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  1. DUSTER44T

    Should I complain or just shut up about it?

    I just bought a brand new acoustic and was excited when it showed up. That excitement went south after opening the case and seeing the guitar covered in dust and a big smudge on the neck. It all wiped off with some polish and a rag but I don't think that's something that anyone should have to...
  2. DUSTER44T

    Capacitor question

    Does anyone turn their tone all the way down when they use a 47ish cap in their guitar? Do you have any use for that muffled sound from using that number of a cap? I kinda shy away from those higher numbers and try to stick with a 15 or even a 22. To me it makes it sound as if you put a pillow...
  3. DUSTER44T

    How do you keep motivated?

    Sometimes I get a little "uninterested" or "tired" of messing around with my gear. I don't gig, I just do this as a hobby but I still have to walk away now and then. There have been times when I've sold a bunch of gear only to go buy more to keep me going. Are there times when you get tired of...
  4. DUSTER44T

    Positional vertigo....who else deals with it?

    I haven't had an episode in nearly three years but woke up Saturday morning to a spinning room......give me the bucket, I feel it coming. They/I have always been able to deal with it for the most part with the Eply maneuver (a roll that puts the crystals in the ear back in place). This time I...
  5. DUSTER44T

    Different tuner = different results

    I've had this happen more than once. I tune up on one tuner, check to another and it's not even close. Sometimes it's enough to hear it and sometimes not. do I know what's right and what's not? I guess I just go with the best out of three.
  6. DUSTER44T

    Before and after

    I put an anodized pickguard on the white one. What ya think?
  7. DUSTER44T

    Some like them and some don't

    I was at a loss for words... someone just told me that my white on white with maple fretboard Strat is "boring looking". I said "would you like it if I put a Nitro Fish sticker on it? 8 ball?.....maybe blood splatter?".
  8. DUSTER44T

    I'm house-sitting without a guitar

    AND I HATE IT!!!! I've been up in the forest house-sitting and watching the dog while daughter and her old man are away on vaca. It's been a week and I'm going crazy without something to strum on. I used to keep a cheap acoustic up at the local bar (she works at) for their open mike nights but I...
  9. DUSTER44T

    It took me all day but....I found my problem

    This kind of stupidity from me has happened more that I like to admit so you would think I'd have learned by now but....NOOO. I was wiring in a set of new pups today (Vintage 65's) and chased an issue for most of my day. I checked and tested...checked and tested, and rewired, etc., etc. Turns...
  10. DUSTER44T

    Identifying the bridge from neck

    I bought a set of Fender Pure Vintage 65's and I'm trying to figure out if there's a way to tell the bridge from the neck or are they the same and it really doesn't matter?
  11. DUSTER44T

    Help me decide ......SSS or HSS

    I have a few Strats and all are SSS. I'm in the middle of putting my own touch to another one but I'm thinking of doing something a little different than I usually do. I think I'll make this one either HSS with the standard chrome covered Humbucker or go with the SD Hot Rail (Humbucker) that's...
  12. DUSTER44T

    An amp for headphone use

    IYO......what's a good solid state amp that sounds good through headphones?
  13. DUSTER44T

    I get butterflies

    I can't help it.....every time I open this case I get a smile from ear to ear.
  14. DUSTER44T

    My latest trouble maker

    Picked this up the other day. 03 Jeff Beck that's in great condition. I like everything about it but the color. I was on the search for a maple fb Strat but how could I pass this up. I'm thinking someone changed the pg at some point. It looks to have a green shade to it and I don't know if aging...
  15. DUSTER44T

    Evertune on a Strat

    Did Fender ever put out any Strats that had the Evertune setup on them from the factory? If so, how many?
  16. DUSTER44T

    How long do you give it?

    How long do you give it before you know whether you connect with a guitar or not? A couple days, a month, longer? Or do you just fight it and deal with it?
  17. DUSTER44T

    Who has a Parker

    I had one a couple/few years ago. I let it go and regretted it ever since. Always wanted another one. Well, I have one on the way and I'm stoked. I found a nice 97 NiteFly.
  18. DUSTER44T

    Craigslist = NUT HOUSE

    I promised myself a while back that I wouldn't post anything on CL because of the way it is anymore. But, I made an exception and posted my Strat up for sale......boy, was that a mistake. I pulled it off....I've had enough "fun" for a while.
  19. DUSTER44T

    Curt Mangan strings

    Who here has tried them? Like them, dislike them, thoughts.
  20. DUSTER44T

    Custom Shop warranty

    Has anyone had to deal with any warranty issues on a CS before? I was reading a bit on it on their site. Seems there anything that stands out or that you should pay attention to?
  21. DUSTER44T

    I love it

    I liked the roasted neck I put on one of my builds so much that I put one on my MIM.......I like it more better.
  22. DUSTER44T

    I want another hardtail Strat

    Either I build another or run across one. I block every one of my Strats with something.....usually a hunk of wood.
  23. DUSTER44T

    Do you think it's time for......

    A "wanted" section all by itself?
  24. DUSTER44T

    Saddle set screws

    Are all set screws for string height 4-40 thread? 1/4....3/8....5/16....etc
  25. DUSTER44T

    Should I trade? My 09 Amer Standard for American PRS

    I have been thinking of selling off a few and just downsizing. I mentioned it to my buddy and he offered his 14 American PRS for my 09 Standard Strat (with stickers still on it). It's really not heading in the direction I wanted to go but I like some of the PRS and he has one of them.