and it really was kickass! It has a 12AX7 tube preamp and it gets so raunchy! I was talking about this pedal the other day on another thread about distortion pedals and it...
  10. T-Rey

    John Fogerty tonight

    Going to see John Fogerty tonight and I am super excited! The bill says he'll be playing all his CCR and solo hits. I can't wait! Have never had the chance to see him before.
  11. T-Rey

    PSA: Audio Interface $19 Just thought I'd pass this along.
  12. T-Rey

    Little food porn for ya'..

    I'm on low carb so I've been meal prepping lately. This was tonight's haul. Sirloins, Lord's fresh link sausage and I bought a whole pork loin and sliced some nice thick pork chops. Then I smoked them all on the old Weber.
  13. T-Rey

    NGD Silverburst Les Paul

    Just picked this up. It's a 2018 Gibson Studio Deluxe Les Paul in Silverburst. It's pretty spotless. OHSC with all the case candy and the poker chip which will be going on. Bound fretboard. Burstbucker 1 & 2 pickups. 4 push/push pots which I haven't played with yet to see what they do but I am...
  14. T-Rey

    This LP look legit? I saw this pop up on CL. Seems too good to be true. I texted the OP and he responded and answered questions. Does this look like a legit Les Paul Standard to someone who's more fluent in spotting...
  15. T-Rey

    Heading out for Dead and Co.

    Heading up to Charlotte tomorrow for Dead and Co. I've seen them every tour and they just keep getting better and better! Heading to Atlanta for the Tuesday show as well. Can't wait! Anyone else seen them or going to see them this tour?
  16. T-Rey

    Got to play a few nice ones..

    I went over to my buddy's house last night and was fortunate enough to be able to play a few of his guitars that I thought I'd share. First is his 1983 Dan-O-Caster' with the output jack in the front. The original neck is gone and was replaced with a really nice Chandler Tele or Tele style neck...
  17. T-Rey

    Pickup covers for the SG

    I had some pickup covers from Philadelphia Luthier Supply put on the stock 490 r/t pickups on my SG Special Faded. I think they look pretty good. Before: After:
  18. T-Rey

    Eminence Red Coat

    If someone could do some splaining to me I would appreciate it very much! I see an Eminence Private Jack Red Coat 12" 8 ohm speaker listed near me at what seems to be a decent price. Is this the same Red Coat speaker that is so well revered in Fender DRRI's. I think I remember @fezz parka...
  19. T-Rey

    Going to trade my Player Strat

    I've worked out a deal with the seller of a 2005 Gibson SG Special Faded that seems to be in pretty good condition. I'm going to trade him my mint HSS Player Strat and $300 for the Gibson. Seems like a fair deal to me. Have to drive a little over an hour to pick it up but that's fine. Can't...
  20. T-Rey

    Seems legit

  21. T-Rey

    We cool..

    My AC has been running around 5-8 degrees above what I had it set at and has been running constantly day and night. I cleaned my condenser coils and that seems to have remedied it. To do this, first kill the power to the unit by flipping the breaker. Then on the outside unit you take the screws...
  22. T-Rey

    Herb Alpert Short

  23. T-Rey

    Interesting Eminence 12"

    Scored a non catalog Eminence 12" alnico speaker the other day on CL for $29 bucks. It was actually $20 but it was about 100 miles away and the seller was nice enough to ship it to me. It arrived today. He bought it from a music store a little north of ATL around 1994. It was supposed to be...
  24. T-Rey

    59 Esquire

    Check out this 1959 Esquire I ran across on Reverb. Pretty freaking sweet!
  25. T-Rey

    DIY leather amp handle

    My Fender Champion 600's leather handle was really starting to flake and peel so I made a new one from an old thick leather rifle sling that was damaged but I had been holding on to for a project just such as this. I like it. It suits the retro style amp well I think.